A Disastrous Trip!

Disclaimer: LazyTown and the characters are all property of Nick Junior. I in no way claim to own any right to the stories or story lines dealing with or in the show. LazyTown is just one of my fave kids shows and I wanted to write a fanfic based on it (for kids!).


"And here she is!" said The Mayor of LazyTown pointing to a huge sail boat.

"Wow" said Stephanie. Stephanie was the mayors neice. She was new in town. When she had first arrived she noticed that LazyTown was very... Lazy. Since Stephanie arrived she have gotten most of the kids in LazyTown to take part in different sports and events. She knew something had to be done in that town, otherwise, it was going to be lazy forever. Stephanie also got the help from a friend, also known as a super hero in LazyTown, named Sportacus. Sportacus was a very atheletic guy. He helped Stephanie get the people of LazyTown up and moving.

On the other hand, there was a guy named Robbie Rotten. Robbie was very lazy and he liked to see LazyTown in a lazy state. He tried to ruin all of Stephanie and Sportacus' plans when it came to active activities. He wanted LazyTown to stay lazy, that way, there was never any noise and he could sleep in peace. Since Stephanie had showen up and had written sportacus a letter to come to LazyTown, Robbie have missed out on ALOT of sleep.

Today was different though. Stephanie never had to worry about Robbie showing up because she, and her friends, were headed out on a boat trip. Of course, the Mayor was coming along for the trip to make sure the kids didn't get into any kind of trouble. Sportacus was there too just because the kids really looked up to him and knew that any activity he came up with would be the best! Stephanie's friends consisted of a hyper candy lover (Ziggy), a greedy I-want-everything guy (Stingy), a video game and computer genuis (Pixel) and one of Stephanie's best friends (Trixie). They were all going to go fishing for the evening and return home before dark. Stephanie knew it was the perfect idea because Robbie was in LazyTown and would never be able to ruin this plan, or at least she thought.

"So, they're trying to out smart me" Robbie said to himself. He was hiding in the garbage can on the dock. No one expecting him to be there. "They'll have to try harder then this" Robbie laughed his signature laugh. When everyone was getting their stuff ready to go on board, Robbie slipped on to the boat and hid under a big coil of ropes.

"All set?" Mayor asked the kids and Sportacus.

"All set" Stephanie confirmed.

"This is going to be an awesome trip!" Trixie said in excitement as she boarded the boat.

"I can't believe it, this is the first time I've ever been in a boat" said Ziggy.

"Don't get too comfortable" Stingy said, "Because it's mine!"

"I've played a couple of Bass fishing games on my computer, but none of them as been as real as this!" Pixel said studying the hooks on the rods.

"Watch out you don't hook yourself" said Sportacus.

"That's called a Pixel fish!" said Stephanie. Everyone laughed and the Mayor turned the steering wheel. They were off on their trip.

Sorry this Chapter is short, I'm hoping to write longer (more interesting) chapters later, but this is just basically the introduction. I'm hoping people like it none-the-less. Please Review if you've read it! Thanks!