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Chapter One: Chains and Spikes

Chains and spikes. That's all there was to Inuyasha and his black, loose fitting cargo pants. Lots of chains and lots of spikes. He had so many, in fact, that he jingled when he walked. It would have been funny. It would have been hilarious… if he weren't so damn scary. His combat boots, rumored to have been steel-toed and stained with blood, were heavy and black, and they pounded on the sidewalk or on the high school hallways wherever he went, his chains all the while jingling. His wife beater was black, or a dark charcoal gray. Always. Even before the shooting. Everyday of every week of the school year Inuyasha Hanyouri was in black or gray and his face was always downcast. Always. And of course there were the chains. You could never forget the chains. People would hear them jangling together in the hallway and would hit the lockers or the walls as fast as they could because they were too afraid to get in his way. Even the jocks, who made it a habit of picking on the gothy losers made way for Inuyasha Hanyouri. You didn't get in his way. It was just a bad idea.

"Whose that?"


"Yeah, the silver haired guy."

"… You're new here, aren't you?"

"Yeah. I just transferred… why?"

"That's Hanyouri, Inuyasha. Stay away from him."


"He's dangerous… he's an outcast. He likes it that way. He never lets anyone get close to him."


"Yeah… trust me, you just want to stay away from him."

And people did stay away from him. They stayed away mainly for four definite reasons. Number One: The fangs. They fangs freaked people out. All Inuyasha need do was flash them at somebody and there were gone. Far away gone. Reason Number Two: The talons. After he had given a demonstration of the sharpness of his talons with his locker door, people tended to stay away from them. Mostly he kept his hands buried in his pockets. When he took them out though, people flinched. Big time. Reason Number Three: The Eyes. The sharp golden eyes. Inuyasha's glares were enough to kill. He sent the wrestlers ducking for cover. Once, if I recall correctly, Jimmy Davidson even tried to jam his incredibly bulky body into his own locker, needless to say he failed miserably. And Reason Number Four: The rumors.

"You see that guy who just walked past? Yeah that one. That's Hanyouri. You can tell by the hair. I heard he got shot a year ago. Yeah, that's right. Shot. You remember Mikoimi, Kikyo?"

"You mean the girl who committed suicide last year?"

"Yeah that one. She and Inuyasha used to be like this. Tight, man. They were together… like always. Then last year she just lost it. She totally lost it, man. She got a gun and she shot him in the park during a date. She just pulled out a gun and BAM! Puts a bullet into his heart… that was just before she blew her brains out right in front of him. She put the gun in her mouth and pulled while he was still bleeding and on the ground. He's still got the scar, man. I've seen it in the locker room. Lots of people have. Ever since then he hasn't been the same. Think it won't be long till he does himself in too."


"Yeah. I know. Listen, you'd better look out for him, man. You can never tell exactly when it is that someone's gonna snap."

And when it wasn't that, it was always something else.

"Did you hear about what happened last month at the park?"

"No. What happened?"

"It was Hanyouri. He grabbed a couple of kids when their mother was out buying ice cream and cut these long gashes into their arms with his claws."

"Oh my God that's horrible!"

"Yeah, I know. Apparently he did it because they were coloring over the bloodstains with chalk."

"The bloodstains?"

"Yeah… his and Kikyo's. He walks in the park every night. That' what Tyler says anyway."

"What a sicko."


"I know."


That's Hanyouri Inuyasha. You want to stay away from him.

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