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Slicker than her Blades


"Pretend you're hot."

She wrinkles her nose at my request. "Excuse me?"

I peer down the corner and spot the group of girls coming towards us. "Okay, they're coming. Now remember, try to be all flirty and do that cool hair-flip thing you always do, okay-?" I turn back around. "-Cid's Girl?"

She's steadily walking away.

In a rush of panic, I steal another glance at the approaching group before chasing after her. "Yo, Kid!" I hiss, grabbing her shoulder. "'You're supposed to be helping me!"

She turns around with a spiteful grin. "Sorry, maybe you should find someone who's hot enough for you."

I slap my forehead lazily. Why do girls always take everything so seriously? "There's no time, you know that!"

A flow of giggles suddenly enters my hearing distance. I turn around only to see the group approaching me, each one of them eying me closely. This is my chance.

Forgetting our little dispute, I instantly straighten my posture and chuckle casually as if I'd been doing it all my life. I lightly hit Rikku's chin in modest amusement. "Oh, you're such a kidder, Cid's Girl; I'm not that good of a kisser am I?" I say in a deep tone.

She looks at me crossly.

"But I'm sorry to disappoint you." I shake my head grimly. "I just can't go to tonight's festivities with you." I turn to Dyanah, the gorgeous leader of their group, and give her one of my dashing smiles. "There's someone else I've been having my eye on lately. She's the loveliest thing to grace this city, and I'm hoping she would bless me by accepting me as her date…"

Dyanah looks down shyly, and the rest of her friends giggle.

This is it! I have it! She is SO going to be mine!

"Erm… Okay."

I flinch and slowly turn back to stare at Rikku. "Wh-What?"

She shrugs her shoulders simply. "I said, 'Okay'."

The group observes her nonchalant behaviour with curiosity.

I clench my teeth and grit, "Heh, heh… What are you saying, Kid?" I elbow her roughly. "Aren't you devastatingly heartbroken? Remember?"

"Eh…" She analyzes her nails with boredom.


One of the girls clears her throat. The rest giggle in response. Dyanah makes a subtle gesture with her hand and they all proceed to leave.

I growl in anger as I watch them disappear.

Every year, Home holds a celebration for the anniversary of the birth of Home. This annual festival is basically a night of partying with music, dancing, drinks, and food galore. Everyone in the city comes to have a good time; nobody would be able to face their friends and neighbours if they had missed out. A display of fireworks usually accompanies the last dance and signals the end the evening.

And for days I've been gazing at Dyanah and dreaming she would be my date for the festival. Being the leader of the only group of girls in Home known to turn heads and lift/break the hearts of any Al Bhed guy, she's regarded as one of the most gorgeous females in this city. It would only be right that she goes out with the most handsome guy here, me. And of course I know she wants to, but she's just too shy. Girls are like that around me, I understand.

But now my chances with her are totally screwed because a certain Al Bhed didn't make me look as cool as I truly am.

I glare at Rikku. "You were supposed to be crazy over me!"

She rolls her eyes. "I'm sorry, it was hard."

I want to smack that hidden grin off her face – but I don't want to give her a reason to reissue her blades while I'm standing defenceless. Sighing, I take her arm and head down to the busiest part of the city. "Okay, next plan: Rleyd told me Jaisce is going to be with her girls down by Mik's." I frown at her. "And this time, try to act more interested. You're destroying my rep."

She lets out a weary huff, but follows anyway.

Jaisce. Just her name alone is enough to make a guy's heart stop and immediately visualize a beautiful female with the blondest blond hair and the swirliest green eyes and the largest… Ahem…

And of course, being so attractive earns her the eligibility to date me. Who knows? I might even make her my girlfriend. Though I've never talked to her, and have only admired her from afar, I know that today will be the day and my face alone will crumble her to her feet, stricken with love.

And if for some bizarre, hilarious reason it all fails, I have Rikku by my side to boast of my handsomeness etc. etc. I need to be modest, after all.

I suddenly stop at the unexpected sight of Rleyd heading my way, the lovely Jaisce by his side.

