The Wedding Reception

I know I'm skipping ahead a bit, this is set just as Melanie and Jake arrive at the wedding reception.

Wade came into the lodge and announced

"Well folks. Look who finally made it to their reception. Ladies and Gentlemen Mrs and Mr Jake Perry"

The whole lodge errupted into cheers as Jake carried Melanie inside. They put their hands up in the air to show that Wade had handcuffed them together. Wade then took the handcuffs off, as he did Bobby Ray shouted out,

"You might wanna keep those for the honeymoon"

Everyone laughed and then Gabby and Ellie ran to congradualate her parents, with both of thier faces beaming with happiness.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Speech Speech" shouted Stella

"Well" Jake said " I do believe I owe this lady a dance"

You all know what happens after that.