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Twelve Years Later (Harry's twenty-nine)

Unknown Location

§You Highness, there has been a report. We have found the base of rebels.§ A Dementor swept into the room, and bowed to the figure sitting at a desk.

§Very well, tell them that I will be there as soon as possible. And can you fetch me the Headmaster please?§ the shadowed figure raised his head slightly, and nodded for the Dementor to leave. As the door closed, the figure sighed and banged his head on the table.

"I did not sign up for this."


Hogwarts School of Magic

Remus Lupin smiled as he watched the newest students walk into the Great Hall, following Delio through the centre of the tables. They had decided to keep the house names, just for the plain reason of respect towards the original founders.

There had been huge changes in the Magical community over the last eight years, and not just the changing of the full title of Hogwarts. Magical beings now had full rights, and if anything, it was wizards who were sneered at. Mainly however, this was done towards those who were in the previous Minstry and spoke against equal rights.

Remus still remembered the time, almost five years ago, when Dolores Umbridge was finally found and was executed publicly. Not many of the other followers of Voldemort and Dumbledore, or those who weren't really involved were executed however. No, Harry had come up with a much more deserving punishment.

Harry had somehow come up with a way of stripping people of their magic. Of course, for those whose crimes were too harsh, they were sent to Azkaban. There were a few followers of both of these leaders, who just accepted the change, and after a year of monitoring, were allowed to keep their magic.

However, even though the past eight years, the wizarding community had been living in relative harmony. Dark and Light living together and working together, over the last year, there had been whisperings about an uprising. Rebels were fed up of having to take orders from a Werewolf Headmaster and Druid Minister. They were undoubtedly wizards, but it was still worrying.

Currently though, remus had more things to worry about. The new school year had begun and the new first years were currently being sorted. The student population was now currently standing at thirty percent wizard, twenty percent vampire, twenty-five percent werewolf, ten percent elven, five percent demon and ten percent druid. Even though wizarding was still the dominant populace, it seemed that the other magical beings stood together to protect each other against any bullying wizards. However, in the last three years, almost all racial bullying had dispersed.

"Magorian, Eva Myst"

The name that Delio had just read out caught Remus' attention. It also seemed to catch the rest of the schools as well. Every one knew the importance of the Magorian clan and who their leader was. It just so happened that the young vampire now walking up to the stool, with her jet black hair, green underneath and piercing green eyes, was the current heir to that clan and was also the only child of the leader. Harry's daughter.

No one knew who the mother was. One day Harry wasn't a father and then, after disappearing again for almost a month, he came back with a precious baby girl, not saying anything about the mother. Eva was a vampiric elf if her blood tests were anything to go by, which did not give any clue to who the mother was, as so was Harry. Therefore, no one ever found out, and Harry certainly didn't tell anyone. To Remus' knowledge, he didn't even tell Eva.


If Remus was completely honest with himself, he wasn't all that shocked. He watched as the young girl hopped off the stool, smiled innocently at her Uncle Delio and then walked over to the Slytherin table, ignoring the whispering that was running around the room. Remus would have to tell Harry at the meeting tonight. He would be very proud of his daughter.


Johnno walked through the dark caves, checking in each tunnel for any extra rebels that were hiding, and then, once he was happy that they had all of them, walked back out of the cave network and wandered over to a whistling Sirius.


"No, it would seem, that it was just those nine. Know who any of them are yet?" Johnno asked, glancing at the angry and slightly disturbed looking rebels sitting on the floor, being guarded by the other Aurors.

"Oh yes. I think I know three of them at least. The leader however is the one that will make Harry grin the most."

"Oh? And whose that then?"

"Ronald Weasley." Sirius said with a smirk, looking at the red head in question.

"Did that Dementor tell you when Harry would be arriving?"

"Yeah, apparently he has something to do first and then he will be joining us. I think Remus will be coming as well, he just has to wait until the end of the welcoming feast. Wonder what house Eva got into."


"Yeah probably. Little monster was constantly pranking me and getting away with it. Has us all wrapped around her little finger.

"Except Harry."

"Yeah. He loves the little terror to bits, but he never lets her get away with too much. She isn't overly spoiled either. He's really quite a good father isn't he?"

"Yeah. Did he ever tell you who the mother was?" Johnno asked, looking at Sirius curiously.

"Nope. Dunno what happened there. Nor why he disappeared. He must have known or something. Unless she isn't actually his child and he found her."

"Nah, she's got his genes and everything. She's definitely his child."

