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Ok recap their playing hide and seek.

"Where shall we hide?" hissed Greg once they got away.

"Oh a river" called Nick running down the bank.

"I'm hiding here," he said rummaging through the grass.

"Your hiding in the river?" asked Greg laughing as Nick slipped on the muddy bank.

"Yes I saw it in this movie all I need is a hollow read, it's like camouflage"

"Oh that's' good" replied Greg as Nick carried on searching.

"What the river?" said Sara not too keen on the idea.

"No camouflage. Come on" he grabbed her hand and led her away.

"Damn there's no reads," said Nick poking his head up to find everyone gone.

"Fine I'll just duck when I hear him coming," he laughed wading into the river and ducking down by the bank.

"Come on Sara," moaned Greg shoving leaves and branches in his hat so that large sticks stuck out the top. "We need to look like a bush," he announced tying long pieces of grass in Sara's hair.

"Here" Sara stuck her hand in the mud and wiped it army style across Greg's face.

"We'll you already have green on your top" laughed Greg at the ink and powder that covered her. Sara wiped three streaks of mud in each cheek like she had done to Greg and then continued sticking twigs and leaves in a piece of material out her kit before tying it round her head.

"Hang on" Greg pulled his top off revealing his surprisingly muscled torso.

"Put some mud on" Sara giggled like a schoolgirl while she rubbed mud on him.

"I can rub it on you if you like" whispered Greg.

"You wish"

"Yes I do," he mumbled. The two now sat covered in mud, leaves and grass sticking out through makeshift headbands. Sara had put bits of reads in her belt and in Greg's so they looked like some tribe that had been lost in the woods.

"My shoe's stuck," hissed Sara as Greg tried to pull her into a bush so their camouflage would work.

"Take it off and get rid of it he'll find it," hissed Greg back.

"Fine" Sara pulled of both her shoes getting her feet and trousers covered in wet mud and threw them where they had just been. She began rolling her trousers up when a noise distracted her.

"OW" came Nick's voice. He had been ducked behind some reads when two trainers flew in front of him splashing him.

"It's raining trainers WOW GUYS IT'S RAINING TRAINERS," shouted Nick. A loud SHUSH was heard through the trees

"But…. hey there Sara's" he spoke to himself.

"CATH COME ON" whispered Warrick loudly from his perch half way up the tree.

"No, you already ripped your trousers" she said pointing to where a large rip revealed his thigh.

"I can see Sara and Greg their in a bush dressed like Rambo" he called down.

"I'm hiding down here," she said wondering off.

"Fine. Hey that's good," said Warrick getting positioned so hey was almost laid on the branch he began to pull branches down around him and leaves so they cover his back. Catherine began to run in the opposite direction as everyone else thinking she'd be clever and hide in the car until she ran straight into Brass.

"Catherine?" he questioned laughing at her appearance. She was covered in what looked to be printing ink and was holding her shoes that were covered in mud.

"Judging by the bottles I think I won't bother asking!" Catherine stood sheepishly staring at him like rabbit caught in the headlights.

"Where are the others? Did you tie Grissom up in the trunk while you drank" he asked hiding a smirk.

"No we're playing hide and seek he's it" replied Catherine.

"He's drunk?" Catherine nodded in response.

"Fine lets get them" as they wondered into the wooded area, Grissom was still stood blindfold on counting.

"GIL" said Brass loudly causing Grissom to turn suddenly and fall.

"Here" Catherine helped him up and pulled off the blindfold.

"I'm supposed to find you not the other way round" he stated.

"Well where are they?" asked Brass trying not to laugh at Grissom's appearance. He hand a large hand print on his cheek and black smudges mixed with mud on his shirt.

"Their hiding" replied Grissom as if Brass shouldn't have asked such a stupid question.

"GUY'S ITS BRASS COME OUT" he shouted to no response.

"We have to find them," whispered Catherine giggling.

"This should be fun," muttered Brass following Catherine as she wondered off.

