Disclaimer: I do not own any characters, except the few OC's. The original story is by Katrinka1, called Consequences. I built this off of that story with her permission, and while it takes place during my story Lost, I couldn't wait to post it. While this is still part of that, it will remain seperate, and be only referenced in a few words where it fits in the large story. Enjoy.

Dropping into the couch provided me a nice and soft landing, the back was plush if dusty, and the cushions were soft. I saw Adam fly over head, and land harder. I heard the distinct crack of a body hitting concrete. I'd heard it before, and been on the receiving end of it, while Shego was still working for the other side. A few times after she'd changed sides as well. It was, while not nice to hear someone possibly hurt, it was nice not to be intimately involved with the process of landing on it. A groan from Adam indicated he was still alive. Looking up through the shower of red hair that topped my head, and tended to fall in my face. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw the view. Five Monkey ninja's stood before the couch, each holding a short sword, and a knife. None of them looked pleasant. The one nearest my head flashed his blade for my throat, but I caught the blade, and twisted it, slashing his other arm, and I felt the blade scrape on bone. The other four lunged to help their comrade, but a gun blast killed them instantly. I looked up to see Adam standing over me, left arm covered in the sonic cannon on his combat exo-armor. The other hand was reaching down to me, and I took it readily.

"Where the hell are we?" I hissed in an undertone. He didn't say anything, just shook his head and pointed. I looked where he was pointing and saw why he was silent. Another four ninja's were patrolling along the ceiling. Wielding only knives, they were using three hands to move along the timbers over head. I nodded, and motioned for him to follow, and then lead the way out of he room. The stairs made no noise as we ascended them, since they were solid concrete. I moved into the next room, quiet as possible, moving low and slow, watching in all three directions, above, before and the sides. Adam was covering the rear I knew, and his hearing was far better than mine thanks to the armor, but I wasn't nearly as cumbersome.

I was aware of the next attack almost before it happened, and managed to kill at least two before waving for Adam to run. We broke free the room of the old dilapidated house, and into a ruined street. A few burned out cars lined the road ways as we ran, Adam firing along behind us in an attempt to discourage pursuit. Another group of primates were infront of us. I bowled one over, and grabbed the short sword he was carrying. I didn't bother to stop and think about what I was doing as the sword cut through the soft bodies of the rampaging monkeys. There was nothing to do but attack, since they were very much intent on killing us. The group dropped in short order, all twenty of the dying within moments. But I could see ahead that they were preparing their greatest advantage to take us down. Almost nine hundred of them, considering a rough, and terrified count, waited ahead at the next intersection. The sides were closed alleyways from which there was no escape. I spun, and hit Adam on the shoulder. He saw them and looked back at me. There was no need for words there, there was only the need to escape. I didn't doubt that Adam could have taken them, he did have a mass cannon in his armor he'd mentioned, but I didn't think that would help. They'd just continue to mass until they could overwhelm us.

The scramjets ignited as I threw an arm around his neck, and used his right foot to stand on. I felt the cold steel grip of his armored right hand on my stomach, and knew that we were about to leave in a big way. The monkeys were almost on top of us now, having started moving as soon as we finished off the first group. I closed my eyes as we lifted off, the massive back blast of the jets catching a dozen of the closest ninja's and incinerating them before they could scream in pain. The blinding flash also would I knew, keep them from seeing which way we went. I knew I wasn't sure of it myself. It was almost three minutes, and four miles later that I found out where we were going. Right there.

"Where to boss?" He asked me, looking around unsure if they were going to come flying after us.

"I don't know, I mean, we're right in the middle of San Fransisco, and it's a wasteland. Who knows what the rest of the world is like. Do you think Monkey Fist took over?" I asked him, feeling a bit nervous, and a touch exposed. He shook his head.

"I don't think so. If nothing else, Shego would stop him. Besides there are far more dangerous villians out there. I think he'd have to take out Ron as well, and I doubt you'd allow that." Adam replied with a slight smile.

"True. Think we should try Middleton?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Where'er my lady commands." He replied, inclining his head. I resisted the urge to hit him. I didn't want to break my hand on the armor.

"Middleton it is. My house." I nodded. He nodded in reply, and the jets exploded again, and we raced north east.

