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Chapter 1: I Need a Vacation

Yuugi couldn't stop the giggles as he raced around the car to the driver's side and helped Yami out of the car. Today was already shaping up to be a very good one and he couldn't wait to see how it could get better.

Sun shining brightly overhead, wind blowing gently in his face, and Yuugi could already hear the ocean over the next rise of hills. Oh yes, he was going to have some fun on this trip. And it was Mokuba who had suggested it; who knew the kid could come up with such a decent idea?

But...Where were the rest of the gang? Yuugi squinted back up the road he and Yami had come by, and mentally checked the list of people who were supposed to show up.

There was Joey and Seto, of course. They'd only recently gotten together, much to the chagrin of the CEO's fanclub but also to the great joy of Yuugi and the rest of his friends. They were supposed to be transportation for the others, who didn't have a ride.

Bakura and Ryou were coming as well. They'd been the second to accept the invitation, after Yuugi and Yami, and had found the Rent-A-Beach company that had rented out the secluded cove to them, for the day. And Seto had put it all on the company's tab, to their surprise. Then again, he was with Joey, now.

Serenity and Tristan had come, too. Upon hearing about the outing from her brother, Serenity had jumped at the chance to spend some time with her new boyfriend. They'd also just begun seeing each other as well; Joey found this extremely funny. Everyone had known that each had liked the other...Except the ones in question. Serenity had been oblivious to Tristan's hints and he'd begun to suspect another of harboring her affections. It had taken some drastic help and pointing out of some really obvious things by their friends but Serenity and Tristan had gotten together in the end.

Of course, news of said outing had spread to Teá and Mai, who had become quite the shopping duo since all of the events, and they'd naturally invited themselves, too. After all, it's not a get-together unless you have everyone, right?

So, here Yami and Yuugi were, at the beach and waiting for everyone to show up so they could, in the words of Joey, "Get this party started".

Giving up on watching for their friends, Yuugi left that task to Yami and ran around to the trunk of their car.

Yami watched in amusement as Yuugi attempted to carry the abnormally large basket, stuffed with all the things that Teá had commanded them to bring to the beach. But Yami plucked it out of his hands before its contents could fall to the ground. Teá would NOT be happy if they showed up without her things, and they had learned the hard way how scary that could be.

Right then, a large van, with teenagers practically hanging out the windows, pulled in alongside Yami's car. A loud groan sounded from the van as it protested the weight, and the doors were thrown back.

"Hey guys!" Yuugi called, and smiled as the three couples chorused a greeting. Yami, counting the people, frowned. "Where's Teá and Mai?"

"Oh, they're coming in another car." Joey grinned. "We did offer our ride, but they turned it down. Said something about being stuck with us for an hour would kill them."

Seto laughed as he came up behind them. "They took Mokuba, too. I'm guessing they should be here in a couple of minutes."

Yami gasped. "You're actually guessing? What, no fancy inventions to do it for you?"

"Oh, shut up. Joey took away my laptop." At this, Joey grinned and hugged Seto from behind.

Ryou cut in, urging them to hurry towards the beach, and Yuugi raced ahead of all of them, giggling once again. Joey suddenly realized that Yuugi was acting strangely hyper and grabbed him as he elbowed past.

"Yuugi..." His voice was suspicious. " Have you had any sugar lately?"

"Maybe I have and maybe I haven't," Yuugi giggled as he squirmed in Joey's grip, "I guess you'll have to find out!"

The rest of them just stared as Joey raced off after Yuugi across the beach; all they could do was shake their heads.

"Every time, eh?" Bakura grinned and Yami sighed.

"Every time," He confirmed as Yuugi tripped over something in the distance and went sprawling in the sand; they all put on appropriate expressions of sympathy as Yuugi glanced back at them.

"Yoohoo!" Someone shouted behind them. "Hey guys!"

They turned to see Mai and Teá waving at them as they jogged over. Ryou smiled, "Looks like we're all here, then."

"Big brother!" Mokuba yelled and hurtled towards Seto, slamming into him and sending the CEO sprawling in a very unbusiness-like manner. Spotting Yuugi further down the beach he jumped up and ran after him, yelling a greeting.

"Hey Yami, are those circles under your eyes?" Mai teased, knowing full well that the former pharaoh would never suffer from something as common as lack of sleep. Yami tensed up for a moment but then a smirk overcame his features.

"It was all worth it," He assured her. "It was all worth it."

Ryou, who'd been listening in on this exchange, spoke up. "Hey 'Kura? What's Yami talking about?"

Immediately, Bakura clamped his hands over Ryou's ears and lifted him off the ground. Sprinting away, he called back at the other spirit. "How dare you fill his innocent little head with such things?"

His reply was only a laugh as everyone continued to make their way along the shore.


"Yami, figure out a way to shut him up or I will!" Seto threatened Yami, receiving a wack from Joey, while Yuugi continued recounting a list of all the times he'd bested Kaiba (With Yami's help of course, but he was ignoring that detail for the time being).

"...Oh yeah, and in that American card game Joey taught us! What was it...Oh yeah, Go Fish! And in that board game that Ryou brought back from Britain. Ryou, what was it called?..."

Seto just continued to pout, to Joey's amusement and the rest of the group's, as Yuugi's list got longer and longer. Finally, even Yami couldn't hold back his laughter, and tempting the disgruntled businessman didn't seem such a good thing so he did the only other thing currently on his mind.

Leaning over, he tapped Yuugi's shoulder and broke his concentration, but before he could say anything else, Yami planted a kiss on his lips that left Yuugi blushing and breathless.

"You want to continue this privately?" He whispered huskily in Yuugi's ear, who could only reply with a nod. They excused themselves and made their way back to where they'd parked the car earlier.

Meanwhile, Ryou and Bakura had walked down to the water and sat down in the small waves lapping the shore. Bakura had proceeded to take Ryou's and pull him on his lap.

Ryou gasped and squirmed, very conscious of the fact that their friends were somewhere up the beach behind them. He would have said something too, if Bakura hadn't pulled him into such a kiss, that it left him senseless and wanting more. Finally, Ryou and Bakura had seemed to realize the impression they were making and moved further down the beach and out of sight.

Once they was gone, Seto turned to his own boyfriend, only to find that Joey had wandered off and was enjoying the sun, lying in the warm sand, half-buried.

Joey opened his eyes as he felt a shadow over him and smiled. Seto stood there with a feral grin on his face and a glint in his eye. He didn't even know what was coming until Seto pushed him into the sand and straddled him. Joey could feel the desire in Seto's kiss and hungry hands and returned the passion in kind.

Suddenly, he stood up with Seto in his arms, making him gasp in delight and surprise. Searching for that special place he'd seen on their way down towards the beach, Joey spun Seto around, whose feet didn't reach the ground, and set off at a run.

Serenity and Tristan had disappeared sometime during these happenings as well and the only people who'd stuck with the original idea of staying on the beach were Mai and Teá, who sat enjoying the sun and each others' company. They'd already realized that Mokuba had wandered away some time ago, and just left it as Seto's fault.

"They all seem to have gone and left us alone," Teá observed, amused.

"Darling, if it's one thing I know," Mai explained, "It's that everyone enjoys the beach in different ways. In our friends' cases, they clearly like to relax and take it easy!" She said with a laugh.

"They're relaxing alright," Teá agreed, and they resumed their sunbathing with happy thoughts.