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"I'm tired." Kagome announced with a yawn, opening the door and climbing out of her car.

"Are you?" Sango asked weakly, fighting the nausea as she pulled herself to a shaky stand. She paused briefly to remove her fingernails from the leather upholstery she had dug them into during the ride.

"I wonder why Rin didn't want to take a ride with us this morning." Kagome said curiously, slinging her bag over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I wonder." Sango said darkly, silently cursing the other girl for taking the bus to school that morning and leaving her alone to ride with Kagome. Why she had taken the bus though she had no idea…"Hey, Kagome."


"Tomorrow, why don't I drive?"

Kagome shot Sango a strange look.

Oh no.

She wrinkled her nose the way she always did when she was confused.

'Here it comes…' Sango chanted in her head.

"Why?" Kagome asked.

"Err… um. Well… I…" Sango put her fingers in her hair, and looked at the ground. "How do I…?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Kagome caught a flash of silver. She turned around jerkily and spotted her English partner walking through the backdoors of the high school, surrounded by his usual cloud of smoke. "Oh, actually Sango, do you mind if I meet you during lunch? There's something I have to take care of."

"Uh… sure?"

"Thanks! See you!"

"Yeah…" Sango said, looking at her watch. They had 10 minutes until they needed to get to class. She looked again and watched, baffled as Kagome scampered away and entered the school through the back entrance.

"What was that?" She asked herself before entering through the doors of the school.

A burst of laughter caused her to turn her head to the right, and she stiffened, if only for a second, when she spotted Miroku surrounded by his usual crowd of friends, laughing as they hung casually in the hall. They were surrounded by their usual gang of pretty girls, the ringleader of whom seemed to be throwing herself at Miroku…

"Hey, Sango." A voice to her left called to her.


"Headed towards your locker?" he asked, smiling brightly when he got to her.

"Yeah." Sango said and started to walk with him out of habit.

"Did you get the math last night?"

Sango made a face. "Not really…"

He smiled at her and put his arm around her shoulders. "Good." He answered. "Me neither."


"Hey! Wait up!"

The lank, chain-clad figure jerked to a stop in the too-white hall, cigarette half-way to his lips. He did - not - believe it.

The person behind him must have been confused. Very, very, very, deeply confused. That was the only explanation.

"Hi." The breathy voice came again, this time from his elbow. He stared incredulously at the floor. There was no way he was actually recognizing this voice right now. No way.

"How are you?"

He shut his eyes. 'Jesus. How dense is she?' He demanded to no one in particular, finally turning to look at her face.

She stared at him.

Yup. This was her.

"I said 'how are you'." She repeated.

How was he? Well, he wanted to strangle her for starters. Shock was the only thing stopping him at the moment. Really. As soon as the shock wore off she'd be dead. Let her try to follow him around like a mother-less puppy then.

But the shock did ware off. And, to his greatly conflicted frustration, nothing happened…


Kagome found herself stuck in the same awkward stare-down she been engaged in the first time she'd "spoken" with Inuyasha. "I said 'how are you'." She repeated nervously. Inuyasha continued to stare.

Was it her hair? Was she wearing something offensive? She glanced down at her dark blue, boat-neck shirt. It hadn't been imprinted with a swastika or anything since the last time she'd looked at it, so… what was the deal?

"Are you okay?" She reached out him.

Her fingertips had barely skimmed the shape of his bare-skinned arm before he was miles away from her. Or, it seemed like miles at least. All he had really done was jerk away from her sharply once their skin had made contact. She stared pulled her hand back, slightly hurt, while his golden eyes smoldered a thousand warnings. "Sorry." She said, taking a step back herself. Suddenly, she regretted even following after him in the first place.


The sharpened look of hurt that filtered through her pretty blue eyes was the only thing that stopped him from roughly shoving her backwards and striding away from her down the hall to escape.

"Sorry." She said, her voice so different from the sugar-coated ray of sunshine it always seemed to be whenever she'd approached him before. He was still amazed that she'd tried to touch him. It had been so long since anybody had… Though they'd barely made contact, the places where her fingertips had skimmed him seemed to burn uncomfortably. He stopped himself from rubbing his other hand over them. The girl took a step away from him defensively and, despite himself, he felt suddenly guilty. So he didn't shove her. Instead, he took a deep drag from the end of his cigarette and let himself relax. "What do you want?" he asked, his voice not coming out nearly close to the tone he had wanted it to.

