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The air was thick with dust and heat. The smell of ginger, cinnamon and cloves held heavy on the air, the tents blocking any possible breeze. Colored silks were laid out on tables, other tables piled high with hand made cloths, embroidery, jewelry and fine brass works.

Coughing, Amira wove her way past the busy streets, her bare feet coated from the dust and her scarf held over her mouth to keep from breathing in the excessive particles of dust. A couple walked past her holding hands. They looked at her strangely. Quickly Amira averted her eyes and began walking faster. She made her way down an empty ally and made a sharp right. The close building opened up and she was greeted by the sight of a large colorful tent, with streamers blowing in the slight breeze.

She approached the entrance and smiled at the burly guard who stood watching over the door. He nodded and she proceeded into the tent, where several young boys nodded at her before carrying off a tray filled with knives and swords of various sizes.

In the back corner of the tent a silk curtain was pulled across. Shadowy forms moved behind the curtain and hushed voices could be heard. Amira pulled back the curtain and was greeted by the sight of eleven other young women. They nodded in acknowledgement and Amira placed her things down in the corner and retrieved her costume.

"You're late." a chestnut haired girl stood tall and cross her bangled arms in front of her chest, concealing the bells and coins that jingled as she moved.

"Sorry Sahar." Amira replied, her eyes twinkling. Sahar opened her arms and laughed and reached out to embrace her friend.

"I'd hurry if I were you. The show is about to start." Sahar warned Amira before exiting the tent with the other girls. Quickly Amira clothed herself in the deep purple costume that lay next to her. She fastened the bells around her ankles and positioned her veil across her nose and face before exited the curtain enclosed area.

An open ring lay in the center of the tent, around the ring gathered people of all types, mostly merchants and traders, all grinning as they waited for the show to start.

Amira joined the rest of the girls and took her place in front of the line. A thundering music echoed across the room, joined by drums and tambourines. A quiet wailing began and Amira stepped out into the ring, her hips swaying with the beat, followed by the rest of the girls.

Faster and faster they danced, hips and chest moving to the beat, their coins and bells jingling with the music. They formed a circle, Amira in the middle, and danced away, their bodies lithe and moving in perfect rhythm with each other. The crowd cheered and the men whooped as they danced. Amira smiled over at Sahar, who winked playfully at her. The dancers turned to form another formation, before the music stopped with a series of drum beats. The dancers struck a pose before gracefully running out of the ring to the applause and shouts of the men in the audience.

In the corner stood a lone, cloaked figure. A pale, ringed hand rose to gently stroke a silver wolf pendant before the figure disappeared into the night.