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Series: Naruto

Title: Eye For An Eye

Author: Tiasha

AN: Kakashi/Sakura pairing

Special Thanks to roark28 for being my Beta Reader!

She sat up with a start, pink tresses framing her face haphazardly while one pale hand clutched a kunai tightly, poised in a defensive gesture. Breaths came out in heavy pants at first before quieting to nothing more than a hushed whisper. Wide green eyes darted around the room searching for any signs of abnormality, any clue that would explain the disturbance of her nightly routine. She ignored the drum of rain pelting against the glass panes of her two windows and the rolls of thunder that boomed overhead spontaneously, straining instead to hear something out of place in the somewhat large bedroom. Nothing.

Lightening illuminated the room momentarily and her eyes scanned its contents before realizing that there was no one there. So why was she wide awake with adrenaline pumping through her veins and her arm unwilling to lower the knife-like weapon clasped in her hand? Why did she feel like there was some impending aura blanketing the room?

With a heavy sigh, she finally forced herself to lower the weapon and look to her side, absently-wondering why her lover had not made a comment about her odd behavior. Teasing her and getting her riled up was a favorite pastime of his and for him to not take this opportunity to jibe at her was peculiar. Her eyes widened a fraction as she took in the empty space next to her, the slight indention of the mattress attesting the figure's occupancy of the dwelling but the coolness of the sheets informing her that he had been absent for awhile.

Running her free hand through her tangled roseate locks, she rotated one stiff shoulder and threw the covers from over her legs. Swinging herself out of bed slowly, she stood and moved to look for her lover, wondering what would be keeping him away for so long. Surely he wouldn't have left for a mission without telling her… Or perhaps that was why she had awoken; somehow sensing that he would need to be leaving soon? In any case, he would have told her and so smothering a yawn, she stumbled out of their room to see what was going on.

One hand absently came to rest on the gentle swell of her belly as she placed the other on the door frame for support, her eyes taking stock of the dark hallway and living area. There was no light except for what was provided by the erratic bolts of lightening, which told her that there was nothing there. No sign of him or any wayward shadows. Nothing.

Her stomach began to churn with unease and she glanced about the living area one more time, stretching her awareness to sense his chakra. She found none…in the house…period. He must have been masking it, although why he would do so was beyond her. Gritting her teeth, she moved farther into the living room, calling out for him in a manner that she knew would draw a reaction.

"Sensei?" she said softly, voice lilting in a teasing manner. Once they had established their current relationship, he had not been keen on her using that term when she spoke to him. She surmised that it reminded him of what relationship they had originally had and it made him feel slightly uncomfortable. For despite her reassurances of not caring what others thought about their relationship, she could always sense the tension in him when he would hear the whispers and gestures regarding them.

She received no response save for a dull thud further into the room. Tensing her muscles, she stretched her senses out again, searching for any signs of chakra. Still, nothing stood out to her. Yet now, she could see a shadow moving in the corner of the living area, slithering along the wall and drawing closer to her. Her breath caught in her throat as she raised the kunai in a defensive manner, backing up slowly and wishing that her lover would end this little game of his already.

The shadow continued to close the distance between them and she began to take more urgent steps away from the living area, heading back towards the bedroom. He should know better than to be putting this much emotional stress on her when she was so far along into pregnancy. What was he thinking?! He either wasn't thinking…or that shadow was not him…

A frown marred her face and that hand that had been resting on her belly in a relaxed manner tensed and curled around it in a protective one. She felt a gentle kick in return for her efforts, bringing new resolve to her demeanor. Whoever this shadow was, they were not going to find her to be such an easy target—even if she was carrying around extra weight because of the baby. She had only just recently been told to quite her everyday training, but that if it were necessary she would still be able fight up until the seventh month. She was only halfway through the sixth.

