Long Journey

A Naruto Fan Fiction

Created by: HaganeSpirits

How about it? I still didn't found anyone from my friend who liked to become my editor. Hope I will get it soon. The story will change so fast; so look after it always! Keep a hard work! Thanks!

Chapter IV: Brother's Revenge

Naruto so shocked when he saw Kakashi held a little boy with him. Not long ago, Sasuke, Sakura, Lee, Ten Ten and Neji came too. Sakura, as same as Naruto; was so startled when she looked at Kakashi who tempted by Gai and brought a little boy (again, again…). The others started to think again.

Sasuke thought, was that little boy really Kakashi's son? So with whom he related? It can't be… IS THAT GAI! IEEE! Lee and Neji made a knot; maybe Kakashi had a son from someone. What about Ten Ten? She didn't cared about it. That little boy came in front of them and said, "Could you stop thinks where I come from? I don't like it."

Naruto was so fed up because he never got any reprimands from a little boy like that, so he answered it by pinched that boy. That kid jumped to the back and suddenly, his right eye become red and he made an IN.

"KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!" More than thousand clones appeared and all of them ready to attacked. Sasuke and Sakura were shocked when they looked that boy's eye.

"Sha… Sharingan! That's impossible!"

"Wait a minute. Kouka, stop that. Your father won't be happy if he knows you used your Sharingan for something like this." Kouka's right eye becomes black again and all the clones vanished at once. Kakashi caressed Kouka's head and smiled; made Kouka was so shied. Then Sasuke came near Kakashi and asked about Kouka.

"Who is this kid?"

"Well, Uchiha Sasuke. Let me introduce him to you. Kouka, don't worry. He is not like Naruto." When he heard it, Naruto clenched his fist because feds up. Kakashi pushed Kouka to the front of Sasuke. "His name is Kakuto Kouka."

"Wait a minute. His family's name is not Uchiha, why he has Sharingan?"

"The exactly, he is a half-breed Uchiha clan. His father was my friend from Inuzuka clan and his mother was the part of the branch families of Uchiha clan. I forgot to tell you, Tsunade asked me to picked him in our ways to Kirigakure and send him to the ruins of Uchiha Clan Village. We must go as soon as possible. Let's go." Kakashi picked his bag and lead Naruto and the others to got out from that town.

Kakashi and his subordinates continued their ways to the east of Hi Country. When they arrived at the ruins of Uchiha Clan Village (because it's not to far from the city before), Kouka disappeared at once. A Kakashi just lifted up his shoulder when the others asked where is Kouka, so they decided to search him. Not long ago, they heard Kouka's voice.

"WUAAAAAAAKKKKKHHHHHHH! Let me go!" Sasuke and Naruto ran to the voice was from. In front of them, Uchiha Itachi stood up with Hoshigaki Kisame who clutched Kouka with his left hand.

Itachi looked to Sasuke immediately and the he moved his viewed to Naruto. Naruto stood up near Sasuke, breathed so fast because he felt a great killer auras from Itachi and stiffed in there. Sasuke trembled and Ten Ten saw to Itachi and Kisame with violent viewed. Rock Lee dumbfounded and Neji suddenly possessed with his Byakugan, looked cautious to Itachi and Kisame.

"Hoo… Byakugan, huh? Such a junk ability from Hyuuga clan. What can you do with your bloodline limit? Just looked at enemies inner coils chakra? Or tell the enemies about they feels, thinks, by reading their physical and outer gestures? Just a trash."

"What? You think, you could break the advanced bloodline limit of Hyuuga clan?"

"Can't you see it? I wiped out the entire Uchiha clan and just left one survivor." Itachi stop spoke and glanced sidewise to Sasuke, who startled at once.

"Who's known if we not try it?" Neji prepared and made a stance from Hyuuga clan's. Itachi possessed with Sharingan and stood up in front of Neji. Kakashi and Gai tried to stop Neji.

"Neji! I told you to stop it now! You can't beat him!"

But it's too late. Neji ran and started to attack Itachi with the special Taijutsu from Hyuuga clan, Hyuuga Style Taijutsu. Neji opened his chakra holes and released his chakra to his hand and attacked the Itachi's inner coils system. Itachi evaded Neji's attacked and he jumped off to the back.

Itachi used Sharingan's ultimate ability, Man'gekyou Sharingan. Suddenly Neji can't saw anything and front of him, gushed forth a memories, his dad died when he tried to protected the main family of Hyuuga clan and Hinata's face appeared at once. Neji fell to a river and suddenly, Itachi appeared in front of him. Neji fastened in a big cross and Itachi's clones slashed him for 42 hours. Neji fainted and fell to the ground.

Gai ran to Neji and held Neji in there. Sasuke broke through the bushes and stood up in front of Itachi. The Sharingan emerged in his eyes and he looked to his brother carefully.

"Well, my little brother… Sharingan, huh? One of the most precious advanced bloodline from Konohagakure. So you can control it too? Not too impressive, I thought. I like to see how much you have grown. Let see, how about, THIS!"

Itachi used his Man'gekyou Sharingan again to Sasuke and around Sasuke, there's nothing, only pitched darkness. Sasuke fell to a cliff not end. Itachi stood in front of him, looked with blank eyes. The cliff vanished and Sasuke saw all of his memories, when his dad, mom, friends and… someone he loved died in Itachi's hand. He saw it once more. His dad lied in the ground, not move anymore. Itachi held his mom and someone he loved, and exploded the body; only left the blood spots in all places.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sasuke screamed loudly, and made the others startled. Sasuke fell to the ground and his eyes was blank. Not long, bloods spouted from Sasuke's body. Sakura cried so hard and Ten Ten held Sakura. Itachi stop used his Man'gekyou Sharingan and tried to stabilize his breaths.