"Gippal!" he shouts to me. He secretly points to Jaisce. "I uh… Have someone I want you to meet."

I smirk. Now this was more like it. I like this guy. Now I can be the one acting relaxed since Jaisce is being introduced to me. Hmm… But how relaxed should I be? I need to still maintain a look of interest, but I don't want her to think I'm that interested. And my smiling… Oh boy. Which smile do I give her? Number 6? No, no! Number 23. Yes. Dashing Smile Number 23 will make her fall helplessly in love with me, no problem!

I loosen my shoulders and crack my neck, preparing for her arrival. Hello, Jaisce. Nope, too plain. Hey, Jaisce! Too excited. Hey there cutie sexy baby honey pie… darling.

"Hey," she says coyly. "I'm Jaisce."

I impulsively tilt my chin up and reply in the smoothest tone, "Sup?" Oh… so cool and casual I should reward myself.

"Jaisce's date for tonight left her," Rleyd adds.

"Oh…" I say in a mournful tone. "That fuckin bastard."

"His grandmother died."

I pause. "Yeah… Death's one bastard ain't it?"

She ignores my statement. "Well, either way, I still need a date for tonight's festival." She looks at me seductively. "…Do you?"

I grin and eagerly open my mouth to answer her when,


I nearly die from the shriek. Rapidly turning around I growl, "What the hell's wrong with you, Kid?" I had forgotten she was still here,

She instantly clamps her arms around me and sobs wildly into my shirt. "Yu-ah-pro-massed-tuhtake-MEH! WWAAHHHH!"

Jaisce and Rleyd stare at me in bewilderment.

I give them a nervous chuckle and try to peel Rikku off of me. "Okay…" I mumble. "You can stop now, Kid."

She bawls out in another earth-shattering outburst. "YYou s-said yuh.. LOVED ME! wwAHHHhhh..!"

I scrunch my face in disbelief. "What are you talking about?" I snap.

By now she's created a scene. Yet still, she doesn't stop. Pushing away from me, she stabs her finger into my chest and declares, in a loud, firm voice as fake tears stream down her cheeks, "I guess…" She sucks in another sob and points her head to the sky for a dramatic stance. "…I'll just have this baby on my own!"

I gape at her in incredulity.

The crowd, including Rleyd and Jaisce, drop their jaws.

Rikku straightens her posture and sniffs in proudly. The sun is her spotlight. "Goodbye, Gippal." She frowns. "You know… I would have given you EVERYTHING." She places her hands on her hips and confidently marches away, vanishing through the stunned crowd.

I slowly close my eyes. Please tell me that just didn't happen.


I sigh.

Jaisce is fuming with rage. "How dare you try and get with me after what you did to her!" She swings her purse at me and whacks me to the side. "You were planning to sleep with me too weren't you?" she yells. "And then you planned to leave me too, didn't you?"

"No, that wasn't-"

"THE NERVE!" someone shouts from the crowd.

"No!" I shout angrily. "You don't understand! She was just-"

"The poor girl! So young!"

"That horrible boy! Pedophile!"

"Wasn't that Cid's daughter?"

My eye bulges wide. "Vilg."

Jaisce screams in disgust. "The leader's DAUGHTER? How many other girls have you been with?" She swings her bag back, preparing for another blow. "Ayo PEMDEHT!" she curses.

The crowd is worked up by her action and they all raise their belongings and give me cold death stares.

I gulp and make a rapid run for it, getting hit by random objects at top speed as I frantically dash out of the scene and follow after Rikku's trail.

Luckily the mob doesn't follow me.

Growling as I brush the thrown sand off of me, I ready myself to strangle Rikku and demand to know why she chose to say what she said. With so many people as witnesses, I will 1) Definitely not get a date and 2) Be murdered by Cid and Brother.

I abruptly skid to a stop at the sight of her sitting relaxingly outside by the local restaurant with an unfamiliar guy. Some pathetic pretty-boy, eh? I am about to roll up my sleeves and box her face – as well as his face (no particular reason) – when my brain formulates a better idea.