"Well enough gossip. I say we get some names before Harry comes and then we can go home. He should be here soon anyways. The Welcome Feast will soon be coming to a close and I'm guessing that Harry will go meet Remus first before coming here.


Harry sighed as he walked out of his office, nodding to the guards standing outside and then walking through the numerous halls to get to the entrance hall and then apparating to the borders of Hogsmeade.

He walked through the lanes to get to Hogwarts, smiling at his first glimpse of the castle. He may have never liked the place, but it didn't stop him from admiring the castle. He just hoped that Eva was fine.

He thought back to his meeting with the Dementor earlier, and hurried his steps, hoping to catch Remus before he left. The Dementors had now taken to calling him 'Your Higness' and had been doing so since he was turned by Anna and Venici. He had his suspicions as to why, but nothing was ever certain. One thing that was clear, was that they had now taken to calling Eva 'Little Princess' and that she could now speak to them as well. It would have probably disturbed many parents to find out that their daughters best friend was a Dementor and a Demon, but Harry took it in his stride, considering that he seemed to be the King of the Dementors.

He pushed the doors open to the castle and strode through them, walking up the stairs and to the Headmasters office, thanking anyone who was listening that he had just beaten the students and so had been missed by them all. And then again thought of his daughter and hoped she would be able to cope with all the whispering and pointing. It came with being the only heir and daughter of the most powerful man in Britain he supposed.

Saying the password to the gargoyle, he stepped on the moving staircase and then walked into Remus' office and made himself comfortable. Waiting for Remus he looked around the office and noted all the previous headmaster's portraits observing him curiously. Of course they all knew who he was, who didn't? But that didn't mean that he came here often. More often than not, Remus would be the one to go to him if a problem arose, or if a meeting was called. So therefore, Harry had never really had any reason to go to the office.

He was just about to stand up to get a better look at one of the numerous objects in the Headmasters office when the door opened and Remus walked in, the shock of seeing Harry sititng in his office, only showing briefly in his eyes.

"Hello Harry." Remus said, sitting down opposite him and smiling kindly at him.

"Hey. So just wanted to make sure that Eva was fine and if you wanted to come see the rebels with me?" Harry said, ruffling his hand through his hair.

"Eva was fine. She was sorted into Slytherin and seemed to be making friends straight away. It seems that she became friends with some children on the train here, and hopefully they will stay friends, even though some were placed in different houses. I have made arrangements for her on the days before and after the full moon, so that no one will really find out, and of course she will be referred to as a Vampire if any of the teachers ask."

"Thank you Remus. And the Rebels?"

"Sure, lets go. I've been dying to know who they were and why they thought they even stood a chance, considering that everyone else seems to be perfectly happy to have me as the Headmaster of the School and Joey as Minister. So really, I just wonder what on earth they were thinking. Do you know how many there were?"

"No, the Messenger left after telling me that they had been found." Harry said, waiting for Remus to grab his cloak and then offering the portkey out to him and activating it as soon as Remus grabbed on.

"Shall we go and find Johnno and Sirius then? What are you going to do to them?"

"Not really my job is it? But they will be going to Azkaban at any rate. I went to Joey earlier today when I found out and that is what he said to do."

"Want a hand taking them?" Remus asked, as they walked through the forest to where the message had said they would be.

"Yeah if you want, but I have someone to visit when I do get there." Harry said, looking away when Remus raised an eyebrow at him.

"Your father?"

"Yeah." Harry said briefly before speeding up when he saw the light indicating Sirius and Johnno.

"Finally! Thought we would be here all night! So then what's gonna happen to them?" Johnno said, walking over to Harry, taking note of the look Remus was shooting him.

"They are going to be magically stripped and then sent to Azkaban. I will be taking the leader and will strip them here. I have other business to attend to in Azkaban as well." Harry said, shooting a look a Remus to shut him up.

"Okay, well they are over here. There's nine of them, and the leader. Well the leader is someone you have been waiting to see for a while now Harry."

"Who is it?" Harry asked curiously, wondering who it could possibly be.

"Ron Weasley." Harry smirked darkly and then walked straight over to where they were sitting, leaving Johnno, Sirius and Remus behind.

"He's going to see his father later isn't he?" Johnno asked, walking to stand next to Remus and Sirius.

"Yes. But don't try to tell him otherwise. It doesn't work." Remus said, sighing as he watched Harry strip the rebels of their magic, making them scream in pain and loss.

"Well, all we can do is be there for him when he needs us." Sirius said, the other two nodding their agreement, watching over the one they saw of as a son.