Still, it seemed to show her that he was at least a little sorry. She let her guard down slightly. "I just wanted to ask how you got along with the questions yesterday."

She thought he'd read the questions? He didn't even know where he'd left them…

He gave her a look that clearly implied: no, he definitely had not read over the questions last night.

"Oh." She said. So much for this being a walk in the park. "Well, that's okay."

They lapsed into silence.

"Walk to class with me?" She said.

What? Inuyasha thought to himself, so confused and frustrated that for a moment he wondered if this whole thing was all some sort of very demented and fucked up alternate-version of reality.

"C'mon, we can go over the questions there." She said, and started down the hall.

He watched her start to walk away. Five steps without him and she turned around to find him still rooted to the same spot. "Aren't you coming?" She asked.

He continued to look at her as if she had sprouted extra heads from the palms of her hands before finally turning around and walking the other way. "I'm not going to class." He answered her.

"What? But you cut yesterday's class too! Won't you get into trouble?"

"I know the teacher." Inuyasha said over his shoulder. "And he won't give a damn." 'He's probably happier that I'm not there…'

Kagome stared after him bewildered, before the bell ringing in her head made her realize that she was about to be late for her English class. Again. Sensei Sesshomaru's icy gold eyes cut into her head and had her running for room 201. Or… was it 203?



"Rin!" Sango pressed the cell phone against her ear as she tried to undo the cheap Wallmart padlock that sealed everybody – including herself – away from her belongings. "What the heck was up with your disappearing stunt this morning?" She asked as she twisted the jammed spiral around 3 and then doubled back to 42.

"Sorry." Rin's voice sun into her ear. "How was your morning?"

"Oh it was fine, except for the fact that we almost crashed into a 92 year old woman on the way!"

Rin giggled through the phone.

"What are you laughing at?" Sango asked, finally yanking the lock open.

"Sorry." Rin managed through a fit of giggles. "It's just- it seems so funny once I'm not in the car anymore."

"Yeah well, laugh now 'cause you're never going to do that to me again!" Sango said, pulling out a massive pile of books.

"Yes ma'am!" Rin answered, still giggling.

"Alright, I've got class in a minute. See you in P.E.?"

"Yeah." Rin answered, voice bubbling.

"Will you stop laughing?" Sango smiled.

"Uh-huh!" She could practically see the younger girl's grin. "See 'ya!"

"See ya." Sango flipped her phone shut and slipped it into her bag, pulling a big green book out of the moshpit of texts. She hadn't meant to cause an avalanche of textbooks. "Ah!" She threw her hands into the locker to try to hold it back, but they ended up just spilling over her arms, scraping at her knuckles and battering her hands. When the chaos finally lulled, she was standing in a pile of papers and plastic. People in the hallway snickered as the passed and Sango shot them hard looks. Great. She knelt down, ignoring her reddened knuckles and started stacking hurriedly, not wanting to be late.

She hesitated when someone else's hand reached down and picked up her chemistry book, offering it to her.

She looked up and felt herself grow heavy when she met Miroku's dark violet eyes. He smiled at her as he offered her the book. She took it from him curtly and resumed her work, not looking at him.


"Don't talk to me." She answered. She suddenly felt his hand close over her shoulder and she yanked away so hard that she almost fell over. "And don't touch me."

He stared at her and she glared back, unyielding. She was not going to give into him. Not again.

"Look, I just want to talk to you." Miroku confessed as she stood, the heavy pile of books in her hand. "Let me get that for you." He added absently, reaching for the locker door.

"I can do it." She said, her cutting tone stopping him mid-reach. His hand fell back to his side as she moved to nudge the door aside. She cursed when the books started to fall over again. Miroku caught them deftly with his perfect reflexes, and she almost wished that he had just let them fall.

"Thanks." She said automatically before she could stop herself.


