It's the end of my fanfic! Hi! I am Washu. And you have been reading my latest fanfic. Mikihisa the Love Shaman! Did you enjoy it? I am curious about your opinions. I know I went on the downside abit that is b'coz I had a distarction. My brother. Nemesis02. Well that is his fanfiction(dot)net name. Look him up once in a while if you wish.

I usually take this time to explain some stuff that no one proably understands at all. No one seems to understand me. :( Only Shaman King star, Kalim does but he is on vaction to Hawaii. (Hence the Hawaiian dancer XD )

Jason Donovan: Mention in a few places in my fanfics. He is my fave singer, I listen to him on a daily basis. Not many folk like him or know him. If you know him, then you are probably the people were laughing at my mentioning of Jason Donovan. If you both know me and read my fanfics then you would probably want to slap me silly. :P

Micheal Bolten: He came to my mind after hearing my mum play his CD over and over and over again. AH! Amidamaru! Rescue me! I decided to poke fun at him. I like 3 of his songs. The rest bored me. I personally prefer David Hasselhof. (He is only famous and becoming popular since Sponge Bob Square Pants. Blast that dam sponge!)

I'll admit it. I am Bi-x-ual. I don't care what you think! I already get crap from people about it. Hell! My mum turned against me for a while about it! I thought I would laugh at myself (and Miki-kins) if I brought it up and gave myself a girlfriend. Named after Globe Trekker presenter Megan McCormick. (Boy! She is a babe. A blonde too!) Google her up some time. :P Better type: Megan McCormick from Globe Trekker. for a good search :D

That song, Shadup yer face is sung by an Aussie named Joe Dolce. Poking fun at Italians. The funny part is... he has no one in his family that are Italians. They are either American, German, French and Ducth. From what I can remember from VH1 anyway... Google that song if ya like...

Ryu is personally one of my fave characters from Shaman King. But I have a "thing" for Amidamaru! I dunno... I love guys with abs and long hair. He reminds me of the guy that works in Forbiden Planet. He is cute. Only he don't have abs like Amidamaru does! What is even more weird is in the dubbed series Amidamaru is played by the same guy that plays Ryu (Rio to all the dubbies out there). Freaky ain't it. Well, it is to me since they are both my fave characters in Shaman King.

Psh! Keep a secret. This story idea (well, half of it) came to me in a dream. I kissed Ryu in my dream! And Mikihisa was singing Kiss songs (the rock band, haha you don't get it! - Not very good singer either) The unreal part was there were floating banannas. (Sean Schemmel the guy who plays both Ryu and Amidamaru is allergic to Banannas. He also dubs Goku my fave DBZ character. Weird. Haha)

Since it is currently hot in Scotland. I decided to have Yohmei use the hose. Only he knows how to work the salemans hose! I found it funny. I was laughing so much that I had to have a drink of water to calm me down. I nearly choked on it! As my old friend always said 'Deep breath!'

Oh look at the time! I wanna go and sleep now. (Ah! I remember sleep.) You have been reading Mikihisa, the Love Shaman. I hope you read more of my fanfics or just give me ideas for some... Anyway, I must say goodnight and I hope you have sweet dreams. All the Best.

Love Washu!

Ps I don't have the same size of bra as Keiko. Hell! I ain't telling you my size! Brainy (my assistant and little angel) says hi!