Eva followed her housemates to the Slytherin common room, and then listening to the fifth year prefects, a Werewolf called Jack and Witch called Emily, walked with her yearmates to the girls dorm and sat on the bed that had her trunk beside it.

"So, you're Eva Magorian? I'm Lucia Malfoy, Witch." One girl with silver hair and eyes asked, looking at her and sitting on the bed next to her own.

"Yeah. Eva Myst Magorian Potter. What of it?" She knew she sounded harsh and cold, and that she should be trying to make friends with these girls, but that girl was just too stuck up for her own good.

"Oh, nothing. Why are you wearing that circlet? Are you royalty? I didn't think that Vampires had things like that." Lucia said, looking at Eva's silver and emerald circlet that sat on her head, so similar to her fathers own.

"They don't, well my clan doesn't in any case, and I didn't think the Magorian clan does either. My names Adaire Tartarus, from the Clan Tartarus, you can call me Addy, everyone else does." A girl with black hair and purple eyes said, sitting on the bed opposite Eva.

"Eva Magorian, everyone calls me Eva or Evie. The circlet on my head is for other reasons, separate from the Vampire Clan. My father has one as well." Eva said, taking the circlet off and placing it on the bedside table.

"Well I really knackered, so I think I am going to get dressed and go to sleep now. The others seem to have anyways. I'll speak to you in the morning." Addy said, walking over to her trunk and pulling out her nightgown.

Eva followed her example and walked over to an old looking trunk at the end of her bed and opened one compartment, pulling out her pyjamas and then closing it and opening another compartment and pulling out a small pure black snake with emerald green eyes. She hissed at it and placed it on her bed before changing into her pyjamas and getting onto the bed with it. She was about to go to sleep when she noticed Lucia and Addy staring at her.


"You're a Parselmouth?" Lucia asked in reverance.

"Yeah, my dad is one too. Runs in the family."

"Cool. What are the other compartments of your trunk?" Addy said, moving to the end of her bed.

"It was my dads old one. Its mainly books, clothes, odds and ends, and a place for Onyx my snake when I'm travelling. But the fifth compartment is the best."

"Why, what is it?" Addy asked, Lucia sitting up in interest.

"It's a quidditch pitch, along with all the balls and my broom." Eva said, smirking at the stunned looks on the two girls faces and then closing her curtains and closing her eyes. "Night." She said, smirking when she heard Addy's last comment before she fell asleep.

"A quidditch pitch? Lord Potter's daughter? This year is going to be so much fun!"


Harry walked through the dark, damp halls of Azkaban, searching out for the cell he knew that his father was residing in. He stopped in front of one of the cells and conjured a stool to sit on then coughed.

"Hello father."


"I don't really go by that anymore you know." Harry said, sitting on the stool and looking at his slightly emaciated father. He hadn't actually been to see him since the trial, the hurt and betrayal too much. "Why did you do it? Why did you betray me?"

"I didn't. Not really. Yes at first I did it to gain your trust, and to make it easier for the Dark Lord to manipulate you, but later I did actually learn to love you." Rodolphus said, glancing at his son and noting how much he really had changed. He also noticed the small platinum circlet on his head and frowned, wondering what it was and where he ahd seen something similar before.

"You never really acted like it. Not after I found out. You could have gone against him. You could have joined Sirius and Remus when they rebelled, instead of returning to Tom like the good little Lap dog that you were." Harry spat, glaring at his father.

"I had no choice Sal. I would have died through this," he said, showing the Dark Mark to him, "Before I even got a chance."

"Then you should have died! At least then you would have died knowing that I respected and loved you! As apposed to know, when you will die knowing that I want nothing more to do with you! That I hate you! That I no longer want you as my father!" Harry said, trying not to let the true hurt show, and venting his anger the only way he could.

"You would have died, knowing that I loved you as if you were my father, and that I respected you for the decision. Maybe you wouldn't have died, in which case you would have been able to experience my life with me. You would have been able to hold your granddaughter, seen what I have done for the wizarding community, but instead you chose to follow Tom and now you will rot in here forever, never getting to know you Granddaughter and never getting to see what I have achieved." Harry said, standing up and banishing the stool.

"I have to go now Rodolphus. I can't say it was pleasant meeting you, but I have gotten a lot of my chest and I feel a lot lighter. I hope that your retribution will not be too much in te after life, but knowing your crimes, I cannot think it will be." As he was walking off, Rodolphus suddenly remembered where he had seen a similar circuit and smiled, tears running down his cheeks.

"Forgive me for what I have done My Lord, my Son." He whispered after him, watching as Harry stopped briefly, shook his head and then carried on walking away.

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