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Half-Metal Alchemist

Chapter One: Adoption

Eastern HQ, Fuhrer Mustang's Office

Fuhrer Roy Mustang fiddled with his eye patch and watched the phone expectantly. Riza walked in and set down a tray of mush in front of him. Roy blanched and squinted at her, obviously displeased. "Lunch, I'm assuming?" he picked at it, uninterested. Riza tutted and sat down at her desk. "Honestly, Fuhrer, did you really think it would mean field work all the time? It's just more paperwork." Roy blew a strand of black hair out of his eye. "I know… but that's not what I was thinking about. I haven't heard from Terra today, and she usually calls every week…"

"You're worried about your baby sister, Roy? I'm sure she's fine." Roy huffed and scribbled on a piece of paper with a pen. "Yeah, well… Fullmetal better be taking care of her, or I'll…" He made a motion of snapping his fingers. "Where's Leroy?" he muttered, cheek in his hand. "And Ilia, while I'm still thinking about them."

Riza stared at him for a minute, amber eyes boring into his, then burst into laughter. Roy sat up straighter, not liking the odds that she was laughing at him. "What?" he demanded. Riza laughed again and started polishing one of her many guns. "Well, Mr. Mustang, you should check under your desk."

"And why, pray tell, Mrs. Mustang, should I check under my… never mind." Two dark eyed babies stared at him from under the desk, one dark haired boy with wings of blond streaking through it, and a blond little girl. "Papa!" They screamed, grabbing onto him. They continued to screech and cling to him and Fury and Havoc burst into the room.

"Roy, uh… I mean, Fuhrer! Phone call, Sir!" Roy pried the two babies off of him and gave them to Riza. "Go torture Mom for a while," he muttered. "Who is it, and why didn't it come through my phone line?" Havoc hesitated. "Sir… there's been a huge fire at a residence quite close by, we thought you might want to know." Roy waited impatiently. "Spit it out, Havoc!"

"Fuhrer… it was Fullmetal's home. We think it's been burned to the ground." Roy leaped up, grabbing his car keys on the wall and tossing them to Riza. "Come on, everyone. We have to get Fullmetal and everyone else out of there." Roy picked up his children and ran down to his car, strapping them into the car and jumping into the passenger seat. Riza started the car and pushed the gas pedal driving towards the outskirts of the city.

Riza parked the car a little south of where Edward Elric's house had once stood, jerking back as Roy flung open the car door and bolted towards the house. Major Armstrong was already at the scene of the destruction, holding two small bundles and crouching over a third prone figure. Roy stopped at his shoulder and scanned the dark remains of what had been a large house. The Major handed the two squirming bundles to him. Roy stared off into the wreckage, a pained expression on his face. "These guys are the only ones left, aren't they?" Major Armstrong nodded sadly, and Roy noted somewhat distantly that none of the ever present sparkles were hovering around. "Those two, and this little one, though I could not say how good his chances for survival are… his arm was crushed under that pile of debris, crushed and burned. He'll have to have it removed."

"Edward? And Terra? What about them? Have Alphonse and Winry been contacted?" Major Armstrong picked up the small figure, and Roy realized with a jolt that he was probably no older than his own twins. Riza tapped his shoulder. "Fuhrer, Alphonse and Winry left their children here and left with Edward a few days ago. Where they went is unconfirmed."

"I see… damn. Riza… how would you feel about adopting three more kids?"