The Night of the Living Ed
Chapter 1

"So, what do you think?" asked Eddy to Sarah, who was looking at one of the dresses he was trying to sell to her.

"This is so embarrassing," said Double D who was pretending to be a manikin.

"Put a sock in it, Sockhead," Eddy whispered out of the corner of his mouth, but soon returned to the scam.

"So, what do you think?" he asked her again.

"I think you guys need to grow up!" said Sarah. She picked up the empty jar and slammed it over Eddy's head. She walked away rubbing her hands together as if she had just performed some notable deed.

"Goodbye frightful baby sister," Ed waved to her. He had been inside for the past four hours watching the Arikaran monster movie marathon and hadn't been helping them with their latest scam.

Eddy pulled the jar off his head and looked at Ed. "Where'd you come from?"

"Blame my parents, Eddy," replied Ed.

"Eddy, may I please get out of this wardrobe? It's quite uncomfortable," Double D complained, pulling and tugging at the tight dress.

"Hey guys," Nazz walked up to the booth. Double D pulled down on his hat to hide his face, hoping she hadn't seen him.

"Um, Double D, why are you wearing that dress?" asked Nazz.

Double D slipped the hat up slightly, making sure he was still covering his head, but that she could see his face. He looked down at it, looked up very red, and simply asked," What dress?"

", Eddy, I'm having a slumber party in the woods tonight and everyone's invited. Do you guys wanna come?" asked Nazz.

"Uh, sure," answered Eddy.

"Cool. See you there," She walked away.

"Eddy, I'm not one hundred percent sure I can-"

"Come on, Sockhead, don't bail out on me now," said Eddy, grabbing onto his head and pulling him so cose, their faces were almost touching.

"Alright, alright. I'll ask Mother and Father if I'm eligable to go to the sleepover. Now may I please change!" Double D pleaded.

"Yeah, whatever," Eddy answered, rolling his eyes and walking away from the failed scam.

Ed and Eddy raced home. Double D, however, had to wait for his parents to come home from their jobs and see if it was alright for him to go, which it was.

Eddy started packing immediately when he got home. He packed an extra pair of clothes, a flashlight, a sleeping bag, and some magazines. Ed only packed a sleeping bag while on the other hand, Double D packed a sleeping bag, an extra pair of clothes, his pajamas and slippers, a flashlight, extra batteries, sunscreen, a first aid kit, biology book, a dictionary, etc.

When they all finished packing, they set out into the woods for a fun night.

All of the kids from the cul-de-sac were there already except for the Eds.

"Come on, Nazz. I can't believe you actually invited them," Kevin complained irritably as the three Eds arrived.

"Hey, I'm so glad you could make it. I hope you have a fun time. Here, let me take your bags," offered Nazz.

"With these three here, nobody's gonna have fun," Kevin rolled his eyes and mumbled under his breath. Nazz quickly came out of the tent and rounded on him.

"You know, Kevin, at that party I threw at the beginning of the summer? Everyone had a blast!" Nazz replied, looking at the Eds. Ed gave his stupid grin, while Eddy just smiled downward, as Double D gave him a quite uncharacteristic glare, then smiled upward at Nazz.

"Yes Nazz, we had a...charming time," Double D said sarcastically, glaring back at Eddy.

"See Kev, loosen up."

Kevin rolled his eyes again and went inside the boys' tent.

The sky grew dark with many clouds, but no one seemed to notice due to the campfire. Everyone was out and sitting on a chair around it except for Ed and Nazz.

"Alright, I got the marshmallows," Nazz called, coming out of one of the tents. Rolf quickly overturned his chair and raced toward her and the marshmallows.

"Chill dude, there's enough for everyone to have seven," Nazz replied.

Rolf looked disappointed, but sat back down again. She walked over to the small picnic table that was set up outside and put the large pack of marshmallows on it. She dug into her pockets and convenietly pulled out a pair of scissors which she used to cut open the pack. She poured it's contents onto a plate.

"Alright everyone, be nice now," Nazz said, though it didn't really make any difference. Everyone except Jimmy and Double D raced for the picnic table, pushing and shoving everyone who got in their way. When everyone was seated again, they began to tell their stories.

"...The old woman grabbed her broom as she opened her door to find-"

"Stop it, Jonny, your giving me the creeps!" begged Jimmy, as he hugged Sarah for protection.

