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Chris felt nothing but pain as the wind whooshed around him. Desperately he tried to summon the strength to orb, but failed. Instead he used his telekinesis to act as a barrier against hitting the water. If he hit the water from falling that far without any protection there was a chance he could die on impact.

It still hurt like hell when he hit the water. His stomach burned where he had been stabbed. With his family dead who was there left to save him? Not Wyatt. He was the one who had pushed him off the bridge. Maybe he'd regret it and save him?

"Wy…" He murmured before he sank into darkness.


Barbas in the shape of Wyatt watched as Chris hit the water and chuckled contentedly to himself. He blinked out to the Underworld just as the entire Halliwell family orbed onto the bridge.

"Where's Chris?!" Paige yelled as they orbed onto the bridge.

Piper screamed as she pointed down to where the water had splashed around Chris as he had hit it.

Terrified, Leo tried sensing for Chris. What if the impact of hitting the water had killed him?

With a sigh of relief he sensed his son, though faintly. He thought fast, waving his hand to surround his son in orbs. He nearly closed his eyes to stop himself from seeing what state Chris would arrive in.

The entire family gasped at the state of Chris. But no one looked as shocked as Paige and Leo did. Barbas had stabbed Chris exactly where Gideon had stabbed the older Chris.

Piper squeezed her young son's hand. It was cold and very wet. She couldn't take much more of this. Ever since her little peanut had gained his memories he had been having many near death experiences- way more than the normal amount.

Leo, Paige and Wyatt immediately began healing Chris. Leo was experiencing sheer panic. Last time Chris had been stabbed there he had been unable to heal him. What if Barbas had used the same athame? The wound was stubbornly staying open and they were putting all their effort into it.

Chris slowly opened his eyes. "Dad…" He mumbled.

"Don't give up Chris!" Leo pleaded.

"You either…" He replied.

Chris' head sank to one side as his eyes closed. He slowly exhaled then stopped breathing altogether.

"No! Chris! You can fight this!" Leo pushed even harder with his healing powers along with Wyatt and Paige. They were even using the energy from their family but it did not seem to be working. "CHRIS!" Leo yelled.

Piper was shrieking, trying to shake Chris awake, as if he was just sleeping. Paige was sobbing along with the rest of the family. Wyatt was in a state of denial. He still tried to heal his brother, but his Aunt Paige gently took his hands away from Chris' lifeless body, shaking her head with tears running down her cheeks. Wyatt shook her off, putting his hands out to start trying to heal him again.


Barbas rubbed his hands together gleefully. Oh they had healed Chris alright. Shame about that, but his idea to make it look like Chris was dead was working brilliantly. Chris in reality was still unconscious, the lack of sleep over the past few weeks meaning he was exhausted and was merely sleeping it off.

Barbas smiled. He was now so powerful his illusion had fooled even the mighty twice blessed Wyatt. "Time for phase two…" he said to himself.


Leo picked his son up in his arms. He walked slowly towards the rest of the family, tears falling on the limp form of Chris as he hugged him as though he could bring him back to life by doing so. Wyatt was howling on his Aunt Phoebe's shoulder as Paige helped Piper stand. Piper did not respond, she simply stared numbly at the cold metal of the bridge.

The Halliwell family orbed off the San Francisco Bridge back to the manor.


"What?!" Phoebe gasped.

"I said, there is no way he's dead. I would know, trust me dear." Grams folded her arms. "Chris is alive."

Piper put her hand to her mouth. "But where is he?" she clasped Leo's hand in hers.

Grams stepped out of the ring of candles where they had summoned her. She hugged Wyatt, who was caught between relief and extreme worry.

"Can you sense him Wyatt?"

Wyatt closed his eyes and sensed as hard as he possibly could. "No. No I can't."

Grams tapped her foot. "You said that it was Barbas who was behind all this. I bet all of you have one fear in common. And he has used that fear against you to make it seem like Chris died."