With the shadow nearly two yards away from her, she decided to try and convince her lover one last time to end this little game, if it was indeed him. "Kakashi?" she called out, inwardly frowning at how terrified her voice had sounded. She had not needed to sound that afraid, despite how sick she was beginning to feel with her stomach tied in such knots.

"Hatake Kakashi, I swear if this is some game of yours—" she said, her frightened voice now having an edge to it as she narrowed her eyes at the shadow. She gasped however, when the shadow moved quickly to stand directly in front of her. "Kakashi?" Her voice cracked on the last syllable of his name.

"Not quite, Haruno Sakura," came the sickening reply, gold eyes flashing in the darkness of the room. She felt her blood freeze in her veins and her green eyes widen in pure terror. She had thought that they had finally destroyed this man—no, monster—when Naruto had finally dragged Sasuke back those few years ago. She had thought that they would never have to worry about him or the Sound country again when the invasion had ended. She had thought they had finally won!

"Wha—what? H-h-how can you be—" she stuttered, backing away so quickly she nearly stumbled. Her first instinct was to flee, protect her baby and flee. She knew that despite all the training she had and the shinobi level she was at, she was no match for him; especially not now with the baby holding her back. She couldn't risk the use of her chakra; if she drained herself of too much, the baby would be the casualty.

'Oh God, where is he? Kakashi, where are you?!' she silently screamed, fearing that the reason her lover had not answered was because he had failed to keep the monster in front of her at bay. Lightening flashed again and this time, she felt her breath die in her chest, lungs burning from the sudden grip that tightened around her chest.

Kakashi's face loomed before her, framing a pair of golden eyes she had come to fear so long ago.

"No," she somehow managed to whisper with the lack of oxygen to her lungs. Orochimaru chuckled, smiling cruelly from her lover's face as he continued to advance.

"No, no, no no no-no-nonono!" she cried, her back finally hitting the wall, her bedroom door about five feet to her left. She made to dive into the room and close the door but she had barely turned when a hand clamped around her throat and slammed her into the wall. She was trapped now and her free hand moved from its place on her belly to claw at the hand around her neck. Disbelief filled her eyes as she stared at him, knowing that it was no longer her lover but still praying for some sliver of hope, for his eyes to turn back and fill with recognition or something of the like.

"What is this? You seem displeased. I spared your Uchiha boy. Was that not what you wanted?" that sickening voice hissed, causing her stomach to clench again and her knees to grow weak.

"Orochimaru, you bastard—!" her sentence was cut off by the tightening of his hand. Her grip on the kunai was still tight and free to slice at the hand that had her pinned to the wall; but even so, she could not bring herself to raise her arm and strike him. The scar running over his right eye reminded her of her silent vow—she never wanted to leave a scar on him, physically or emotionally.

"You are unhappy. Shame, you see, because I have what I want… I have the Sharingan…"

"Nooo," she moaned, her eyes burning and threatening to spill over with tears as she realized her love was indeed lost.

She watched his gold eyes flick downwards to glance over her protruding stomach in a disdainful manner. A sneer crossed his handsome face and every maternal instinct kicked in with the words that left his mouth.

"His runt no doubt. Disgusting creature…"

Immediately she lashed out, using her fist clenched around the kunai to punch the arm holding her, still mindful of not marring the flesh with the blade. She had to get away—had to save her baby. The baby was all she had left of Kakashi now…

Her efforts were in vain for the hand constricted her air flow even more, causing her to become lightheaded and lethargic. She had to stop him somehow. She had to do something, she thought as she felt a hand press to the round of her belly.

"No," she moaned again before a searing pain ripped through her abdomen, making her scream until her throat felt raw. Blackness began to encroach upon her vision as she stared into the horridly hypnotic eyes, a malicious grin glaring at her. She then felt liquid trickle down the inside of her thighs and down to the floor, soaking the carpet beneath her feet.

Somehow, without looking, she knew it was blood—knew that it was hers…and the baby's... And then the blackness that had been hovering around the edges of her vision finally overtook her and she fell unconscious.