She hated how easily they fell back into that – the way they used to be. When talking came easy, along with their laughter and smiles and… she shook it out of her head. She shouldn't have ever gone out with Miroku Hoshima, ever. She pushed the stack of books into her locker and slammed it shut, slinging her bag over her shoulder. "I don't want to talk to you." She said. Lie. And at the same time not…

"Why?" Miroku challenged, stepping in front of her, blocking her path. She made the mistake of catching his eyes, that too familiar shade of blue and lavender, with what was seemingly the perfect amount of sensitivity lurking inside them. She steeled herself. How many other girls had been caught under that dark violet sway?

"Because I have nothing left to say to you." She ground out and moved around him.

"Sango." Miroku turned, and his hand shot out like lightning to close over her shoulder before she got away. She stopped, wavering. She was so tired of this… "Please." He said. The word was simple, straightforward and short. It was not desperate or pleading, but firm and resilient - everything that she never was when it came to him.

"You never leave me alone, do you?" She asked, meaning to make her voice like venom, and hating it when she sounded wounded instead.

His hand squeezed gently from behind her and she shut her eyes tight so he couldn't see, even though her back was still to him. "I really wish I could." He answered.

She pulled away from him after a moment, leaving him alone in the middle of the busy hall.

By the time she entered the classroom her smile was back, and it was like nothing had ever happened. She worked resiliently through the assignments without any signs of being troubled. She never told anyone that the entire time she could have sworn she still felt his fingers resting on the bare skin of her collarbone. It seemed like lately, the only thing she found herself doing was trying to force him out of her mind.

'I broke up with him for a reason,' She thought to herself, firmly. 'And I'm not going to forgive him for it… I won't.'


At 12:45, Kagome broke out from the concrete and glass into the fresh air that surrounded the track field. She'd left a note on Inuyasha's locker asking him to meet her there so that they could use her free period to start work on their project, ignoring the suspiciously claw-shaped markings on the door. Whether or not he had a free during fifth period didn't trouble her – she had been pretty sure the guy didn't even attend classes at all when she found him to be missing from both his history and geometry classes that morning along with him blowing off English for the second day in a row. A few questions to a couple bewildered students confirmed her suspicions.

"Hanyouri? Dude, that psycho doesn't even go to classes. Everybody knows that. Are you like retarded or something?"

She pushed out the memory and sat down on the grass while the varsity track team rounded the far corner. She thoughtfully pulled out her sketchbook and started working. She became so engrossed in her latest piece that she didn't even hear Koga calling out to her.

"-gome! … Kagome!"

She jumped and looked up, her eyes clashing with said person's blue eyes. "Koga." She jumped up and he leaned causally against the rail of the track, sweat beading on his arms and face.

"Come to watch me and my team practice?" he gave her a grin.

"You're on varsity?" Kagome asked, impressed.

Koga shrugged, but the smirk on his face gave it all away. She smiled. "That's' really good. How did you get into it?"

For a moment, her friend's eyes grew distant. Then he came back into focus and shrugged. "It's not actually a reason I'm that proud of." He confessed. "Sometimes when things get hard, I feel like the best thing I can do is run."

Kagome frowned, taken aback by the answer that she didn't really understand. "Oh."

He smiled when he saw her confusion. "Forget it," he said, "Why are you out here?"

"I'm supposed to be meeting someone." She answered. "This guy called Inu-"

"Koga! What do you think you're doing?"


Inuyasha watched as the track coach chewed Koga's ass out for stopping to talk to a girl on the sidelines.

Kagome's note was crumpled up in his hand. He still couldn't quite understand why she didn't realize that she wasn't supposed to be talking to him. Surely, someone had filled her in by now on the things that everybody had said that he'd done… on everything that had happened.

He continued to watch from a distance as the dark-haired guy waved gave a loose, two-fingered wave to Kagome as he resumed his laps and she sat back down on the grass to resume her sketching.

He had come only because he'd wanted to fill her in – tell her to leave him alone. Or at least, that's what he'd told himself. He'd had nothing better to do after all… right?

A muscle in his jaw ticked. 'Whatever.' He turned around and started to walk back to the building. It had been stupid to come out here in the first place. Someone would tell Kagome sooner or later what kind of person he was, and that he didn't exactly count as someone "cool" to hang out with. She would grow afraid, just like the rest of them, and melt into the crowd and things would return to normal.

He didn't really want to intervene and he didn't know what he would say to her anyway even if he did go down and talk to her. Then why, he wondered to himself, had he even bothered to come out her in the first place?

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