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Ok last chapter! Really funny and a little bit of RobStar and a teeny bit of BBRae.

Rae groaned and fell to the ground on her knees muttering several curses in different languages.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy, Star, and Robin where having wayyyy to much fun for their own good…

Star was stretched out on a dolly (you know one of those things that look like stretchers you use to move boxes) and it was being pushed by Robin who was wearing a Lowes apron and a respirator mask (you know what people wear over their mouths so when they work with like sometimes sanding wood so they don't breath in the shavings). Beast Boy was following behind them also wearing a Lowes apron and respirator mask but he was also carrying two paint can lids. They were rolling her down the clock isle.

"Doctor," said Robin to Beast Boy, "We're losing her."

"Alright stand back," said Beast Boy rubbing the lids together, "Clear!" he said lightly pushing the lids on her stomach because he really didn't feel comfortable putting them on her…well…yeah you know.

Star giggled, "Friend Beast Boy that tickles."

"Star," whispered Robin, "You're supposed to be dead."

"Oh yes sorry friend Robin," said Star smiling closing her eyes.

"Clear!" shouted Beast Boy.

Star had a smile tugging at her lips but kept a straight face and stuck her tongue out of her mouth to show she was dead.

Robin looked a one of the many clocks, "Time of death 2:30pm on Wednesday the 9th."

Star opened her eyes and got off the dolly, "Oh that was great fun!"

Robin removed the apron and respirator mask, "Come on Star I found something you'd like."

"Oh Robin what is it!"

"I can't tell you it's a surprise just follow me."

He took her hands and lead her into the home and garden section.

Beast Boy rolled his eyes. He took of his mask and apron as well and walked down the isle to find Raven on the floor muttering words he couldn't understand.

"Ravey come on lets go find Cyborg."

"They evil traitor who brought me against my will." she muttered, "Don't call me Ravey."

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever Rae lets bolt."

She glared at him, "Can't move."

He put his hands in hers and dragged her over to Cyborg.

"Ow…ow…ow," she said in her monotone as she was dragged across the floor.

They finally met up with Cyborg who had already finished checking out. He was caring one teeny bag.

"So Cyborg did you finally get what you needed?" asked Raven glaring at him.

"Yeah," said Cy pulling the item out of the bag, "batteries."


"But Cy," said Beast Boy, "We have batteries at home."


Raven growled and him her I'm-going-to-kill-you glare before departing to store.

The two boys just shrugged and followed her out to the car.

"Hey where's Star and Robin?" asked Cy as Raven and Beast Boy got into the T-car.

Then as if on cue Star and Robin drove up on a one of those drivable lawn mowers. It was pink with lime green lightening bolts on either side.

Star was seated on Robin's lap and seemed to be the one (badly) driving the contraption.

Cy looked at them speechless.

"Hey Batman's not the only one with a cool ride," said Robin smirking, "I call it the 'Star-mobile'."

Star giggled and honked the lawn mowers horn.

"Ok put it in the trunk." said Cy rolling his mechanical eye.

Suddenly a screeching of tires was heard and off went the T-car with Raven at the wheel laughing manically with Beast Boy trying to show her how to drive it.

"GREAT!" screamed Cy, "How are WE supposed to get home."

"Wheeee!" shouted Star as her and Robin drove (badly) out of the parking lot and off towards home, "Faster, FASTER!" she screamed.

"NO! Slower, slower!" shouted Robin as they narrowly missed a truck.

"GREAT! Now how do I get home? I CAN'T EVEN FLY!"

Lol ok that's all folks hope you enjoyed it!

Just so ya know ether today or tomorrow I'll be starting a new story called 'Forget me Not':

In a last attempt to break up the titans Slade takes away Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin's powers and makes them forget ever becoming titans and make them think they are different people. Will the girls be able to find their friends and help them remember who they truly are before it's too late? BBRae RobStar and maybe a lil CyBee