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Introduction - Dreams

Story - Life of a Teenage Muggle-Born Witch

Sitting in the back seat of her parents old ford escort, with its slightly faded blue seats and peeling paint,Lily (Lillian)Evans gazed out of the window at the endless fields and trees whizzing past.

Thinking back to all the good times and memories spent in this car.

Whether it be when she and her parents took a road trip across the country, going to movies with her old muggle friends, or the countless times going to and coming back from the train station that brings her to her boarding school.

She snapped out of her day dream when she heard he father calling her name.

'Lily, how have your studies been going?' he asked her.

'Oh … well they've been going ok I guess' she answered. To tell you the truth, she just barely passed this semester, but there was no reason to upset her father over this so soon after she got back from school. She just figured she'll tell them later.

'That a girl! I knew you could do better if you tried!' her father replied rather enthusiastically.

'Yeah dad, you were right'Lily agreed half-heartedly. Her parents were the kind that wanted Lily to do well in life by keeping her grades high and therefore the ones who had jumped at the option of her going to a magical school that only certain people got chosen to go to as Lily was branded a witch, unlike her parents.

"Hogwart's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry"

Really, who names a school after the builder's deceased great aunt who he was overly fond of her said to be famous chocolate chip cookies?Also, who names theironly daughterHogwarts, that's just discusting! blah ... heool ... my name is hogwarts how are you? ... ewLily giggle at her little joke.Oh well no point in thinking about that now, back to her parents.

'So, Lily you're entering your final year at H.W.W.( Hogwart's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry) what are plans after you've graduated?' Lily's mother asked.

'Umm…' she would've said that she wanted to go on tobe an artist but her parents wouldn't approve of it as she did go to a school for witches and wizards, why throw that away to get a muggle career after all that studying of magic. So she just decided to say …

' I don't know really, I haven't put much thought into it.'

'Well honey you better start thinking about it now then because you haven't got much time left to decide your future career …'

Her mother didn't get to finish her sentence she saw a truck coming down the wrong side of the road heading straight for their car. Her father, who wasn't paying attention much to the road but more to his daughter's answer about her future career path, was startled too hear his wife screaming at him frantically. He looked up and started to panic, he tried to turn the car to the other side of the road but it was too late.

All Lily could see was a truck getting closer by the second, her parents' terrified faces and suddenly everything went black.

I woke up and sat up straight in my temporary bed in the hospital. My face was all sweaty and my new green silk pajamas that I've gotten for my sixteenth birthday right before the car crash were sticking to my skin. I've been having these dreams now for the last three days.

You wouldn't think that was very long, but after going through what I had, you'd rather have it not repeated to you every night.

I remember when I woke up lying on a stretcher in an ambulance, although I didn't know where I was at the time, and being told that everything was going to be okay from a complete stranger.

After that being rushed into a muggle hospital and drugged so they can fix me up.Again after waking up for a second time, butnow in a room that was all white, from the fan on the ceiling to the plain curtains on the windows.

The doctor was beside me as I woke up and he made sure I was alright, healing properly, and if I was hurt anywhere else that they didn't know of.

I said that I was fine, everywhere else that was except the places he's already mentioned, and then asked about my parents.

He said that they had died on contact, meaning that they hadn't suffered much, and he also commented on how lucky I was to be alive because I was suffering from massive blood loss when I arrived at the emergency room.

I stopped paying attention after that, too much in shock with what I've heard. All the time I spent with my parents, I hadn't thought of the possibility of them having a chance of being killed, much less with me present.

The doctor left me with my thoughts and I turned on the television, only to see a news report of the crash, it didn't say the names of the people, just what had happened and that the two adults died and the teenage daughter was just got out of critical condition and was expected a full recovery, then they moved on to a shooting somewhere in a big city.

I turned off the TV, to them this was just another news story, but to me it was a major part of my life being ripped right out of my hands.

I thought back to what my parents were talking about before we crashed and how I thought I could tell them later that I actually didn't do so well with my grades and say what I really wanted to do for my career.

Then I decided to devote most of my time to my studies and be the person that they expected me to be.

Now here I am, three days later, I don't want to move much for fear of hurting my left leg that got fractured in the crash, it now sported a bright blue cast, they didn't even let me get one that I could draw on and have people sign, too bad i wasn't at a wizarding hospital, i could have been healed over night.

I turn to look at the clock on my bedside table and see the numbers 4:13 am blinking back at me in bold red lights.

I usually would try to go back to sleep at this time, but decided not to for fear of the dream repeating, as it does every night. So instead I decided to read, to take my mind away from this, if only for a few hours.

At around 7 am I put down my book to eat.

The nurse says I have a guest and if she should let them in and in response I said yes.

I start eating my breakfast, only to be interrupted my 'guest'. Who turns out to be my parents' contract lawyer, the one who handled my parents' wills.

They said that they have left me their remaining money and all the objects that I wish to remove from the house. The actual house was being left to my aunt Mya who was going to be my legal guardian until my 18th birthday.

I rolled my eyes at this, it's not as if my aunt is one of those horrible, ugly, wretched people, she is the complete opposite actually.

Aunt Mya lives with her perfect family, and up to date fashion sense, my cousins following in her footsteps and they all have to have the newest hair style and clothes.

Whenever I visit them they constantly bug me about putting more effort into my wardrobe, my hair, and the clothes I wear.

Honestly, I couldn't' care less what I looked like, I am a bit of a tom boy, always in jeans and a big hooded sweatshirt.

Now that my aunt is going to be my legal guardian from now on, I better say bye to comfortable clothes and greet the tight outfits they're going to force me to wear.

The guy with the will mentioned that the doctor said I could leave the hospital as soon as next Thursday, which isn't bad given its Tuesday today.

After the will guy left, or whatever he's called, I had another visitor, this one my aunt Mya who said that she was going to be coming back Thursday morning to pick me up and saying how much fun she's going to have in the house with another 'daughter' around.

This is one of those times that I wish it was no longer summer break and can escape by going back to my Hogwarts, tough luck with that.

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