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Chapter 10

And the disaster truly comes. Misting the rainbow, darkened the daytime, and pulling the sun away. And from the distance, slowly and gently, the shadow of night moves!

Something changed. Love which formed from silence and grew within emptiness. The feeling which came unnoticeably even by the owner.

Too slow the realization came. And when the eyes of heart opened, it was too late.

Almost desperate, he shouted his love to the air. But… evaporated uselessly.


"I chose you."

The sentence was followed by a dead silence. A silent gasp from one of the Uchiha even heard clearly.

Defiantly, the younger Uchiha could tell that Sakura said that sentences while staring at the S-rank criminal. His own brother. She chose him. Gods, she chose his elder brother. Just… just to save him… He squeezed his eyelids tightly.

If I'm stronger… if I'm not so weak…

His grip ceased. "May I talk to him? Five minutes." Almost like an eternity, the wall slowly faded. She stepped closer to him slowly. When she passed the older Uchiha, she whispered so just Itachi could hear her.

"I will hate you forever for this."

He replied, "I have no problem with that. As long you do it beside me."


Did I do the right thing? Itachi silently asked himself.

The Haruno heir finally reached Sasuke. She bent down to talk to him.

"Maybe we won't meet again," she stated. "But if you can still remember, spare a thought of me…" His gaze was unbearably bitter. She didn't dare to look at those deep onyx eyes. If she looked at them, she wouldn't be able to leave him. No. Not now. If she could see him again… Maybe years later…

…If fate gave them chance…

"Don't you have so many girls before—in very many ways? I'm just one more…"

That's not true, Sakura. You're the only one that I have. And must I lose it?


I must lose the one who precious, no, who the most precious to me before my eyes again?

Without being able to do a damn about it?

"Is this really the final stage?" he asked. His voice was trembling—mixture of sadness, envy, and anger.

The final scene… The unforgettable one…

"Just for once a while… please remember me. Because I won't forget you either. There will never be a day when I don't think of you…" Sakura's soft voice answered. Yet it didn't an answer.

The story was over. Closing its last page. The stage was already finished. Closing its dark red curtain.

For the first time after the Uchiha massacre, a tear formed in the younger Uchiha's eye.

Is that your 'answer'?

The tear slid down his usually stoic face.

I've came and bet my own life, just for searching an 'answer'? Is that your answer?

Sakura brushed the tear away, avoiding his gaze, but more came out.

Why fate always so cruel?

He knew that she also suppressedthe urge to cry. Her slightly trembling lips told him.

This scene will seal our fate…

In the other hand, an intense and sharp gaze never left them. The gaze watched Sakura healed the heartbroken Uchiha.

"You love him, don't you?"

He knew that she deserves to be happy.

"Is that so obvious, Itachi-san?"

Happiness. Couldn't he get it? If he couldn't, must he made everyone couldn't get it either?

Can she be happy if she with me? I separated her from the ones she loves…

He knew she loved his little brother. Weren't they alike? She could love him too… But…

Will I just being a replacement for my brother?

The thoughts fought in his mind. Yet his face didn't show it. Then, he heard something he never wished to hear from the certain person. Despite the soft and sweet voice of her, the voice thundered clearly in his ears. Hard as lightning, soft as candle light.

Knowing we must say goodbye…

"Sasuke, I love you." A thick silence followed between them. Sakura broke the silence. "I think the jutsu Itachi used will cease about five minutes later." She really didn't want to say it, but she forced herself to say the word. "Goodbye."

Try to forgive… teach me to live… Give me the strength to try…

Suddenly, she heard a familiar voice from the back of her head, soft, tempting, and somehow… sad. But obviously not Sasuke's.

"Sakura, I love you."

She bewildered at the moment. From Sasuke's expression, he didn't seem to hear the voice.

She turned around to search the older Uchiha. The younger Uchiha looked up, wanting to beg once again to his older Uchiha. His over-rated dignity was already forgotten. All he wanted… everything he ever wished… were more important. But they found no one there.

Sakura stepped forward. She found her Konoha hitai-ate on the ground. Slowly, almost dream like, she picked it up and stared it in a long time.

Sakura understood. Very understood.


In every time I see you, I never understand you. I never knew you.

I can't understand why did you kill your family… they loved you. And I never understand why you caused Sasuke such pain. Why is power so important to you?

From the beginning, I hated you. I hated you for causing my love such pain. But when I saw you for the first time, I think I understand.