Middleton was a desert. There was no greenery anywhere around, but the houses still stood, strong and sturdy. Adam settles down in my backyard. His jacket is around my nose to prevent dust and smoke in my face. Landing with the super powerful compression of the scramjets isn't usually pleasant, as they're drawning and recycling their own exhaust, as well as the dust kicked up by the powerful thrust force, but it's over in a few moments as the blast blows away the dust around us. As we land, I step back, and once the last of the dust is clear, I hand him back his jacket. He accepts and replaces it wordlessly. Moving slowly so as not to disturb the dust, I move into the house through the back door. Adam follows cautiously as ever. I've chastisted him before for being too cautious, but at the moment, I can't help but feel he's right. Excitement and adrenaline are still flowing through my veins though, and I move through the house with a casual calm that our current and recent circumstances do not warrant. The kitchen is deserted, as I knew it would be, but hoped it would not. A quick check of the cabinets shows them to be mostly full, though the boxes have been ravaged by intruders, but I piece together enough of a deteriorating cereal box to find a date of expiration. 07-07-05. Something tells me, that something bad happened to me, but what I do not know. I move into the living room, where Adam is. He's standing behind the couch, not moving, and not noticing me behind him. I peer over his shoulder, and instantly understand why.

A skeleton lies on the couch, one of my brothers from this world. The clothes are ragged and worn, and it's clear and easy to see rodents and insects have been eating at the clothes and the body as well. A slim, tall hole is present in the front of his skull. Two halves of a naked mole rat skeleton lie on the floor before the couch. I swallow in choked pain, knowing whatever killed one, must have killed the other, though there isn't now, nor will there ever probably be a way to tell which order they were killed in. I move on, leaving Adam to his own devices. He's calmed again somewhat, and is moving into the dining room. I move up the stairs, heading for my bedroom, hoping to find something of use. It's there I find the diary. Not the one on the now completely stripped computer, but the second, private diary I keep in the floor boards of my room, private from my brothers, my parents, Wade, and yes, even Ron. No one else knows about it but myself, and Rufus. He discovered it by accident. The diary contains the thoughts I will share with no one, my own contains things I've erased from my mind with techniques discovered in my pursuit of the martial arts, incase for some reason Adam should activate his powers in contact with me. There are somethings about me, he doesn't need to know. Oddly though, I get the feeling he knows I do that with some things. I can't understand just why though.

The diary is little different from mine for most of it's length, a few of the times not being quite the same, and a few dates shifted a day or so either way. Then I find it. It's a nasty entry, detailing an attack that I shudder to think on. In great detail, my double has described Monkey Fist fighting, and capturing, then raping her. I find a dry heave coming, and fight the urge. After a moment, I manage to win the contest, and continue to read. Nothing remarkable occurs for a while, almost three months, until... 'I'm pregnant.' It reads. 'There's no question who the father is, since it's the only time I've ever...' It breaks into tear stains for a moment. 'I don't know what I'm going to do, but I can't tell anyone just yet. But I don't know how long I can hide it. I hope I can find an answer to my quandry before I... I don't even want to think about it.'

The diary ends there, for a while, and the next date, is almost five months later. According to this, she attempted suicide, but was found, and survived. She's been in the hospital since then. And she saw Shego. But she didn't tell her who the father was. I wonder why, but doubt I'll ever know. I know that Shego, no matter how evil she has become, is still a woman, and would definitely have done something fairly permanent to Monkey Fist. It also states, that Kim has finally decided to raise the child. The diary ends there, with nothing else being written. I replace it, though it seems a stupid thing. I don't think any one will ever return here. It's as I stand, and wipe a tear from my eye, that I hear the noise. It's a monkey like-screech, followed by a crashing noise of things breaking. I dive for the stairs, and find myself down stairs after leaping the railing. Another crash and screech comes from the dining room, and I dive through the doors, rolling to my feet the monkey's sword in hand, thinking they've found us.

What I find instead, is Adam holding Monkey Fist against the wall, one iron coated hand wrapped around the Monkey Master's throat, the other arm up, with a long spike extended towards the man's head. They both looked at me in silent questioning. "If you want to go outside while I do this, I don't mind, I'll be along in a moment." Adam offered.

"Please, don't kill me. I saw movement and I just wanted to apologize, please." Monkey Fist was pleading obviously thinking I was my double.

"Adam, put him down." The Monkey Master thudded as he hit the floor, and started to crawl towards me. I stepped back, and Adam put his foot on the other's back. "Thank you." I whispered. Adam inclined his head politely, and started to watch around us. I dropped into a squat, then re-thinking, to one knee. He'd seen enough, even if it wasn't me. "Tell me what happened."

"Don't... don't you know?" He asked in terror.

