Padfootlet: uh oh…looks like I got bitten by the RoiAi drabble bug thing! Anyway…I guess I'll do this for the 100 RoyAi Themes challenge

Disclaimer: hate these…I wouldn't be writing FAN fiction if I owned it would I?


Roy loved fall. The mix of red, yellow, and orange leaves on the ground and tree branches always reminded him of fire. The cool air felt good against his face as he and his First Lieutenant walked Black Hayate in the courtyard of Central, during their lunch break.

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye. The fire in her eyes, and the cool tone in her voice as she reminded (threatened) him to do his paperwork. She was the very definition of fall. Perhaps that is why he seems to smile as the leaves start to fall when the summer begins to die and autumn blooms into life.