Damis let himself be guided by the guards, his thoughts elsewhere. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that when the guards stopped he jerked to the side to avoid running into the back of the man guiding him. The guard gave a quick jerk of his head and the door was opened, Damis pushed inside. Quickly the door closed as the guards left, though Damis could hear muffled sniggers.

He turned and examined the room he was in. It was rather plain, unlike the rest of what he had seen in this underground… Damis paused to think of a way to categorize this place. A lair. Damis smiled to himself, knowing it fit. A plain wooden bed sat in the corner and Damis sat down upon it, his mind spinning with what he had learned.

Dameer was his mother. Damis held his head in his hands. The woman who had taken Amira was his mother. Bitterly he gazed at the floor. He could not help feeling a slight tug of guilt, that if he hadn't upset Amira she wouldn't have left him so quickly, if he wasn't Dameer's son she would not have found Amira as easily.

The thought still swirling in his mind, Damis became increasingly drowsy. The journey had been long and…All thoughts faded as Damis lay back on the bed slipping into a restless sleep full of dark corners and Dameer's eerie smile.


Xerxes paced the room, knowing there had to be a way out. Someone had brought a tray of food for him and voraciously he had eaten. Now as he paced he felt sluggish, his mind refusing to think. Sighing Xerxes sat upon the bed they had provided and before long fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Fassad watched as Xerxes fell asleep, and the water began to cloud. Fassad looked p and noticed that Dameer had left his side, probably to begin her preparations. Fassad felt a thrill run through his body as he anticipated what was about to come.

Soon the kingdom would be theirs, to be ruled by Dameer and Fassad as the king and queen. Sorcery would once again be acceptable in society, and Dameer and Fassad would be the greatest rulers the city had known since the Old Magic had been leached from the land.

Fassad focused his attentions on the water again and the image opened to reveal Damis sleeping in his chambers. Fassad watched for a few moments when he saw a shadow enter into Damis' room. Curious Fassad leaned forward as the shadow stepped into the meager light and pulled back her customary hood. It was Dameer.

Fassad watched in wonder as Dameer caressed Damis' hair, her pale fingers soft and gentle upon his tawny skin, browned from long days exposed to the sun. Fassad felt a sudden burst of jealousy within his soul as he watched Dameer with her son and quickly schooled his thoughts as the image began to fade. He watched for a few more minutes, ignoring the jealously bubbling inside of him and with an angry wave of his hand he banished the image.

He stood still for a moment, his mind running wild, imagining himself serving Damis the prince alongside his mother the Queen and Fassad left as a servant, nothing more. Fassad set his mouth in a thin line and left the room, headed where Xerxes lay neatly passed out upon the bed.


Dameer murmured softly to Damis, knowing his susceptible sleeping mind. Soon her murmuring turned into soft singing, gentle and swaying. Damis stirred a bit, but Dameer did not move. She continued to sing, her voice becoming smooth like silk, winding its way about and through Damis. Her voice grew softer as Damis stopped moving and lay in peaceful stillness.

Smiling to herself she stood and left the room, careful not to wake Damis or alert the guards who stood on the floor. Swift as a shadow she was gone.

Damis found himself surrounding by riches and gold. It reminded him of the dragons cave that had found Laheeb in. Laheeb. Where was he? Damis looked about wildly and passed by a mirror. With a start Damis realized a crown sat upon his head. Slowly he reached up, but found nothing but air, yet the reflection stayed.

"You can have all this, my dear boy." murmured a soft and unrecognizable voice. Damis continued to watch the mirror ceased to reflect himself as he stood, but as the Damis in the mirror moved about. A curly auburn haired woman stood besides the mirror Damis and Damis could almost feel the penetrating blue eyes of the woman. Amira. He reached out and as he did he hand suddenly felt engulfed in flame and he opened his mouth to scream.

Damis woke with a start sweat beading upon his brow. He looked about wildly, and for a few moments could not remember where he was. He lifted his hands to his face, where the tingling burning had not yet ceased to exist. The flash of the e silver ring reminded Damis of his location and in anger he threw the ring off.

The silver wolf ring hit the floor hard, clinking as it hit the marble floors. Damis' head cleared and he shivered slightly. Slowly he rose form the bed and retrieved the ring, though he did not put it back on his finger, but instead slipped it into the pocket of his loose fitting trousers.

Damis splashed his face with some water which lay in a basin that stood in the corner of the room. The dimness of the room and the lack of windows gave Damis no sense of time but urgency, his need to find Amira renewed.

He reached over to where his pack had been laid next to the bed. Holding his breath with hope, Damis breathed a sight of relief to find his cloak and word still there. The gold, silver and diamond leaves were still hidden in the pocket of the pack, and on impulse Damis grabbed these and slipped them into his pocket.

He donned the cloak and quickly used the extra blankets to stuff the bed, so he appeared to still be sleeping. It was crude, and while Damis knew that Dameer would most likely see through the trick, the guards would not.

He tested the door and found it open. Smiling to himself he slipped out into the hallway. A voice in the back of his mind issued a warning about the simplicity of his escape, but he ignored it. He continued down the hallway, following turn after turn after turn.

In anguish he leaned against the wall at a four point intersection of halls. Damis had a distinct feeling he had gone in a circle. The back of his mind the voice seemed smug. Looking about, Damis reached into his pocket and lifted out the genie's lamp, which Damis had grabbed in hope the genie could help if he got lost.

Damis rubbed the side of the lamp gently and Laheeb slid out, a goofy grin upon his face.

"Well, how do you…" he was stopped short by a quick slap across the face by Damis.

"What is wrong with you?" Damis hissed. Laheeb shrugged, looking slightly ashamed.

"Something about this place. It is making me go crazy." Laheeb replied. Damis nodded.

"I think I understand. Now listen…" Damis told Laheeb about his predicament and about his earlier dream.

"Can you help?" Damis asked, his voice pleading slightly.

Laheeb grew serious. "I can't seem to use magic in this place. It seems to be guarded or shield somehow." Damis felt his hope disappear and just nodded. Laheeb continued. "However, I can sense other magic, and right now, there is a strong bit of magic head this way."

Damis looked at Laheeb in surprise and panic. Laheeb slid back into his lamp and Damis made sure his cloak was set about him correctly.

His back pressed against the wall Damis watched as Dameer, cloaked in deep purple hurried past, mumbling words under her breath. Damis strained to hear, and could not recognize the words. They seemed to be a different language.

She hurried past them, not pausing or seeming to notice them. However, Damis thought he saw her eyes flit to where he stood, but the gaze was blank, as though she was in a trance. She turned and walked down a long carpeted hallway and Damis followed, careful not to make a sound.


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