Title: Good night, Toboe...

Author: Kizune

Disclaimer: I own nothing sighs no matter how hard I wish.

Warnings: frowns Spoiler! Angst! Character's death (also I don't like writing such things)! First fic whatsoever! And to end it all English sss not my native language!

So, be aware!

Good night, Toboe...

I don't think I have powers to go on. They finally got me, trapped me. They now possess my life. And it's quite late actually. But the thing is... I just don't care. It's because I saw it. The Paradise. Although there were no any lunar flowers.

I curl up in the snow feeling snowflakes covering my body. I don't give a damn to the human voices around me. All I want is... No, I won't lie to myself. All I wanted was reaching the paradise. Together with all of you...

Sky doesn't have mercy upon the weak. That's the truth I used to follow. You showed me the other truth. The friendship, the trust, the love.

I feel my own blood flowing down my lips, my throat. It's warm and it reminds me your smile... so beautiful.

Deep down I worried about you. About all of you no matter how insufferable you sometimes were. So damn young. So damn purposeful. So damn friendly. That was why I joined our pack. In order to protect. I owe to all of you so much it really sometimes drives me crazy.

But I'm here not only because I care. I'm here because I fell in love with someone beautiful. So I'm not gonna die until I see him once more. I love him. Forever I will.

I can hear people screaming. I sense death. I can hear growling. I knew they would come. I raise my head up from the white pillow of snow one last time to see him.

As in a slow motion he is running towards me, crying. I can see tears on his cheeks. He falls down beside me causing the snowflakes to swirl around us. Slowly I close my eyes.


I wish I could tell him. But I'm too tired. And it's quite late already.

I guess not all cubs become wolves like not every sweep becomes a hit. And he's such a kid. But it's better be this way. I love him the way he is.

His sreaming still echoes in my ears. I don't want to sleep but it seems to me I don't have a choice.

Good night, Toboe... You are my Paradise... The one I finally found.

"... Tsume?"

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