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"Well then I guess we need to go through this one more time."

Brass walked slowly around the table and sat in a chair opposite to a man that looked very, very nervous. It was the third time they'd been over this suspect's story in the thirty minutes they'd spent in the stifling interrogation room. "Why didn't they bother putting air conditioning in the interrogation rooms?" he wondered dully as he pulled the neckline of his starched shirt, searching for a cool, refreshing breeze that was not there.

Brass had worked hard to maintain a reputation of being an unyielding interrogator. He prided himself on his ability to get a story out of the most uncooperative person this wild city could throw at him, but he was forced to admit, inwardly at least, that this guy was beginning to try his patience. As if to solidify his annoyance, the suspect chose that time to burst into a fit of tears.

"I swear I didn't do it!" he wailed. It would have drawn pity out of anyone but Brass. This hardened detective had seen too many good actors to fall for any kind of charade.

"Your statement claimed you had never before met the victim. Security photos taken from the hotel where she was found dead place you at a table in the restaurant having dinner with her. Kindly tell me why you were having dinner with someone you'd never met." Brass's tone was harsh, stopping just short of cruel.

"Bli – blind date?" Things were looking worse and worse for this guy.

"Come on now, even you didn't buy that! Tell me what you know or you can spend the night in jail under arrest for her murder!"

"You can't…"

"Oh I can." Brass was getting a little excited; he knew the look on this guy's face. He was about to crack.

"Well…then I guess I'm going to prison to await trial because I don't know anything else." The suspect tapped some unseen reserve of strength to stand up to the man that had been accusing him of a crime for the past half hour.

"Dammit!" Brass lost his cool and slammed his fist on the desk. "We are not leaving until I get some answers!" He glanced towards the mirror behind him where he knew Grissom, his head CSI, was watching his progress. Gil had worked hard for three consecutive shifts to get enough evidence against this guy down to warrant bringing him in. If Brass couldn't get something out of him it would all be for nothing.

"Looks like it's gonna be a long night." Brass told Grissom with a significant glance that told Grissom his time would be better spent working on something than watching them there. Of course to the suspect it looked as if his captor was loosing his mind, as he was suddenly beginning to talk to himself.

Grissom walked out of the room adjoining the interrogation room sighing. He had no doubt that Brass would eventually get what he wanted out of the witness, he was just worried what a long and unproductive interrogation would do to his coworker. He wasn't likely to emerge from that room in any kind of good mood.

As he walked down the hall Grissom became aware that there was some kind of struggle taking place in the hallway, near the entrance to the building. The receptionist there and a police officer were trying to restrain a girl. Grissom could see she was young, she didn't look to be any older than 21, and was probably still a teenager. The girl was struggling as hard as she could against the people trying to restrain her and making such a scene that Grissom was slightly startled. He headed down the hall quickly towards her, speeding up, as she began screaming "No, NO!

"What is going on here!" The CSI was forced to yell to make himself heard over the noise produced by the scene before him. As he got closer he realized that the girl was trying with all her might, not to get out of the building – as he had expected to find, assuming her to be a suspect proven killer or something equally as life-ending – but that she was in fact fighting tooth and nail to gain entry to the building.

"Let her go!" Grissom yelled.

Everyone was so surprised at his entrance into the struggle, having been too busy with the struggle to notice his approach, that they stopped immediately and the noise in the hall dropped considerably.

"That's better," Grissom continued. "Now what's going on here?"

With everyone calmed down sufficiently, Grissom got his first good look at the teenage girl standing before him and he was shocked at what he found. Where he had expected to find a young girl, in her prime of life, he was instead greeted by an old woman staring at him from behind a teenager's eyes. The girl was filthy; her hair was ragged and obviously hadn't been washed in quite some time and she looked as though she hadn't had a meal in weeks. Despite her somewhat appalling outward appearance, it was the girl's eyes that kept Grissom rooted to the spot. He couldn't believe the pain he saw in them, far too much for someone as young as she.

"Why – Why don't you come with me and we can talk." Grissom gathered himself and led the girl into the break room of the lab guiding her gently with one hand on the small of her back. Despite his efforts to guide her in the right direction the girl began to stray in the wrong direction and Grissom reached out for the elbow of her right arm to get her back on track.

The girl jumped as though she'd been shot at and shot a terrified glance at Grissom's face as she recoiled from his outreached hand.

"Sorry." Grissom assured her quickly. "I didn't mean to…"

"No it's fine." The girl quickly removed any look of panic from her face and replaced it with one that reminded Grissom forcibly of Brass in an interrogation room. It was far too cold.

Grissom opened the door to the break room and, thankfully, found it empty. He sat the girl down in a chair at the table in the center of the room and moved towards the small refrigerator. He rummaged through it quickly, searching for something edible and pushing past a few experiments to snatch an apple from the back. "I'll pay Sara back later" he thought as he handed the apple to the stony-faced teen. She eyed him warily for a moment and then bit into the apple ravenously. She'd nearly finished it by the time Grissom returned from the sink, handing her a glass of water.

"Well, were you hungry?" Grissom joked, trying to break the ice a little, or at least wipe that cold look from her face. He didn't succeed. The girl only looked at him as though she was stunned he was capable of intelligent thought at all and he quickly decided to change the subject.

"My name's Gil Grissom and I'm the lead investigator here. What's your name?" he enquired as politely as he could.

At the mention of his name the expression on the girl's face was instantly replaced with one of relief. Her eyes flicked from his face, to his badge, and back, and Grissom was surprised to see tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"You work here?" she asked him, her voice not betraying any sign of the relief he saw in her face.


"My name's Ellie," she burst out at once, "and I'm looking for…for someone." The look of distrust on her face was hastily replaced. Grissom wondered to himself whether this girl trusted anyone, and then remembered that she was in need of his assistance.

"And you think I can help you?"

"I know you can…I'm looking for my father. Jim Brass."

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