"It's all make-believe, Jimmy, don't worry," Sarah tried to comfort him.

Suddenly a low, growling noise came from within the trees. It sounded almost like the howling of a...

"ARROOOARROOOARROOO!" it was coming closer. Jimmy hugged Sarah tighter than ever. Rolf had jumped ontop of Kevin's headand was squeezing him.

"AH! The beast approaches!" Rolf exclaimed.

"Calm down people! There are no such things as werewolves!" Double D turned back unsurely to Nazz. "Are there?"


"Rolf has soiled his trousers yet again!"

"Sarah, what does it want!"

"Um, any ideas, Double D!" Eddy asked.

"ARROOOARROOOARROOOARROOO!" A shadowed creature jumped infront of the fire. The kids screamed.

"ARROOO! Check out my costume, guys! Pretty cool, huh?" Ed asked. He was wearing what appeared to be a Halloween costume that was a few sizes small.

"ED!" Sarah jumped ontop of him.

"NO SARAH, AUGHHHH!" Ed screamed as she hit any part of him she could find. Kevin rolled up his sleeves and headed toward Ed.

"Do not waste strengh, Kevin.The loud-mouthed child has him well under her control," Rolf said, holding Kevin back.When Sarah was done, she grinned deviously.

"Look, the fire's burning down. I'll go look for some wood," Kevin said, noting the fire.

"Kevin, I implore that you use the buddy system, as it's getting rather dark out," Double D warned.

"May Rolf assist you in this hunt?" asked Rolf.

"Whatever," answered Kevin as the two walked off.

"Rolf's ancestors would feel it incustommary and incorrect to roast these, how do you say smores? Yet they are very good. Yes? No?" stated Rolf as they disappeared into the woods.

"Um, Eddy, I don't like the way the-" Double D started.

"Shut up," Eddy inturrupted

"Do you think they'll be alright, Sarah?" asked Jimmy.

"Relax, Jimmy, they'll be fine," said Sarah as thunder was heard in the distance.

"AHHHHHH!" Jimmy jumped oto Sarah again.

"Way cool, huh Plank?" asked Jonny, as it started to downpouring.

"Oh great," complained Eddy.

"Oh! I'm all wet!" Nazz exclaimed. The kids went inside their tents, the larger one for the boys, the smaller for Nazz and Sarah.

"Is everyone here? Is everyone alright?" asked Double D when they were in the tent.

"Besides Rolf and Kevin, looks like it," answered Jonny.

"Oh no. I had all but forgotten about them. Do you think they're alright? What if they got hit by a tree, or struck by lightning, or-"

"Calm down Double D. Look, when the storms over, we'll go out and look for 'em," interrupted Eddy.

"Are you ok, Jimmy?" asked Ed, concerned.

"Thunderstorms just scare me, Ed, that's all," answered Jimmy, covering his head.

"There, there, Jimmy, it is alright," Ed said, pulling Jimmy toward him and hugged him.

"What is that hideous odor," Jimmy said, pushing away from him.

Ed reached in his pocket and pulled out a chunk of cheese. "How'd you get back in here, Sheldon?" Ed asked the peice of cheese as he ate part of it and stuuck it back in his pocket. Double D looked up, shook his head, and buried it in his hands, not feeling like having another arguement over Sheldon. He sighed, looked up, and glared at Eddy again. "I tried to tell you there was going to be a storm today, but you just wouldn't listen-"

"Shut up, Double D."

"Hey, I remember why my monster movie marathon was cancelled!" said Ed.

"Why Ed?" asked Eddy, gritting his teeth.

"There was an emergency report on some big thunderstorm. You know, Nazz was probably so busy planning this, she didn't even watch the news!" said Ed, laughing.

Eddy looked very annoyed at him and pounced on him. He was about to hit him when he heard familiar voices screaming outside.

"Oh no," shrieked Jonny.

"Kevin and Rolf..." Double D trailed off.

A/N- So this is the rewriten version. Personally, I did somewhat like the old version, but it never completely worked for me. The old name of the story was Nazz's Party. However, all of my EENE stories (besides How the Eds Met) have titles like the show, so it is now The Night of the Living Ed. Also, I thought it a wonderful opportunity to use this new system thingy! I think I'll do this with How the Eds Met and Saved by the Ed! This was an old story idea that my little brother gave me. Crap, that kid came up with half of the story ideas I've written. Ugh...

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To be continuED...