"FOOTPRINTS" she cried pointing at the ground. They arrived at the riverbank where the footprints disappeared into the grass.

"Well I may not be a CSI any longer but last time I cheeked rivers didn't bubble" said Brass pointing to air bubbles that were bursting on the surface of the water. Suddenly Nick broke the surface of the water gasping for air.

"ARGH" Catherine nearly knocked Brass over as she jumped backwards.

"Found you" shouted Grissom. Nick began walking back to the bank.

"That's not fair you had three people looking," moaned Nick as Brass pulled him from the water.

"You're getting my suit wet," he said starring at Nick. "god I'm pleased day shift went to the scene I could just see you all working like this" he said putting on the voice he usually reserved for interrogation.

"Hey it got the ink off, said Nick pulling at his top.

"I'm not even asking. Lets just find the others," said Brass walking off.

"I'm cold," moaned Nick taking large strides to keep up.

"That's what happens when you go in the river," scolded Cath laughing.

"The bush is moving," said Grissom stopping so suddenly that Brass walked into the back of him.

"You think it's possessed?" asked Catherine grabbing onto Nick.

"Yes. I think the spirits of Sidle and Sanders are controlling it," mocked Brass.

"Oh are they bad spirits?" asked Catherine hiding behind Nick who was stood flexing his muscles.

"Not as bad spirits as tequila" replied Brass approaching the bush.

"Careful" shouted Catherine closing her eyes

"Got you," announced Brass shoving his arms in the bush and pulling out Sara and Greg.

"WHAT…." Brass couldn't think off anything else to say. Sara and Greg stood with twigs on their heads, mud on their faces, reeds attached to their belts and Greg with mud smeared across his chest.

"Sara what is that?" asked Brass referring to the bright Green streak in her hair.

"Printing powder," she announced running and hugging Grissom.

"I found you a bug," she said holding her hand out revealing a squashed creature.

"You killed it," shouted Grissom brushing it off her hand.


"MURDER I WANT HER ARRESTED!" said Grissom tapping Brass on the shoulder.

"Gil that's not a offence" he said shaking his head.

"I'll get you another and we can keep it as a pet" said Sara beginning to wonder off.

"No" Brass grabbed her arm. "You're staying with us," he said giving her arm to Grissom. Grissom took her hand. "Hey this could be our first date," said Sara attempting to skip.

"WHAT?" asked Brass turning around.

"I think last night was your first date," laughed Greg.

"Tell me you too didn't. Not while you were drunk"

"Yes but we don't regret it" said Grissom receiving a kiss from Sara.

"Well at least something good came from this. Were the hell is Warrick" said Brass coming to a stand still.

"Ask Cath she slept with him," replied Greg.

"What?" Cath nodded violently.

"We didn't sleep together," said Greg pointing to Nick. Brass just shook his head trying to ignore him.

"WARRICK" shouted Catherine.

"Hey it's raining leaves," said Nick catching one as it fell.

"Oh so not trainer's" laughed Catherine. Warrick was hid directly above them and his laughing was making leaves fall off. Suddenly he lost his balance.

"ARGH" he shouted now holding onto the tree by his hands his feet dangling inches above the floor.

"Oh help him," shouted Catherine hitting Nick on the back.

"Warrick let go," shouted Brass.

"No way man" he said struggling to get a better grip.

"You're an inch off the ground" Warrick closed his eyes and let go falling to his knees.

"Right lets get you back and sober you all up," said Brass ushering them towards the car.

"Everyone take their shoes off your not getting mud in my car" said Brass as they all began to moan and got in. By the time Brass got back to the station they were all asleep. He took a picture of Greg laid across the lot of them, Catherine with her arm round Warrick, Sara sat on Grissom's knee and Nick lent against Catherine dribbling. He couldn't wait to get Archie to enlarge it and then post it round the lab, just because he didn't get to party didn't mean he couldn't have some fun.