Stuck in Spira

Chapter 25: Tick Tock BOOM!

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I ran from the snow pile, changing the Mk9 Lighting Gun to a M75 TIC Railgun, and I waited, and waited...

A small beep sounded off, and I braced myself for the moment of firing...


Music Player - ExcessiveMenu (UT2004 Excessive Overkill 3.02)

The Crawler was facing directly to me, and its own louder beep sounded. I hear Yuna behind me, yelling to get to cover, or end up like Tidus was right now, in a snow pile, near death. I breathed slowly, and time almost stopped it was to seem. The Crawler's main cannon began to fill quickly with it's Mana Cannon Shot, which looked oddly like plasma...

"NOW! GET OVER HERE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!" Even Auron was yelling at me. Lulu, and Yuna all began to shout to me also, beckoning me to run. But it was way too late, the cannon was already at max power.

"Goodbye... sucker," I said semi-audibly, causing everyone in my group to gasp as the cannon fired straight at me. I smirked and finally hit the trigger to my own cannon, although a portable one. Blue energy collided with a bullet backed up by the force of my Railgun's powerful beam. The depleted uranium slug kept going through the Mana beam, cuasing the beam of Mana to split in the center and miss me completely.

In just that one instant, that slug hit the Crawler with all of its terrifying power, and exploded in the cannon's barrel.


The force of the explosion sent me flying backwards, and I landed on my butt in a pile of snow. The entirety of the group came running towards me, all with different expressions on their faces, ranging from anger, fear, and to awe. I got up slowly, and tried to stand, but with little success, with me being stuck in the snow from the force of the explosion, me replying, "That's why I call it the game..."

Music Player - RS-HellTrooper (UT2004 Runestorm. Ballistic Weapons Music Pack 1)

"Are you alright?" Yuna asked with wide eyes, attempting to use Cura on my large wounds from the explosive impact.

"Yeah, just a few scraps..." In reality, there was a large vertical gash right on my left eye area from a piece of shrapnel flying form the Crawler that had nearly blinded me in that eye. On top of that, I had no shirt anymore, it being shattered by the sheer force of the Mana beam's wave as it had surrounded me, but missed barely. Earlier, when I thought it missed by a lot, at lot ended up being inches.

As I get up, Tromell (wow, haven't forgotten him, have we?) shouts to Yuna, "My Lady!"

As this happens, Rikku's attention is brought away from the group and over to the group of Al Bhed over the ridge. "Rikku! I femm damm Vydran! (Rikku! I will tell Father!)"

I mutter suftly and this time, inaudibly, "Yeah so? I can just... nevermind." (remember, I can do language translation a little, not much...)

Rikku, not hearing my mumbling, repied back (shouting), "E ys y guardian of Yuna, oui caa? Yuna ec cyva! Fa femm kiynt ran! Cra ec cyva! (I am a guardian of Yuna, you see? Yuna is safe! We will guard her! She is safe!)"

"Oui tu drec ymuha, cecdan! (You do this alone, sister!)" And with that, the group of attackers left.

Rikku turned back around, facing a stunned Wakka, "I told him I was a guardian. Well, guess I had to really."

Wakka, twisting his head a bit, asked, "How come you speak Al Bhed? Why?"

"Because she can because it helps in translation for stuff like when we were being attacked in the first place. Translators come in handy, right?" I butted in, trying to get Wakka to not cause the next scene from happening... but...

"Because I'm Al Bhed. And that... was my brother." Rikku, not even hearing me, said in unison to what I said. I cursed mentally, and readied my RS8, just in case. Wakka, getting angry quickly, didn't even notice.

"You KNEW?" Turning to Tidus, Wakka glared angrily, and the he glared at me, where I gave a glare right back. To my surprise however, he didn't back off this time, like he had done before when I glared at him. At this time, Tidus nodded and mumbled a "yes".

"Why didn't you tell me?!" Wakka shouted.

This time, Lulu came in and faced Wakka, commenting that, "We knew you'd be upset."

At this time, Wakka was seriosuly mad, and he started yelling at Rikku, screaming at her with various insults. "This is GREAT! I can't BELIEVE I'VE BEEN TRAVELING WITH AN AlBHED! A HE-RAAGHHH!"

"Listen to me, you little asshole, you ever yell at one of us ONE more time... I'll make sure it won't be a shot to your damned knee, it'll be straight... in... bee-tween... your.. eyeballs..." I said, RS8 smoking a little bit. Tromell (who'd been watching the entire time) gasped, and backed up a little bit. I only barely caught the movement in the corner of my eye, but I ignored him, along with the rest of my party. "Yuna, heal him, let's go..."

At this point, Auron turned me around forcibly, staring me straight in the eye, and said, "Never! do that again Adam. Unless you want to fight against me."

"And what if I really wanted to? How would you fight back when you have no long-rnged weapon like I do?" I asked simply, both realisticaly and sarcastically.

"Don't test me." With that, Auron turned to Rikku and asked for her help on starting the snow sleds. This led to the comment of Wakka muttering if Auron was Al Bhed too.

"I heard that!" I shouted to Wakka, who shut up immediately. Yuna turned to me, shaking her head miserably. At this moment, I knew I had done something completely wrong, and stupid. I understood exactly why Auron had reprimanded me so sharply. If I had just let the course of events just play out like normal, then Yuna wouldn't be upset with me. My eyes widened as I thought about it. I turned back and started walking to Wakka, Wakka seeing me and moving back slowly.

To his surprise, I said, "I'm sorry. I went way overboard just a second ago. I never should have shot you. You're a friend, not an enemy. I know you dislike Al Bhed people, but really, there was no need to yell at her. It's not her fault she was born that way, in her society. But she just lives with it, and you should too. Got it?" I smirked, and gave a thumbs up. Wakka gave a weak thumbs up back to me.

Rikku walked over to our group as Wakka left, and turned to our party, saying, "I'm sorry."

Lulu intervened again, comforting Rikku, saying that "You've done nothing to apologize for. Don't feel that way."

The motor of one of the sleds activated, and we all turned our heads to Tidus and Kimahri, both on sleds already, Tidus shouting, "All right! Let's ride!"

Rikku, nervous about Tidus not knowing how to drive one, asked timedly, "You sure you know how to drive this?"

Kimahri started a motor and took off suddenly, leaving Tidus to say, "Better than Kimahri does. Hop on!"

"No, I'll take her." Lulu said suddenly, also starting a sled up and getting on it, with Rikku following on it. They too took off. Auron and Wakka, walking the path previously, were easily passed by Kimahri, Lulu, and Rikku. I heard a "HEY!" as they were sprayed with snow by Kimahri's snow sled.

"Hmph... whatever." Tidus said as he took off, leaving Yuna and me alone to either walk or find another way through the icy path. Tromell, who had somehow gotten away form my sight, was gone, and nowhere to see. He easily could already have been at the temple and we never noticed him leaving. My mind must have been playing tricks with me when I thought I saw him earlier.

"Well, that leaves just us two and no extra sleds. Either we walk, or I find some way to summon a vehicle up." I tried to summon a vehicle, but fell over, realizing I had used up too much energy summoning my Railgun. In any case, the Railgun now didn't need to be summoned back up, since it was in my 'cache' of weapons already summoned and was ready to use, along with my XK2 and RS8. ut, those would never help in transport.

"Let me summon Valefor. Stand back!" Yuna ordered and I moved away, letting Yuna do her thing. I watched as she majestically summoned Valefor to us. Valefor broke out of the sky, landing next to Yuna. Yuna hopped on, and I grinned when she asked, "Need a ride?"


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