"I'm not from your world, now tell me." I wasn't being pleasant I knew, and I wasn't trying. Monkey Fist shuddered, and related the tale. I couldn't see an expression on Adam's face, but I figured he was doing his damnedest not to snap Monkey Fist's spine. It was the same thing the diary had told me, though it went into greater detail as to what happened nine months after the attack. Ron had gone insane somehow. Monkey Fist had fled, and been fleeing for months, until he found Middleton. It was already a wasteland. He'd been hiding here, using contaminated wells to survive. He knew that Stoppable wanted him dead, but he couldn't bring himself to let his punishment occur. The only other thing he could tell them, was that Stoppable also had a woman with him, but it wasn't Kim.

"You stay here. Adam, the middleton hospital. Now." We moved outside, leaving Monkeyfist crying on the floor. The scrams kicked up another wave of dust, but there was no need for a jacket, as we weren't going to shut them off.

The armor exploded into the air, and raced for the hospital, landing outside the building which stood in ruins. Rubble was strewn across the parking lot, and the doors hung damaged and askewed. The glass was still inside them, though it was shattered, and they were stuck on their hinges. Without being asked, Adam blew the glass inwards from one of the doors and lifted me through, the armor crunching the glass so that I would not injure my feet. He was being a perfect gentleman, and that scared me. Once we were past the glass, he set me down, and I led the way through the dark corridors in silence. The elevators were broken as could be expected, but the maternity ward was on the fourth floor, so I knew we had to go up. We ascended the stairs in silence, and found the door blocked. Another blast from the sonic cannon pushed the top half of the door off and allowed us to climb up onto the pile of rubble blocking the door. I could see down the halls to either side the windows were blocked as well, though by slabs of concrete. This was not a good sign. Skeleton's littered the floor. Some dead in the same manner as my doubles brother, others chopped to pieces. I could tell now that it was the work of the Lotus Blade. Moving through the hospital was terribly eerie, like moving through a tomb. I reached the reception desk first, and had to move a hand that had been stabbed through to get to the key for the records cabinet. I could tell it had been stabbed through, because there was blood and a blade mark on the table. The arm had long since seperated from the elbow and wrist, and the hand clattered to the floor after it.

The pile of files under the hand listed room numbers and names attached to them. I found mine, or my doubles quickly. Adam moved along after me, utterly silent, though whether in anger, or sorrow, or just listening I didn't know or care. The room in which my doubles body lay was in shambles. The room was private, as would have befitted the daughter of a brain surgeon at the hospital. The tubes still hung from the skeleton of my alternate, the hospital gown covering the form all but the head. The locket Ron had given me, noted in both of our private diaries, was still around her neck. This time the urge to vomit over came me, and I did so in a waste bucket at the foot of the bed. The head of my doubles mother lay across her stomach, the rest of the skeleton on the floor, save the left hand, which had been severed just above the wrist. I didn't even at the moment notice Adam pull my hair away from my face as I vomited. Of my father there was no sign in the room, though what exactly that meant I did not know. After emptying my stomach completely, I heaved a few more times, but there was nothing left, and urge to purge my stomach faded away. I was shaking as I rose, wracked with tremors. Adam was silent as always, and he lifted the chart from the foot of my alternate's bed.

"According to this, she died of complications stemming from the birth. There was only one child. Female, and healthy." He announced after a moment, in a voice flat, and emotionless as any I had ever heard. Whether he truly felt nothing or was simply hiding his emotions, and pain, I couldn't decide. I led the way out of the room, and farther into the maternity ward, seeking evidence of the baby. A search of the hospital, delivery rooms and all, yielded nothing, but upon our return to the room where my double lay, I noticed something funny about one of the cabinets against an outside wall. One door was still perfectly in place, while the other was hanging askew. The shattered window had let in a breeze that could have blown the door shut, but why was the other one closed perfectly?" I pulled open the skewed door, and gasped in shock, and realization. A hole in the cabinet, and the wall behind it confirmed, that Ron had summoned the Lotus Blade. It had blown a hole through the wall, and knocked open the cabinet to reach him. The death of my double had triggered this transformation. He had gone insane when she died, though in pain, or rage, it was all but impossible to tell. I turned to Adam.

"Can you feel any energy around the hospital?" I asked urgently.

"What kind of energy?" He asked.

"The kind used by the Lotus Blade, and the mystical monkey power." I replied instantly.

"Yes, this place is completely coated in it, contaminated to it's very roots. The power isn't pure either. It's tainted by rage, but it's not undirected, which is why we can walk within this place unharmed. The rage is directed entirely at two beings. Monkey Fist, is one of them." He did not name the other. He didn't need to. It was the female child. I swallowed hard. "So now what do we do?" He asked.

"Find Ron." I answered, knowing already, that it was not that simple.