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This was so not how she had planned things to go. No, instead of her saving the day she had somehow wound up on a hospital gurney…bleeding…from three gunshot wounds. With short hair that had so much gel in it she doubted it had been affected by any of the night's activities. So not fun. How had this happened? It had all started with a simple undercover task.


"Yes sir?"


And McDonald had handed her a file and off she went with Fuller as her "manager." An international modeling tour, what fun. Vic had showed up at least, obviously she couldn't keep the same look after all her TV time. Honestly, she couldn't even walk out of her apartment without being harassed by fifty billion people wanting autographs.

So her hair had been chopped off until the longest layer barely reached below her chin and then it was dyed jet black. It was supposedly a "pixie" look but she hadn't heard of any pixies that carried around guns strapped to their thighs. Then her wardrobe had been changed from chic to well…more skank like. Lacy spaghetti strap tops that looked more like lingerie and tight beyond tight flared hip huggers. Apparently they were very in style and fashionable. And of course her name had been changed…no more Gracie for her…instead she had to endure being called Raven.

Quickly she had decided that she would take beauty queens over super models any day. These girls were skinny beyond belief, perfect, mutant people…with horrible personalities. "Move fatty!" Had been the first thing anyone ever said to her. Lovely really.

Her job was similar to that in the Miss USA pageant, protect the girls. It was obvious that whoever it was threatening them wouldn't strike overseas, too much of a risk, the CIA might get involved. They had started in New York, then on to Paris, London, France, Berlin, Moscow, then to Miama, Houston, Las Vegas, Chicago, and finally back to New York. She knew it would most likely be Miama seeing as it was the first place they would fly back into the US. Since the whole tour began in New York, the FBI station there had gotten dibs on it. Too bad, at the moment she wouldn't have minded if someone else had gotten to go undercover.

She could hear people talking but couldn't manage to open her eyes.

"Is she going to be okay?" It sounded like Fuller. Of course she was going to be okay…but for some reason she couldn't get her mouth open to console her partner. God she was in pain, stupid idiot…whoever had shot her was going to pay.

A weird sensation came over her as she felt herself being moved from the gurney to the bed. What if she died? What if she could never open her eyes again? That was scary; she didn't want it to end like this.

"She's FBI right? Shouldn't she have been wearing a bullet proof vest?"

Exactly, that's why they should have just let her wear a one-piece…although that might not have looked so nice.

"She was doing a photo shoot in a bikini."

"And…why exactly was she targeted?"

"Had to blow her cover. Look, is she going to be all right or not?" Fuller's voice took on that tone that Gracie knew oh so well. Those nurses wouldn't stand a chance.

"Truthfully? We don't know yet."


Suddenly the pain started to numb, oooh, felt nice. Oh, felt weird, her whole body was going numb. How much painkiller were they shooting into her?

"Could you please go out in the hall? We have to begin operating."

"Fine," Fuller snapped. "Hang in there Gracie," she said.

They started in on a whole bunch of medical terms and Gracie found herself tuning out. Hmm…sleep would be nice, that was it, she would sleep.


Voices again, couldn't they just leave her alone?

"Come on Gracie, I know you're tougher than this."

Why did that voice sound so oddly familiar?

"God Gracie, don't do this to me. I already feel guilty enough."

So familiar…

"I never stopped loving you, all right? But I had to break it off, things were moving fast and then I got offered a better job, and I thought that I was doing the right thing. Looks like I was wrong."

Oh…my...God…Eric…that's who it was. If only she could move, hitting him might have made her feel better. A hand covered hers and then broken sobs reached her ears.

"God Gracie, I loved you…I still love you…"

Shit. Now what. A man whom she had loved was now sobbing that he still loved her after breaking her heart. And she couldn't do anything about it. She tried moving her hand, wait a minute, there it was. After a great amount of energy she managed to curl her fingers around his. She felt his hand tighten.

"Can you hear me Gracie?"

Open…mouth…must speak… "Yes," she managed to croak. Now time to open her eyes. Ouch, the lights were bright. His face came into view and she felt tears tug at the corner of her eyes. She couldn't cry, she was Gracie Hart, and Gracie Hart didn't cry. "What're you doing here…"

"I'm stationed in Miami and obviously heard what happened, how could I not be here?"

Wow did she want to hit him, although a swift kick in the shins would do nicely too. "Why'd you leave me then…"

"Gracie…I don't think now's the time for that…I mean…you're…well…"

NO, she was going to die wasn't she! "This sucks…"

"Yeah, I can imagine."


He gently cupped her face with his hand and for a moment it made her feel better, it made her feel safe. "Yeah?"

"I'm going to die, aren't I…" there, now she would finally know the whole, horrible, truth.

"No, you aren't. The doctors said that if you woke up then you had an excellent chance of surviving."

"Where'd that bastard manage to hit me?"

"Right shoulder, right leg, and he grazed you here," she felt his fingers run across the left side of her abdomen. "You got lucky Hart, really lucky."

"Mmm…" she was starting to feel sleepy again…but there was something she needed to know first. "You going to leave me again?"

"Not this time, I'm not leaving you again."

"Forever?" that painkiller must be kicking in again…she was getting all sappy.

"Yeah I'll stay with you forever," he whispered in her ear.


"Yeah, Hart?" he was stroking her hair back now.

"Do you…do you really love me?" Oh God, it must be the painkiller talking, it had to be.

"You heard that?" he sounded apprehensive.

"Yeah I heard it."

"Then I guess I can't lie to you then. I love you Hart, alright?"

"Mmm…alright. Eric? I think I love you too…" Yeah, definitely the painkillers. She let sleep over come her and felt Eric rest his head on her chest, playing with her hair. Even though the situation sucked horribly, she still felt content…or at least she would until Fuller burst in and started yelling at Eric to move his lazy ass and let Gracie get some rest…but other than that (and the fact that she was in the hospital due to being shot), complete contentment.

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