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Chapter 1: Doctor, What Is The Diagnosis?

Titans Tower. Home of 4 superheroes, and one ghost. Visible, but invisible. Alive, but dead. There, but gone. But an eye of evil knew of the ghost, and tormented it endlessly. He couldn't help himself. It was much too amusing.

"Raven. Good to see you alive." His voice drawled confidence, but he could detect no response from the girl's aura. Amazing, really. Even from fearless Boy Wonder he could feel uneasiness and fear radiating from him. But this, frail, pitiful scrap of a girl felt nothing. Of course he knew why, but it was rather astounding. He didn't want to, but she held his most highest respect. Sometimes, he thought he even feared her power. The Devil himself pulsed through her veins.

"What do you want, Slade. Does my bastard of a father have another message? When you're finished, ask him why he never talks to me himself. I know he has nothing else to do until I give in. Which would be never." Defiant of the Devil, too. The man encased in metal marveled at her nonchalant boredom of the serious situation, as if she was cat playing with a mouse before she ate it. It was remarkable, yes, but he had to keep up his reputation. He was supposed to be the scary one. Right?

"Actually, I had something else in mind. I came to have a little chat with you." He smiled annoyingly, as if he knew something she didn't. She stared at him from under her hood and he soon became uneasy. Her eyes were quite startling.

"Do you realize, Raven, that your friends ignore you?" He went on. The last time he checked on the secret camera installed within the Tower he came to a shocking conclusion.

"They do. With good reason." She replied. His one eye twinkled with mischief and prodded on.

"You are so alone, Raven. A splotch of a black mistake upon the canvas of Picasso's colorful work, no? They do not hear your silent cries of help, they ignore your pitiful appetite that consists of only herbal tea, they don't respect the power inside of you, they don't really care, do they? After all you've done for them, they keep their distance, they mock you, they call you names, they laugh, they play and have their fun without your presence, they--"

"Does it matter if they do what they should? I'm not worth anything to be included in any of their play. I'm not important in any way, whatesoever. It never mattered. I never mattered." Her voice was filled with boredom and monotony. For once he was speechless. He thought he knew. He thought he knew her weak point. Her fear of being alone. Was he wrong the whole time?

"It doesn't bother you?" He was incredulous. Even watching it sometimes bothered him. Made him so...angry? Was he going soft?

"Is that a hint of uncertainty and disbelief in your voice, Slade? I suspect you're getting sloppy as well as Robin." She uncharacteristically checked her nails, to emphasize her unconcerned attitude. Then the air chilled, and her eyes bore into his one eye.

"Perhaps Slade, you're losing your touch. I am not your average prey. Others may evade, but I shall kill. I have no weak point, Slade. Keep it in mind and find yourself a new victim." She glanced at the public clock blinking from a bulletin board nearby and turned away.

"I'm going. As much fun as this has been, Slade, there is a book waiting." She phased away and he stood still for a moment before slinking back into the shadows. The hawk was going home tonight with a broken wing.

She reappeared back at her room and without a sound she crossed her legs and floated midair, eyes closed. Slade's words always stung her. Always true. Funny. She thought it was true this time, but for some reason, it wasn't. It didn't hurt at all.

Wasn't it true though? It always pained before. When they hurt her. But now? Nothing.

But how was that possible? She may be stoic outwardly, but inside there was always some kind of turmoil. Why didn't she feel it now? They were all out at a nightclub. What was she doing? Moping? No. Feeling hurt because they didn't ask her? No. Feeling anything? No. There was nothing. Nothing at all.

She should be frightened. Something was so wrong. But she wasn't. Maybe she should be angry. Nope. Panicked? Not really. Only empty.

She dug. She dug deeply, searching for even the smallest hint of an emotion. She had to go to Nevermore.

The air was cold. Almost too cold for comfort. But whatever, right?

"Hello?" God. Even to her the voice was like metal grating against metal. So monotonious. So boring.

"Raven."Two cloaked Raven clones filed out. Too few.

"Wisdom. Sarcasm." She cocked an eyebrow.

"Only you two? Where are the rest?" Wisdom shrugged smartly, fiddling with her glasses.


"No really? Gee you're so smart." Sarcasm retorted. Then she turned to Raven. The original, obviously.

"Gave up. All of them. All the help they were to you. I didn't know we could give up and die. I just stayed cause I thought Wisdom would be bored." Raven stared without any hint of expression.

"Why did you two stay?"

"Well, if we gave up, you'd be dead. Besides. You can't get rid of wisdom or sarcasm.We're not necessarily emotions." Wisdom stated 'as-a-matter-of-fact'ly.

"Even Rage? That's hard to believe." Raven scoffed. Sarcasm kicked backed and relaxed.

"Well believe it. Why else don't you feel anything? I mean, ever since they all died the rest of this dump faded away. Take a look around." Raven did, and realized that it was true.

The stars were gone. It was all dead and black,carcasses of dead ravens(the birds) scattered and rotting away. The evil here was...gone. To be more accurate. Everything was gone. This world was devoid of all things.Except wisdom and sarcasm. Whoopee.

"I should be dead." Raven muttered.She left without a goodbye.

"Pssh. She sure was impacted by the fact she's an empty-headed person! No pun intended." Sarcasm chuckled. Wisdom looked at the spot where her original self was standing and felt a pang of sorrow. The last words hit her hard, and for some reason she felt that something was going to happen soon,something horrible. But Raven wouldn't know. She couldn't feel. Not at all.

"Wait a minute." Wisdom's eyes were open wide.

"What?" Sarcasm rolled her eyes.

"Why can we feel if she cannot? It doesn't make sense! Perhaps there is a way to bring the rest back!" Wisdom jumped up and ran. Towards a stone dome, where a library of books were stored. Sarcasm followed, feeling almost, hopeful. Perhaps they could return the life inside the woman they lived in. Because if she died, they died with her.

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