Sakura ran to Sasuke and tighten Sasuke. Lee and Ten Ten tried to attack Itachi; who still breaths not normally. But Kisame blown Ten Ten and Lee and they got some injuries. Gai tried to protect his subordinates, but it's too late. Ten Ten was thrown to the tree and fell off. Lee felt hurtled and he couldn't move.

Naruto ran to in front of Kisame and used his Nintaijutsu (the combination of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu).

"KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU! LET'S GO! UZUMAKI NARUTO NISEN RENDAN! Two thousand of clones appeared and attacked Kisame from all directions. Kouka escaped to Kakashi's place. Naruto jumped off and kicked Kisame. The other clones attacked from the bottom, made Kisame thrown to upper. Naruto jumped again and prepared to kick Kisame, but suddenly Kisame change into a branch.

"WHAT! Kisame appeared behind him and stroke him to the ground. Naruto tried to stand up, but Kisame stepped his foot in Naruto's body. Naruto screamed and tried to release his body, but he can't.

Suddenly, thick auras appeared again in Naruto's body, and the Kyuubi controlled his body. Naruto attacked Kisame and made Kisame fell to the ground. Naruto looked to Itachi and gave a shameful viewed. Itachi tried to use his Man'gekyou Sharingan. The sky became dark again. In a short time Naruto looked to his memories, but then it disappeared so fast. Itachi was so shocked. How… Could it be possible! Itachi tried to move, but Naruto slashed him continually.

Kakashi toke out the wind-whistle that Jiraiya gave to him and make a long whistle with it. Suddenly, Jiraiya appeared and held Naruto. He made an INwith his fingers

"I've told you not to let that monster get out again! GOGOUFUUIN!" Jiraiya sealed the Kyuubi seal and suddenly, Naruto fell down. Kisame with much effort; walked to Itachi and helped him to stand up. Gai and Kakashi carried their subordinates to a save place. Kisame and Itachi disappeared in front of them. Jiraiya picked Naruto to Kakashi and dropped him to the ground.

"Oh man, I can't believe this. Akatsuki were here too. In two days, the Kyuubi seal broke again. And now, the others got hard wounded. I don't know how to contend it all time. Sigh…" Jiraiya, Kakashi and Gai took care of their subordinates, except Sakura.

Sakura still cried beside Sasuke while she treated him. Gai used a special ointment to Neji, Lee, and Ten Ten. It seemed that Ten Ten's sacrum broken down and Lee's ulna broken too. Neji's inner body systems got great damages and he still fainted. Sasuke's body full of injuries and much blood sprayed from his body. Naruto only fainted because the Kyuubi and his chakra at the limit.

Jiraiya made a decided to accompany they way to Kirigakure (his excuse is for stop the Kyuubi too). Because it's impossible to continue the journey with so many subordinates wounded, so they got back to Kuroi (black) Village, the hometown of Kouka. Of course Kouka had finished his mission and joined too with the others.

It's almost midnight. After they arrived in Kouka's hometown, Kouka leaved Kakashi and the others and went back to his house. Kakashi, Sakura, and Gai brought Neji, Lee, Ten Ten, Naruto and Sasuke to the clinic near the gate. Jiraiya just left them and went to the telephone box. He called Tsunade.

"Moshi-moshi. Tsunade?"

"Jiraiya! It's surprised me. How nice you calling me in MIDNIGHT LIKE THIS! HOW COULD YOU CALL ME WHEN I WAS SLEPT! SO RESENTFUL!" Tsunade yelled from the other side and made Jiraiya must close his ears with hands.

"Ouch! I'm sorry to make you mad, but this is a serious situation!"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well, the situation becomes so worst. I can't handle it by myself. Uchiha Itachi and his subordinates came and made all comrades, well except the jounin, were wounded. I need you to handle the wounded. Could you come to Kuroi Village tomorrow?"

"Huh? … All right, all right. I will come tomorrow, but don't rely too much. Ok, goodbye!" Jiraiya closed the phone and leaved the telephone box. Tsunade closed the phone too and wheezed.

Tsunade stepped to her room's balcony, looked to the white moon. Her little pig, Ton Ton crawled came near Tsunade and lied down in her foot. Tsunade got back to his bed and hag her little pig. While she walked, she started to think something. What's Itachi relationship with Kirigakure? Tsunade felt something not right about it, so she summoned Shizune, her right-hand subordinates.

"What's wrong, Tsunade-sama? It's so rare you call me in midnight like this." Ton Ton moved from Tsunade's foot and walked to Shizune's place. Tsunade turned over and sat in a sofa. Her face looks have much problem.

"Do you need some tea?"

"…Oh, no. I just want ask you something. Must I go to Kuroi Village?" Tsunade looks grumbled angrily and made Shizune felt something not good. Shizune asked what's wrong with her. After Tsunade told Shizune all the problems, Shizune smiled to Tsunade and gave Tsunade her little pig.

"Why don't you think it by yourself, Tsunade-sama? If I give you a decision, maybe you will blame it to yourself. Excuse me, Tsunade-sama and… Nice dream!" Shizune leaved Tsunade's room, left Tsunade and Ton Ton in the room. Tsunade only wheezed and lie down in her bed. After much thought all time, she went slept….

End Chapter IV…