Kim and Ron were in their usual booth at Bueno Nacho, discussing their future plans. Their recent graduation from High School had opened several doors for them, leaving them with tons of choices.

"I really don't know, Kim . . . I was thinking either ITT Tech, or De Vry, I guess I'll have to wait, and see which one accepts me." Ron stated, smiling slightly.

"Me neither, I mean, there's tons of colleges and universities out there that have varied courses . . . I just can't decide." Kim stated, when a small white orb caught their attention.

"Wonder what that is?" Kim asked.

"I don't know, but it's headed this way." Ron replied.

The orb stopped at their table, and the center faded away, revealing a smiling Shego, her greenish tint had given way slightly to a more normal, healthy look.

"Hey, you two." Shego said, looking at the two teenaged lovers, and smiling.

"Hey, Shego." Kim replied, smiling.

"Hey, Shego . . . looking good . . . how's things on Asgard?" Ron asked.

"Equal parts nice, and brutal," Shego replied, shaking her head, "I've been in non-stop training since I got here, if it's not with Odin himself, it's with Lady Sif."

"Sounds like you got your hands full." Kim stated, a smile on her face.

"True, but I did volunteer for it." Shego commented.

"Well, just keep smiling, Shego . . . I'm sure things will work out for the better." Kim replied.

"Speaking of turning out for the better, you see Drakken yet?" Ron asked.

"Sure did, Odin took him on as his personal alchemist, and blacksmith, and he's loving every minute of it." Shego replied.

"Well . . . it sounds like things are working out for the both of you." Kim stated.

"More than I ever dreamed, Kimmie . . . I should be finished with my training in about six months . . . when that's done, I'm coming back home, so, be ready for me, girl, because me and you are going to go on a major shopping binge when I get back." Shego stated, as a large smile came over her face, the orb them disappeared in a wisp of smoke, leaving the two teenagers to look at each other.

"Oh, my bank account is shuddering over that one, KP." Ron stated, looking at Kim with a worried look on his face.

"No big, Ron, it'll manage." Kim replied, a devilish grin on her face.

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