You were more suffering than I am. You born into emptiness…

Child of the wilderness…

You learn day by day… how it feels to be lonely. You're tough. I'm not that strong. I can't face those long years with nothing said.

I'm really sorry… I was mistaken. I judged you just with harsh eyes. Just with what I heard from Sasuke.

And I apologized with treated you kindly. And I was careless. Once again. I never thought… that you would love me. I thought that you're kind of human that was never being able to love someone.

Sorry again. I mistakenly judged you again before I know everything about you. Maybe this is my bad behaviour… I should get it off me.

You never fated to be with me. Sorry, but I never love you… that way.

I love your brother. Not you. And I'll do everything, even if it means I would waste my last droplets of blood for him. All I care is about him…

What is he thinking about now…?

What's his happiness…?

What's the meaning of me in his world…?

What would he think if I do this and that…? Would he care?

What's his feeling towards me…?

Frankly, I never care deeply about you.

I'm really sorry. I wish you happy.

And being freed from your loneliness.



"Sasuke, stop it! Forget about your revenge! He lets us go!" Sakura tried to stop Sasuke from going after Itachi. The jutsu once bind his body had gone. With a flick of Sakura's small hand, the jutsu has been released.

"No fucking way! Now the reasons are two: one for my clan and one for you." Sasuke hissed. Sakura pulled him back. He glanced sharply at her. "He raped you, for god's sake!"

"That's no way you could… he's just… for me… a pitiful creature of darkness." Sakura said weakly.

"Sakura, he doesn't need to be pitied." Sasuke argued.

"Sasuke, I've been there!" she shouted—almost helplessly, "In his world of unending night. In a world when the daylight dissolved in the darkness…"


She shivered when she memorized that moment.

"Sasuke, I've seen him! Can I ever forget that sight? Can I ever escape from that eyes; so distorted, deformed, it was hardly a sight in that darkness…"

That cold darkness… that deadly darkness… Really cold… really lonely… I don't want to feel it again. Not now, not ever.

He sighed. Now, Sakura was the most important of all. He curled his strong arm to her small shoulders. "Okay." He smiled. "We'll back to Konohagakure. Many people waiting for you."

She laid her head lovingly to his shoulder. "I don't need anyone waiting for me. The most important is you want me to be with you." He smiled in response.

At last, life is full. Life is fine now…

He caressed her pink hair softly. He remembered something she once said to him. This time was his turn to say the same thing to her.

She's here, really here—really mine now..

"Welcome home, Sakura." A soft yet happy smile formed itself in her lips. A tint of blush painted her cheeks with light pink colour. He wondered why he never realized how beautiful she was.

She seems at home here…

Suddenly, a memory flashed itself back in her brain.

"Ino-pig-chan! I heard Sasuke-kun like a girl with long hair, so…"

"Sasuke?" she asked, demanding attention.

Uh, I never knew that I would regret cutting this hair.

"Hmm?" he responded. His strong hand still caressed her hair.

"Is that true that you like girl with long hair?"

"Uhm…" He couldn't answer that question. He didn't know the answer. But he knew one thing. Everything would be fine.

From now.


The sun made the sky that afternoon was red. Red like covered with blood. It painted the white clouds with orange colour, reminding people who saw it to citrus. The scent of grass caught his nose. The green colour reminded him of her green eyes. Although a little bit different.

Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair—down we plunge to the prison of my mind…

A young man in black cloak with red cloud pattern sat lazily while leaning to the tree.

Down that path into darkness deep as hell!

Itachi stared to the red sky without even a hint of interest. He knew, when he back to his mansion, no one waited for him. No one would say 'welcome home' for him.

Learn to be lonely…

And he had no one for him.

Learn to search a way in darkness.

"…life is fine."

Did you mean it? Did you really mean it, little flower? Even after the suffering you once had?

"No one will there for you, come for and kiss for you…"

He sighed, prepared to come back to his mansion. This was the first time he fell in love, and his first broken heart. Maybe this is the payback for all of his sins.

Learn to be my one companion…

He memorized the little flower's words, making him felt better. Well, the future still waiting for him no matter what. He still had so much to do. Maybe ten years… maybe hundreds. Maybe full of the cold darkness… or maybe full of light. He didn't care. For her words always with him. Supporting him. Encouraging him.

"Till this evening is this morning life is fine…"

A faint smile played itself across his thin lips.

Welcome Home



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