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Kim Possible


Ghost Rider

During a night alone, Ron Stoppable stumbles on a motorcycle in a junk yard, he buys it, takes it home, and restores it into his dream ride, but his motorcycle holds a dark secret, the spirit of vengeance resides in it, and one night, during a mission, Ghost Rider is reawakened.


Ron Stoppable was wondering through the local junk yard, being alone tonight had it's advantages, Kim never would've thought that this is the way that he spent his free time.

"If KP saw me walking through here to find a car to restore, she'd freak." he said to no one, when his eyes fell on an old motorcycle, sitting all alone near the front of the yard, it was somewhat beat up, and looked as though it had seen it's better days.

'Nothing a little TLC can't fix.' he thought to himself as he walked to the still open office.

"How much for the motorcycle?" he asked the man behind the counter,

"Three fifty." the man said, studying Ron with a hard eye,

"Sold." Ron said, slamming the money on the counter. The man walked back, and took a set of keys off the shelf, and handed them to Ron, he thought that the key ring they were on was kind of weird, it was a steel skull, that looked as though it was on fire.

Ron walked back into the junk yard, and started the motorcycle up, it caught on the first push of the ignition, he brought up the kick stand, and put the bike in gear, heading out of the yard in a fast pace,

'At least the engine doesn't need a whole lot of work, just a tune up, and probably some new gaskets, and I'll be golden.' he thought, pointing the motorcycle home,

he would go out to the courthouse in the morning, and get it licensed in his name.

A month later:

Ron had finished the small restoration project on his motorcycle, and had plans on picking up Kim for school this morning, he had called her up and asked her to wait for him,

"I got a big surprise for you, KP." he said.

When Ron arrived at Kim's house, she was waiting at the front door for him,

"So, what's this big surprise you got for me?" she asked, smiling,

"Right here." Ron said, stepping out of the way so that Kim could get a good look at the completely restored Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail motorcycle that was parked in the Possible driveway,

"Nice, I like, how much did it cost." Kim commented,

"Three fifty, and a months worth of work." Ron said,

"You bought this out of a junk yard?" Kim asked,

"Yep, I restored it myself." Ron replied, now pulling out a helmet for Kim, as she walked out to the bike, and sat down on it, smiling,

"We're gonna be late for school, Ron, so, let's get going." Kim said, securing the helmet around her chin, as Ron walked up to the bike, and started it without effort.