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"Good to see you back working for us," McDonald's voice carried through the hall and Gracie pushed herself back from her desk. She craned her neck but could only make out McDonald's back. It couldn't be him…or could it. No, it couldn't.

She had been back in New York for a week and was currently confined to her desk. At least she was out of the hospital; she had gotten tired of staring at an extremely sterile looking white wall. Eric had visited her every day, he claimed it was so she wouldn't drive the nurses crazy with her oh so charming personality. It was surprising really, how you could go from loving someone, to hating someone, to liking someone. As a friend. That was all. Definitely.

Fuller had been forced to leave a few days after the accident to file a full report and then get back into the action. Before she had left she had told Gracie to…what was it… "Give that idiot lovesick boy a chance" or something to that effect. She had…kind of…not really.

"Then I guess I can't lie to you then. I love you Hart, alright?"

"Mmm…alright. Eric? I think I love you too…"

That conversation had definitely become a factor, but when she became more coherent they had discussed it and came up with a decision. That they would leave things as they were, for a while at least. Gracie would go back to New York, Eric would stay in Florida, they would phone each other and if it turned out they really couldn't live without each other they would come up with something.

Turning back to her scattered piles of paper she pushed her coffee mug to the side and ran a hand through her hair. It stopped at her shoulder and she brought a few strands in front of her face to examine them. It probably needed to be dyed again. She actually liked it black, Victor would be pleased to know, he had said that it suited her personality. And her 'model name,' ugh, Raven…she couldn't believe that she had had to endure that.

For some reason she couldn't bring herself to concentrate on her work, hearing that there was a new or old, depending on how you looked at it, employee standing out there made her wonder…maybe Fuller would know. Getting up she limped out the door and looked around, McDonald and the mystery man or woman was gone, but she knew exactly where to find Fuller.

"You missed," she said grinning.

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious," Fuller snapped. "So, what's up?" she put the training gun down and turned to her friend.

"I heard McDonald talking to someone new, well, they used to work here apparently," she tried to sound nonchalant but couldn't help a little apprehension enter her voice.

Fuller shook her head, "Sorry, can't tell you anything," she picked the gun up again.

"Can't tell me because you don't know anything or can't tell me as in you don't want to?" Gracie questioned.

"Can't tell you that either."

"Oh come on, what are you like in third grade?"

"No, just don't feel like telling you."

Gracie groaned in frustration and was more than annoyed by Fuller's smug smirk. "Fine, I'll just find out myself."

"Go for it."

Looking around Gracie tried to find McDonald to question him, or anyone who might know. Coming around a corner she felt her leg give out as she collided with something, cursing she looked up to find a hand in her face. Taking it she allowed herself to be helped up, only to find herself looking at the mystery man or woman, man as it turned out to be, a man that she knew. It couldn't be him. Oh it so was.

"Eric!" she was disgusted when it came out as a surprised squeak. Smoothing down her black blouse and skirt she self-consciously flicked her hair back. "Erm…hi, what are doing here?" she cleared her throat nervously. Why did he make her feel this way?

"I work here again, transferred back, things just weren't as exciting down there," she was glad to see that he too looked nervous.

"Oh, well, glad to see you back," she made a move past him but he placed a hand on her arm, gripping her firmly.

He looked at her seriously, "All right, so I moved back for a reason. I tried to forget about you, I really did but I couldn't. So, I decided to come back, I never should have left in the first place."

Oh God, she was melting, she Gracie Hart was actually melting. In a strictly metaphorical sense, "I couldn't forget about you either."

He suddenly hugged her close to him, "So what do you say Gracie, should we start over," he murmured in her ear.

"That depends," she sounded slightly muffled as her head was buried in his shoulder.

"And what's that?"

"You can't leave me again," she looked up at him.

"I don't think that would be possible," he kissed her fully on the lips and she wrapped her arms around his neck.


"So you're back with Eric then?" Vic was doing her hair.

"Yes," it had been three months since he had moved back and one since they had started sharing an apartment together.

He smiled at her in the mirror, "I always knew you two were meant for each other…my little girl…growing up," he pretended to wipe a tear from his eye.

"Haha, you're so amusing, are you done yet?"


Six months later she found herself sitting in front of Vic once again as he piled her hair on top of her head, "Are you done yet?"

"No, this is a very delicate process," he stuck yet another bobby pin in.

"I think there's more metal now than hair," she whined.

"Hush," he commanded. When he was done he turned her towards the mirror and held up a smaller one behind her so she could see it. It was beautiful, it was beyond beautiful.

"Wow, you've definitely outdone yourself," she couldn't stop smiling and he smiled as well.

"It's your wedding, of course I'm going to outdo myself," he kissed the top of her head.

She adjusted the straps on her dress and ran her hand over the fitted bodice; she turned around and studied herself in the mirror. It was tight and sleek, flaring out at her feet, the material shimmered softly and diamonds sparkled around the V shaped neckline.

"You look gorgeous Gracie," Cheryl came up behind her, "Wow," she hugged her; "I knew everything would work out for you."

Fuller came up next to her as well, "You had to choose pink didn't you," she motioned down at the light pink bridesmaid dress with the sweeping skirt.

"You know I chose that specifically for you," Gracie said with an evil smirk.

"I know it, your lucky I love you so much," she replied dryly.

Stretching out luxuriously in the sand Grace rolled over and flung an arm over Eric's bear chest. He fiddled with the black strings on her top and she slapped his hand away, "We're on a public beach you know."

"I know I know, be good," he groaned.

"You think I'm gorgeous, you want to kiss me... You want to hug me... You want to love me..." she started in her sing-song voice; he interrupted her with his mouth on hers.

"Does that count as inappropriate?" he asked after a while.

"Nope…it is our honeymoon after all."

"Is this inappropriate?" he started to squeeze her sides and she started to laugh until she was wheezing.

"Yes, yes it is!" she squealed and managed to get out of his grip. Standing up she ran towards the clear water and looked over her shoulder pleased to see he was chasing after her. Hitting the warm water she kept going until he tackled her. Falling into shallow water they laughed and she maneuvered herself until she was on top.

"I love you Eric."

"I love you too," he began but she cut him off.

"However, tickle me like that ever again and I will be forced to inflict pain upon you."

"Even though I'm your husband?" he asked curiously.

"Even though you're my husband," she leaned forward and kissed him feeling his arms slide around her they fell back into the water…or at least they were going to until a little boy appeared staring at them in horrified fascination and his mom had to come and drag them away…giving them a very stern and disgusted look. That was when they decided to take it back to their hotel room…it was their honeymoon after all.

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