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Chapter one

Ron and Kim are walking to Kim's house after the prom.

They constantly glance at each other and when they catch each other's eye, they look away blushing.

Slowly Ron slips his hand into Kim's.

After not getting a response, Ron goes to take his hand away however Kim squeezing it makes him stop his retreat and looks at her.

A smile is dawning Kim's mouth as she looks back at Ron.

Ron smiles back.

They arrive at Kim's house.

At the front door, Kim turns towards Ron.

"My parents are working and the twins are at a sleepover," Kim says.

"So the house is empty?" Ron asks.

:"Yeah," Kim says. "Just you and me."

"Is this a good idea, KP?" Ron asks.

"I don't see the bad," Kim says. "Come inside."

Kim walks into the house pulling Ron along with her.

Ron closes the door behind them.

"Let's go up to my room," Kim says.

"Kim…" Ron starts but is silence when Kim's lips attaches to his.

Kim pulls a bit away and says, "Let's go up to my room."

Ron can only nod in response.

Kim makes it up to her room practically dragging Ron along with her.

When they enter Kim's room, Kim pushes Ron on to her bed and closes the door behind them.

"Kim?" Ron asks softly.

"Ron," Kim says walking over to him. "Shut up."

With that said, Kim climbs on to Ron and kisses his breath away.

AN: I won't be describing what happened next. In short, they make love.

I know Kim is OOC. You'll find out the reason later.

Well on with the chapter.

Kim and Ron lay down next to each other both breathing heavily.

"That… was…" Ron tries to get out.

"Yeah," Kim says.

"I love you, Kim," Ron says.

Kim looks at him.

"I love you, too, Ron," Kim says.

Kim curls up to Ron who in turn wraps his arm around her.

"Night, Ron," Kim says closing her eyes.

"Night, Kim," Ron says and goes to asleep himself.

End of chapter.

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