Title: Ozmip?

Author: leonsalanna

Rating: PG

Summary: There had been another boy traveling with Tip, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Sawhorse, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman. What happens when his friend suddenly becomes a girl?

Notes: Inspired by Tip becoming Ozma and after I didn't find any stories having to do with that, I decided to write my own.

Chapter 2

Even after losing sight of their quarry, the friends, chatting among themselves, alighted down next to the scowling, scary looking old woman, Old Mombi, and the peaceful Sorceress, who had a golden thread around Mombi's neck, keeping her prisoner. "We should probably get the old witch back to the camp so you can ask your questions," the Tin Woodman said to Glinda. "Since both you and her cannot ride the Saw-Horse, ou should probably ride in the Gump along with us."

Glinda smiled at the tin man and said, "That is a splendid idea, thank you." So everyone got back into the couches, along with Mombi, Glinda, and the Saw-Horse, and flew back to the camp.

When they reached the royal tent, which had been repaired in their absence, everyone filed in. Glinda turned to her captive and said, "No, I want you to tell us why the Wonderful Wizard of Oz paid you three visits, and what became of the child, Ozma, which so curiously disappeared." With defiance clear on her face, the Witch only glared at the Sorceress. "Answer me!" the agitated woman cried.

Pen heard Jack, Tip, the Wiggle-Bug, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman express their opinions, but he hardly understood them, as he was so taken in by the battle of wills going on between the two magic wielders. He did notice his friends again when the Glinda responded to the tin man's horror at a death threat towards Old Mombi.

Everyone's attention snapped back to Mombi when she suddenly asked, "Suppose I tell you all that you wish to know. What will you do with me then?"

"In that case," the beautiful Sorceress replied, "I shall merely ask you to drink a powerful draught which will cause you to forget all the magic you have ever learned."

"Then I would become a helpless old woman!"

"You make your choice between death if you remain silent, and the loss of your magical powers if you tell me the truth. But I think you will prefer to live."

The Witch thought for a few, uneasy moments and then said, "I will answer your questions."

Glinda summoned forward one of her Captains, who brought a beautiful casket of gold, in which lay a large white pearl that Glinda fastened around her neck. "Now, I will ask you my first question: Why did the Wizard pay you three visits?"

"Because I would not come to him."

Sternly, Glinda said, "That is no answer. Tell me the truth."

"Well, he visited me to learn the way I make tea biscuits."

Pen smothered a laugh at this ridiculous claim and missed what Glinda said next, but everyone's eyes swiveled toward her. Pen followed their eyes and saw with a shock that the pearl was now black!

"Then you have told me a falsehood!" an angry Glinda cried. "Only when the truth is spoken will my magic pearl remain a pure white in color."

Scowling, Mombi finally admitted, "The Wizard brought me the girl Ozma, who was then no more than a baby, and begged me to conceal the child."

"That us what I thought. What did he give you for thus serving him?"

"He taught me all the magical tricks he knew. Some were good tricks, and some were only frauds; but I have remained faithful to my promise."

Everyone leaned forward eagerly at Glinda's next question: "What did you do with the girl."

"I enchanted her."

"In what way?"

"I transformed her into- into-"

"Into what?" the Sorceress demanded.

"Into a boy," Mombi said in a low tone. Everyone's eyes turned to Tip who was standing there in shock. "Yes, that is the Princess Ozma- the child brought to me by the Wizard who stole her father's throne. That is the rightful ruler of the Emerald City!"

Tip cried, "I! Why I'm no Princess Ozma- I'm not a girl!" Pen agreed. How could his good friend that he shared laughs and adventures with be a girl- a girl ruler, at that? Pen then slipped from the tent for a walk in the fresh air; the tent was starting to get stuffy. When he returned, Mombi was sitting in the middle of the tent, near a corner of the tent shut of by gossamer hangings. Fragrances ran through the air and Pen soon got lost in the chanting of the Witch. Suddenly, with a loud "Yeowa!" by Mombi, fresh air returned to the tent and the atmosphere became clear. Glinda walked the the curtained off area and pulled back the hangingsā€¦