Wyatt orbed them both downstairs to the couch where Leo had laid Chris down. It was empty. The rest of the family orbed in.

"Where did he go?" Piper yelled.

"Calm down Piper. I know that you are worried but none of us can help Chris in this state." Grams admonished.

"Underworld." Leo muttered. He spoke up. "Chris must be in the Underworld. Even you can't sense down there without help from Chris, Wyatt if Barbas is blocking you."

Everyone immediately orbed down to the Underworld.


Chris stirred slowly, surprised to find himself on the couch in the manor. He winced, feeling where the athame had stabbed him. Perhaps Wyatt had decided to heal him after all. He swallowed, the raw grief threatening to overwhelm him again. He focussed on one thought. He had to save Wyatt. He orbed down to the Underworld. Even if every demon had to die, he would turn Wyatt back. It wasn't really Wyatt who had killed his family; it was the demon that turned him.

The first demon went up in flames by his pyrokinesis before he gave it a chance to answer his question.

"Where is Wyatt?" He boomed through the caverns. Demons cowered in their caves from this menacing fourteen year old.


Barbas cursed. Chris had overcome his fear and now the Halliwell family knew the truth about Chris being alive. He smiled. "No matter. I am more powerful than ever before." He walked out of his lair. The Halliwell family were going to die if it was the last thing he did.


Wyatt orbed Excalibur to him, looking around the caverns. He found he could sense Chris. Not that he needed to. Judging by the screams of demons, anyone could find him.

Phoebe stepped daintily around a particularly smelly goo and smirked as Paige realised she had orbed right on top of a pile of demon dust.

"Ewww." Paige wrinkled her nose and tried to stamp the dust off her shoes.

Piper raced into the next cavern. Chris had a demon in his telekinetic grip, strangling it slowly. "Where is the demon that turned Wyatt?" He growled.

Piper flicked her hands, blowing the demon up.

Chris turned angrily, fully ready to yell "Hey, I was interrogating that demon!" He gasped, his mouth hanging open.

"M-Mum?" Piper ran to her son hugging him so tight he needed air.

"Peanut, it was Barbas."

"Barbas turned Wyatt?" Chris asked.

"No, Wyatt's not evil, I'm alive, none of us died- it was all an illusion." Piper hurriedly explained.

The look of joy on Chris' face would turn a demon good just by watching. He laughed, smiling as his family raced into the cavern.

"Dad!" He yelled happily, running to him so fast he nearly knocked him over. Leo laughed spinning him in a circle as Phoebe and Paige grinned. Jason and Richard spun their own children around in circles as Wyatt and Chris hugged each other.

Barbas blinked in. "Disgusting…all this hope… this love." He spat.

Chris let go of Wyatt slowly, standing defiantly. "You fooled me once. Now you die." He said coldly. The rest of the Halliwells stepped back. This was Chris' fight. Piper raised her hands ready to blast Barbas into eternity if Chris was so much as in a little danger.

Barbas laughed. "Do you have the power to face me?"

Chris grasped hold of Excalibur along with Wyatt. "I do with this." He said confidently. Chris' power gleamed down the blade. It glowed brightly. Wyatt nodded, as his power ran through the blade, merging with Chris' power.

They raised the blade, pointing it directly at Barbas, who had stopped smiling, sensing the sheer power that was running through the sword. It shot out of the sword, blasting into Barbas. The power vanquished him immediately, sending his screams echoing around the underworld. It blasted through the cavern walls, vanquishing all the demons within a two mile radius.

"Whoa." Chris uttered, letting go of the sword.

"Yeah." Wyatt smiled, dropping the sword and hugging his brother again. "Barbas made us all think you were dead!"

Piper and Leo enveloped their son in a huge hug, as the rest of the family joined in.

"I think I could sleep for a week!" Chris said honestly. "At least Barbas won't be keeping me up any more."

Grams smiled at him. "I don't think any demons will be bothering you for a while- you blasted quite a few demons there to put any of them off from going anywhere near you!"

"Good." Piper announced.


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