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A/N- the prologue is set when Harry is six. The rest of this story will be of when he is found by some other people. His life will be seen through flashbacks from then on.


Speak, father speak to you little boy,

Or else I shall be lost.

Little Boy Lost - William Blake (Songs of Innocence)

A small child, who is so small that if you saw him you would think him to be only three or four, he is in fact six, going on seven, but enough about age and appearance back to the small boy in question, he is, at this precise moment in time, sitting in a large forest, he isn't too far into the forest but is gar enough for no one to follow him. He is sitting underneath a large oak tree, hugging his legs tightly to his body and resting his head on his knees. If you listen closely enough you can hear a muffled sob that escapes from this small child's mouth. The reason for these sobs? For that answer we must look back an hour into the small child's life and see what he was doing.


We can now find the child watching another child, who is rather large, in fact he resembles an obese piglet with blond hair, the small boy is watching the obese child from the shadows in the corner of the room, unnoticed by all in the pristine living room of number four Privet Drive. He has a lone tear falling down his cheek as everyone in the room sings 'Happy Birthday' to the obese child, who, as the song tells us, is called Dudley. The small child, with the unruly jet-black hair quickly wipes away the tear before anyone can notice it and then quickly and quietly walks back to the kitchen to set out the food for the four people in the living room.

He has managed to get half-way to the living room door when he is stopped by a large hand. It is the other boy, Dudley's Aunt Marge.

"Boy! What do you think you are doing?" she asks, roughly shaking the child. He is confused, he doesn't understand why she is angry with him, he hasn't done anything wrong.

"N-nothing, Aunt Marge." He manages to stammer, fear creeping up on him.

"Nothing? You were plotting to ruin our little Dudley's big day!" she roars. The small child shakes violently. He hasn't done any such thing, he knew that, but she didn't believe him. Aunt Marge shakes him again, but a bit too roughly as his knees buckle beneath him and he falls to the floor. He holds his arms above his head, waiting for the inevitable blow, but it never comes. The reason? Surrounding the boy is a thin layer of fire gently caressing his body, not harming him, soothing him. The other occupants of Privet Drive watch in a mixture of shock and horror. The small boy quickly stands up and runs out of the house, not noticing that the fire has gone, not noticing his uncle's furious yells and certainly not noticing where he is heading.

End Flashback

And so we find ourselves back in the forest with the small boy who is so terrified of going back to the house to meet his uncle's wrath that he hasn't noticed it getting darker.

It would also seem, to the observant watcher, that he has forgotten about the rumours that children spread about this particular forest.

The adults of Little Whinging just associate these rumours with childish nonsense but the children are adamant that there are monsters in this forest. The adults ignore these stories and fantasies that are spread throughout the playground, but what they don't realise is that childish fears and rumours about monsters and things that go bump in the night nearly always have a grain of truth to them. It just so happens that the rumours about the forest where we can find little Harry Potter are all true. Especially the favourite one about the wolf-man. It also just so happens that tonight is a full moon.

A/N: Well as I said at the beginning of this chapter, this is only the Prologue and the rest of the chapters of this story are set when Harry is about fifteen or sixteen. He never did start Hogwarts but the reason will be covered in future chapters. This is really short because i don't want to give too much away and i only wanted to give a brief background to the forest outside of Little Whinging. Please Review and tell me what you think. Also any recommendations will be welcome. Thank You!