Author's note: I've actually had this story for a while, but silly me, I looked for Bourne fanfiction under books and not movies. So I'm glad I finally found it and can post it. I dunno. It was a moment of spontaneity, pondering what it'd be like to be Jason. No certain time period (takes place anytime before, during, or after Identity or Supremacy. Your choice). Reviews are always welcome.

Disclaimer: Ah, now, really. Everyone should know by now that Jason is Robert Ludlum's creation.


My name is Jason Bourne.

I am a CIA operative, a field agent, a professional assassin.

Call me what you will, it matters not. When it actually comes down to it, I am a killer.

I was trained by Alexander Conklin, a top government official and former field agent. He made me into a skilled, deadly weapon. And then he set me loose on the world. I suppose I never really understood his reasoning, choosing me out of so many potentials, but it no longer makes a difference. I stopped wondering why a long time ago, once I realized that searching for reasons does nothing but amplify the pain and uncertainty.

Killing. Taking another's life. It is pointless. It is insanity.

It is my duty.

I am a predator in every sense of the word. I have been drilled and re-drilled on how to hunt, how to observe, how to fight, how to extinguish a life.

I see murderers taken into court, put on trial, thrown into jail, sentenced the ultimate punishment. And I want to think that they are terrible people, that they deserve their lots. But then I realize—they are the same as me. I am them. Except that I am lucky—if one can even really call it "luck"—because I have the government's grudging, distant sanction.

The men and women I hunt, they are not people to me. They can't be. Instead, they are simply prey, and I am predator.

As I work, do my job, complete my missions, families are torn apart. Children are left parentless, parents childless, husbands without wives, and wives without husbands. It is my doing. I am the cause. And the numbness begins.

They will die anyway.

They deserve to be alone.

I am alone.

I will always be alone.

I am no longer one of them.

I will always be alone.