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Chapter Seven

Take Off Your Mask

All alone she stood by her magical window, gazing at what should reflect the weather outside. It was a foggy night with the moon looming behind the black clouds. A creepy chill ran down her spine and she exhaled heavily like a drowning person being pulled out from the water at the last second before he sinks and give in to death. A hand all of a sudden made contact with her neck from behind. It was warm and consulting against her marble like cold skin.

"You're back," she whispered in disbelieve. "You came back." The hand caressed her neck slowly and she leaned her head back. "You're here."

"I thought you wanted me away." He said quietly to her ear. "You sent me away last time I was here." He sneaked his other hand to her waist and held her tight against his body.

"I did." She moaned out as his hand made contact with her middle stomach. "I don't now." She closed her eyes and felt his lips swiftly brush soft kisses on the back of her neck and shoulder.

"I want to see you." He whispered and without waiting for her to answer he turned her around to face him. "Beautiful Ginny," He said to her stroked her face with his finger. "My beautiful Ginny." He noticed a single hot tear on her cheek and whipped it. "Don't cry Ginny," he whipped another tear that came from her closed eyes. "I don't want to agonise you again."

"I can't stop, Harry." She said trembling with cry. "Please, make it stop." She opened and saw him mirroring her tears. "Harry?"

"I'm sorry, Gin, I'm so sorry." He cried silently as he kept caressing her face. "I really am sorry." He cupped her face and kissed her with despair leading his instincts.

"What are you sorry about?" she asked against his lips. "Tell me, Harry?"

"I'm sorry I left you, Ginny." He broke the kiss and stared at her chestnut brown eyes. "I'm sorry but I had to."

"What are you talking about?"

"I took that offer to play Quidditch in America to get away from here, Gin." He said harshly to her. "I couldn't stand another minuet in England after the final battle." He saw her eyes round up and stare at him with confusion. "I'm not that strong Ginny."

"Of course you are strong Harry, you vanquished Voldemort you won the war." she said, "You're the strongest person I've ever known-"

"I'm weak Ginny." He interrupted her words. "I ran away-"

"-that's understandable everyone has a rough time but that doesn't make you weak, Harry!"

"I tired to commit suicide, Ginny!" he held her frozen and tense in his arms as she look at him with a frightened expression. "I tired to kill myself, Gin, I wanted to die."

She stared at him for a couple of long minuets and then burst into tears. Each sob's louder then the one before. She released herself from his hold and fell to the floor crying even harder.

"Why?" she asked in a chocked up voice as she kept crying to her hands.

"The doctors at the asylum said I was suffering from depression."

"You were in a madhouse?" she looked up and saw him nodding his head. "But why?"

"Four months to my stay in America I was fired from the team because I was too risky and always late, terrible nightmares throughout the night are not good for you when you have stand in for practices at 8 o'clock in the morning, I began taking pills and preformed cheering charms but it really didn't help me for the time being so I thought that maybe killing myself would be the solution." He was indifferent to her small whimpers during his confession but now he saw that she was still crying and avoiding his looks. "I'm not perfect Ginny-"

"No one is, Harry"

"Are you okay, Gin?"

"I'll be okay, don't worry." Her voice still quivered with tears but she managed to pull the strength to get up from the floor. "Are you coming?" she asked him as she reached out her hand and helped him from the floor.

"Coming where?"

She smiled lovingly at him as she led him to her bed where he wrapped a strong arm around her frail figure and fell to a peaceful sleep at last.

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