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Chapter 1: The Beggining

It was 5 P.M. in the afternoon in Houston, Texas, near my house.

"Adam! Where are you?" My older brother bust in my room, right as he entered our house, after he returned from work with my Mom. "It's Friday!"

My mom interrupted him. "Call up Ian and see if he'll spend the night tonight, okay Adam?"

I paused my game that I was playing, ironically it was FF7, and I got frustrated that I had a perfect rhythm at killing the random enemies, and that rhythm was broken. "Okay Mom, in a sec!"

5 minutes and a few kicks at my brother's head, that all connected, later.

"There! Now can I go play my game again?" I asked.

"NO! Take out the recycling ben!" My mother screamed at me.

"Dang." I mumbled as I got up AGAIN from my chair in my room. "Haichi!" My brother whacked me as I forgot to block his attack.

A/N that's pronounced hi-chee as in cheese A/N I use this word as my word for if I get hit or other times, sometimes A/N

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a few empty soft drink cans before I left the kitchen and walked into the garage, which was next to my room.

"Why do I have to get the recycling cans anyways? Can't Byron get them instead?"

"What? I went to work today and what did you do? Sleep in and play games all day long!" Byron, my brother, said.

"Nani-nani (Jpn for Whatever)." I replied.

I opened the rear door to the garage, and pressed the button to open the garage door. And I found the fayth in a purple robe with the hood on a.k.a. Bahamut. I fell back on my butt in pure surprise at seeing this guy here in my garage.

"What the heck!" I kept my cursing down to a minimum since my mom hates me cursing. 'Crap, I gotta keep the noise down, or everyone'll come running! Wait, you can hear me, right?'

"Yes, I can read your thoughts." Bahamut told me. "But don't worry; your parents won't be able to hear you."

'Wait, just my parents? That means…'

Just then, Byron burst in the garage. "Adam! Mom and Dad aren't moving at all- WHO THE HECK IS THAT!"

"You don't remember Bahamut, Byron?"

"You mean from FF7?"

"No, from 10."

"Oh, him. Um, actually I never saw him except in the beginning of the game."

Bahamut spoke up," There is one more person traveling with you, you know. You should know him."

(Unknown POV)

"Why is everything frozen in place? Mom? Mom!" I tried to speak to Mom, but she stuck frozen. I shrugged, and walked to my closed room door. And I found it to also be frozen. I began to panic. I ran around my small house trying to unsuccessfully open doors around the inside of my house. I even tried to use the house phones, and found them stuck to the wall, like as if that time had froze.

The doorbell rang.


This is reminding me of a horror movie or something.

I cautiously walked to the door and looked out, but only saw what looked like the top of a hood.

I opened the door. Crack! This time, the door opened up. And there stood Bahamut.

"The others are waiting." He said cryptically.

"What others? Are you crazy?"

(My POV)

Byron and I walked out of hiding behind a wall and stood facing the other person we were to go with. I wasn't surprised to see that it was Ian, since I knew where he lives (duh). "Hey." I called to him.

"What the!" Ian became startled at the sight of me and Byron. I mean, how often do you see Bahamut and then your best friend and his brother behind him? You probably wouldn't.

I turned to Bahamut and asked him, "Where will we land?"

"You three won't land, you'll just appear." He sighed. "Where do you want to start?"

"Um, where do you guys want to start at?" I asked Ian and Byron.

They replied with, "I dunno!" "I don't care."

Shrugging my shoulders, I turned to Bahamut and said, "Wherever that is in between that ledge Tidus falls off and the pathway Auron uses to walk towards where Tidus lands."

"Done," is all the little fayth boy says. Everything turned black