An important note: Kaa-chan, kaa-san, and okaa-sama all mean mother, with varying degrees of respect.

kaa-chan would be used with the least respect (probably more affectionate), followed by kaa-san, and finally okaa-sama. Suffixes of respect are really big in Japan; you only time you wouldn't use one is in the case of a very close friend, lover/spouse. Notice how the suffixes change from "chan" to "san" to "sama". The more respectful, the more politely distant. And you thought school was out.

Aijou means beloved daughter.

Moshi moshi means like "Anybody in there?" It's also used when answering the phone.

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Also, spelling/grammar mistakes are appreciated.

Wages of Sin

Prologue: Far From Home

Kiryu Mimori gazed blankly onto the large computer screen, wondering dimly how much longer this day could last. Cougar popped out of nowhere, surprising her.

"Heeeyyy, MINORI-SAAN! I've barely seen you all day and I—"

Where in the world has my aijou gone?


AH! You've got me again, Mimori.

I always get you, kaa-chan!

Hours stretched on for endless eternities inside the depressingly sterile HOLD/HOLY facility.

"Criminal Codename NP3240. You are responsible for the death or injury of 3 people. What do you have to say for yourself?" asked the interrogator with a touch of anger.

Kiryu Mimori! What do you have to say for yourself! Answer me!

I-I'm sorry, kaa-san. I was just trying to-

NO, Mimori! You left the house after I explicitly asked you not to! I'm very disappointed!

But I was just-

Seeing the stars, I know! ...Please, young lady, come back down to earth!


Oh sweetie, don't-


"Mimori-san. Miiiiiimori-san…. moshi moshi?" Scheris looked strangely at the HOLD researcher. "Uh, are you okay?"

"Just fine, Scheris-san. I suppose I got caught daydreaming. I apologize."

"Oh, that's fine. Well, goodnight and see ya tomorrow!" With a cheerful wave, the Alter-User was out.

"…Yes. Tomorrow."

Aren't you excited? Tomorrow's the big day!

I suppose.

You should be proud of yourself, Mimori! Skipping SEVEN grades…my baby girl's a genius!


What was that?

This is not what I wanted.

But it's such an accomplishment!

All of my friends are below me and now despise me because I skipped so many grades, which shows what kind of friends they were after all. In addition, the people in my current grade hate me because I'm just as smart as them! What's to be proud of?

Don't worry about what they say. Your father and I-

How could you do this to me?

The building was nearly deserted, inhabited by only a few faithful operatives. Ryuho and Mimori included.


She turned on her heel, genuinely surprised.


"Your…state of mind has come to my attention, Kiryu-san. I cannot stress enough…the past is the past. Here, on the Lost Ground, we are simply colleagues now."

So. Off to the lost ground, are you.

Yes, okaa-sama.

I hope you find what you're looking for there.


Mimori was frozen. Her entire mind and body were in shock so that she could not function at all for a few seconds. Her heartbeat slowed; her brain completely shut down.

"Goodb- "

But only for a few seconds.

"Excuse me! Did you just say what the hell I thought you did!" Her face was absolutely livid, lip curled up in a disbelieving grimace.

Her open hostility made him step back a few inches.

"Kiryu-san- "

" Don't you fucking "Kiryu-san" me, goddammit! My mother is DEAD. My mother died not but a few hours ago, but you have the disgustingly atrocious gall and point-blank narrow-mindedness to suggest YOU, some meaningless childhood crush, is the reason for my being upset!" She snarled at him. Desperation and tears could be clearly heard in her voice.

Attempting to reel in her temper, Mimori began to speak through gritted teeth. "You are the single most contemptuous, conceited jackass I've EVER had the misfortune to meet!" She raced over to face him.

"Ryuu Ryuho. I hate you." Ryuho's eyes widened as he reeled back under the force of her swift, stinging slap. The Kiryu heiress walked away with her head held high, leaving him to stew in his distress.