"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" a horrid cry emerged through the open kitchen door. They all gaped at the door as Robin came out backwards, stumbling and brandishing the dented pan that Cyborg had earlier wielded. He flailed it about wildly in defense, as a mutilated pancake emerged after him, leaping in the air trying to tackle him.

"HELP!" he cried. "This is hard to do with only one aaaaaaaaaarm!" he cried as the pancake succeeded.

"ROBIN!" cried Starfire, as she rushed to his aid.

"I will save you from yon fiendish pancake!" Said Beast Boy, puffing out his chest.

In a matter of minutes the two had managed to free Robin from the killer pancake and sit him down after many attempts. They listened as he regaled them with his tale of how the pancake leapt out of the microwave as he went to make the popcorn, flinging the door into his nose, nearly breaking it. At this statement, he noticed them all stop and stare as his now severely bruised nose which was now turning purplish-green and two sizes too big.

"Then," he continued, "I grabbed the pot, which was hot, and burned my hand right through my glove!"

"Oh, Robin!" gasped Starfire, hugging him and giving him a small peck on the cheek.

"Oh, Robin…" mocked Beast Boy, receiving slaps on the head from Raven and Cyborg.

"OW!" he said.

"Ya," said Raven. "Don't expect a kiss from me to make it better either." At this, Robin and Starfire broke into a deep blush.

'Oh, ya… I used Windex.' They heard in the background, and Beast Boy ran off and returned with a bottle of Windex, which he was spraying violently on the sides of his head, and then Robin's nose and hand, which made him sneeze, and extremely angry. At this, Starfire let loose the pancake that she had been restraining.

As Beast Boy fought off his new attacker, they went back to their movie, Starfire and Robin next to each other. All that is except Raven, who much rather preferred watching Beast Boy get eaten alive by the pancake.