She sat up with a start, pink tresses framing her face haphazardly while one pale hand clutched a kunai tightly, poised in a defensive gesture. Breaths came out in heavy pants at first before quieting to nothing more than a hushed whisper of air. Her green eyes were wide as they darted about the room, trying to decipher if this was all still a dream or if it was reality. Her free hand flew to her stomach, feeling the flat, sleek muscles beneath her tank top.

'Dream,' she surmised as she lowered her weapon. Her memory was becoming clearer now that there was no sleep to haze her mind. She had already had the baby a few months ago, and god she had not known that labor could be that…painful… But, she realized that she would gladly go through it again if it meant having another beautiful bundle of joy like her son.

With a fatigued sigh, she looked over to her side in hopes of watching her lover sleep for a while before he sensed her being awake. He had an uncanny ability to do that and a good majority of the time, it irked her. While she could sleep through him getting up, showering, dressing, making breakfast and the whole shebang, he'd be awake the moment she closed the bathroom door softly. The schmuck…

Her bed was empty. The realization numbed her and sent a chill running up her spine. Swallowing the sudden lump in her throat, she cautiously crawled out of bed and tiptoed into the hall. She was stretching her senses now, hoping to catch a trace of her lover's chakra and mostly definitely her son's. Her son's would be the most prevalent of the two since the babe was only three and half months old now; but her lover's would be another story, although she doubted that he would be masking his at such a late hour. If he was though…that meant trouble…

She breathed an audible sigh of relief as her senses brushed against his chakra, and it was mingling with their son's too. So he was in with the baby… Thank god… she silently prayed, remembering her nightmare.

Making her way down the hall at a normal pace, she paused in the doorway of her son's nursery to take in the scene before her with a soft smile. Hatake Kakashi at first glance did not seem like the type of man to take to…domestication as it were. No, having as established of a career as he did, settling down would seem to be a far cry from his normal tendencies and reputation. And yet there he was, sitting in a rocking chair, cradling their son against his chest while he held a bottle for the babe to feed from.

It was profoundly endearing to her to see him so attentive and mindful of the babe, knowing that before they had pursued their intimate relationship, he had always been of the mind that his loyalties lied with Konoha first. And in truth they still did, but the Hokage had been assigning him fewer and fewer missions as of late; Sakura speculated that it was because Tsunade-sama knew that with all the blood, sweat and tears Kakashi had shed and suffered from for Konoha, he deserved some sort of gratitude from his village, even if he never once asked for anything in return for his duties. That and Sakura secretly believed that the Hokage was captivated by the future Hatake prodigy.

But whatever the case was, Sakura was thankful…for everything…

"Something wrong?" he asked her softly, not wishing to disturb their son who was beginning to drift off. She blinked a few times in surprise, his question bringing her out of her thoughts and back to the present. Sakura then furrowed her brows asking him why he thought that something was wrong.

He chuckled as he answered her; "You didn't even stir when he began crying. For you to be awake now…something must have happened."

She frowned. Actually, she pouted and he gave her his usual lazy grin, contentment and amusement evident on his facial features and in his mismatched eyes. He did not push the issue though and instead stood to hand the baby over to his mother for burping. As it turned out, when the boy was about to fall asleep after eating, Sakura was the only one who could burp him and prevent him from being colic. It was something that had silently annoyed and aggravated the man, but he finally accepted it as something that would either change or be a one up that she had on him. He secretly wanted it to change.

Sakura immediately frowned as she lifted one hand to momentarily debate what to do with the kunai that was clenched in it. Her lover raised a brow at the fact that she even had it with her but somehow managed to trade the baby for the kunai without any problems. With a grateful smile and a sense of peace washing over her now that she held her son in her arms, she lightly rocked the boy as she patted his back in a rhythm, relieved when snuffled into her shoulder and let out a soft burp almost immediately. The simple act of burping her son was calming to her frazzled nerves, easing her anxiety that the dream had caused and she again sighed in relief.