Grinning like an evil madman, I reach into my pocket and pull out my date money; there's no better use left for it than now. I walk up to them and laugh whole heartily. "Sorry to interrupt your 'business'," I tell her, unable to contain the feeling of hilarity jumping inside of me.

She gives me a what-the-vilg look.

I open her hand and place the money in it. I whisper just enough for the guy with her to hear. "That's for last night, Babes." I rub her thigh affectionately but quickly, before she can react. "See if you can squeeze me into your schedule again soon, okay?"

Her face begins to scrunch, and I know she's about to scream out in a murderous tone.

I turn to the guy and give him a guy-to-guy punch to the arm – a litter harder than intended. "You don't keep her for too long, all right? There's lots of us waiting," I chuckle. I then turn around to leave before she could protest.

"…So," I hear the guy say in a low voice. "Do I have to pay you in cash…?"

A frightening loud bang follows and then the sound of rampaging footsteps towards me. I glance back and notice that she's charging after me, dagger drawn.

I really need to get myself a weapon.

"GIPPAL!" she roars. Her face is beaming red.

I run desperately, making sure I plant my feet in firmly in the sand to avoid slipping. I can't slip; she'll –


I kind of want to laugh. The whole situation between the three of us was kind of funny. Now that guy will spread the rumour on to another guy and then another guy and before you know it, every guy in Home will be injured by Rikku for trying something with her and she can never date again! HAH! It's funny.


Okay, funniness is gone.

"HUHG-Hh…" I stop. I clutch my arm. My legs stumble. I fall.

I hear her gasping and rushing to my side. "Holy crap!" she shouts in horror. "I hit you!"

I grip on tighter to the wound of her dagger, refusing to show weakness. "I-It's a scratch… It's n-nothing."

She wails. "NO! I actually hit you!" She buries her sobbing face in her hands for a second. Then she let's go. She slaps me. "How can you be so stupid?" she yells.


"YES! Why didn't you avoid my dagger, STUPID!"

"WELL, SORRY! I didn't know you'd actually try to kill me!"

"Of course I did! I warned you, didn't I?" Hastily, she reaches for my fingers, forcing them to release my freshly slit slab of flesh.

I shake my head 'no'.

She pulls them apart anyway and examines the cut.

"Is it deep?" I ask her.

"Sort of," she answers. With her blade, she tears off a piece of her shirt. She uses it as a bandage for me. "Cunno," she whispers.

"Don't even worry about it," I assure her, watching her carefully wrap it around. "But… what the heck possessed you to give such an outburst before, with Rleyd and Jaisce? Now everyone thinks you're having my child – at fifteen."

She smiles a bit at the memory. "You told me act more interested."

"That was freakish obsession." I pause. "Which I would understand if it came from other girls, not you."

"Well, why'd you have to tell the guy I was some prostitute?" she argues, tightening the wrap as she spoke.

I wince at the tiny jolt of added pain. "I didn't tell him."

She narrows her eyes. "Well you made it seem like I was!"

"Well, it's believable."


I groan. "That means you're pretty! You're pretty! Gezzz. Ouch."

She crosses her arms. She has finished the bandaging. She stands up.

"Hey, wait," I tell her.

She does so.

I hesitate. Do I really want to do this? No, no I don't. She's going to have a heart-attack, I just know it. She'll fall over in joyous disbelief and truly become an obsessive lover as she was acting before. If I ask her, she'll be thrown into turmoil and surely faint at her good fortune. Perhaps I need to make it easier on her – slow down her hormone-driven emotions. Yes, that's what I'll do.

I'll pretend that she's really nothing to me; that she's merely a substitute. Then she'll simply be surprised and happy for the generous benefit of my company. Besides, I wouldn't mind having her around for the rest of the day.

I rub the back of my neck in embarrassment and look down. "Since I don't have a date… and well… you probably don't either… and the festival is starting soon, and I usually don't like appearing alone… do you wanna, like be my, like… – Oh… Rikku…?"

I stare at her retreating figure.

She left.

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