"Sakura…" her lover said in a manner that meant he wanted to know what was bothering her. She bit her lower lip before gathering her thoughts and courage to speak.

"It was a nightmare," she said simply after a few moments, moving to place their son in his bassinette once he had finished burping. She did not elaborate, instead pulling the blankets up around the sleeping babe and watching him sleep—innocently unaware of all the dangers outside of his crib and home.

"About?" he pressed when he could tell she would not continue without prodding from him.

Huffing in annoyance, she turned to see him twirling the kunai in his hand and a brow once again raised, but in a manner that said the weapon was his case and point in this little disagreement of theirs. She told him it was nothing. He frowned.

"If it was nothing, then why were you walking through the halls carrying this?" he questioned, holding the kunai out towards her to once again emphasize his point. "Sakura," he said in a more gentle tone. "What was it about?"

She took in a shuddering breath and returned her gaze to her son, not able to look at her lover's face while recounting the nightmare. It would be too unnerving and for all she knew, this could very well be a dream as well, although she doubted it. Her son's burps were too real to be a dream's imitation. It ALL felt too real to be a dream…


She sensed him stiffen at the name and the atmosphere of the room changed. Tension filled the air as he waited for her to continue.

"It was raining, and I awoke with my senses on full alert. No one was in the room, so I began to relax, but then I looked and you weren't there," she explained, her hands coming to rest on the edge of the bassinette she stood by. "I couldn't sense you anywhere, and I was still pregnant with Obito… But I got up and went to look for you, thinking that maybe you were just trying to spook me or something—"

"I wouldn't do that to you, Sakura, at least not like that," he interrupted, that lazy grin on his face again. She gave him a sarcastically appreciative look, rolling her eyes to complete the package.

"I got to the living area but didn't sense you or anything. Then I heard something and I could see a shadow moving towards me. I thought it was you but then it spoke and—" she took another shuddering breath and tried to still the rapid beat of her heart. Her grip on the bassinette tightened, her knuckles turning white. "It—it—it was his voice and his eyes… And then there was this flash of lightening and I saw—and I saw—" a hand raised to cover her mouth as she tried to reign in her emotions. It would do her no good to have them running a rampage right now; otherwise she would never get back to sleep after this.


"You," she said so softly that she was not sure if he had heard her or not, especially since he did not say anything. "Instead of Sasuke, he'd taken you to get the Sharingan, Kakashi…" she trailed off, beginning to feel sick.


"And then he had me pinned to the wall, and was looking at me with your face and—and then he placed his hand on my stomach, where Obito was and—" She no longer needed to elaborate on her dream for he had come to stand behind her and gently placed his hands on her shoulders in a gesture of comfort.

She turned into him, wrapping her arms around his torso and burying her face into chest. Tears pricked her eyes as images of the nightmare flashed before her, reminding her of how real it had seemed and how frightened she had been.

"It was only a dream," he whispered into the crown of her head. She nodded, saying that she knew but that it did not dispel her anxiety much. She continued to cling to him for a few more moments before he began to pull her out the nursery and back towards their bedroom.


He gave her that smile that he saved just for her and she felt her heart melt. Once they had reached their bed, he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers softly in a kiss that meant reassurance. It was a gesture to let her know that she was going to have to set the pace for tonight, that he wanted her to feel safe. Again she gave silent thanks for all that she had as she crushed her lips against his, her gaze heated and a seductive smile flashing across her face.

His hands traced over her waist as they skimmed beneath the hem of her tank top and she pulled away to yank his simple grey shirt off over his head. Almost immediately after he was free of the shirt, he pulled her back against him and she wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, a loving look in her eyes.

"I love you," he whispered to her as his lips found the column of her throat.

"I know," she gasped out as her breathing slowly became ragged. "I love you too."

And those were the last words spoken between them; instead, they allowed their actions to take over their verbal affirmations of love.