Sweet Intoxication

Chapter Fifteen: Epilouge.

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Christine Daae accepted Erik's marriage proposal that night.He happily placed his ring on her finger and they both remember it suddenly getting much hotter than it had been before as they shared their vows of love, and a few passionate, deep kisses. They had to flee Erik's lair quickly to avoid being captured by the mob that had gathered. Christine later remembered that Erik had wanted to take his mask with him, but she told him to leave it, because "That mask belongs to the Opera Ghost, not Erik" Erik complied with her wishes, and left the mask, causing every member of the Opera House to ponder, still to this day, what became of the infamous "opera ghost". Erik and Christine escaped through many secret tunnels and passageways, withErik(of course) guiding Christine through the darkness.They fled to England, where they hurridly bought a beautiful manor in the English countryside. They made contact with Meg and Madame Giry, who immediatly rushed to them, and lived in their manor for a few months time, while Madame Giry (of course) acted as a chaperone.

Christine Daae and Erik were happily married on May 25th, 1871, at Westminister Abby, with Meg as the Maid of Honor,and Madame Giry acting as the Mother of the Bride (Erik didn't wish to have a best man). Since Erik didn't have a surname, he took on Christine's , and became Erik Daae. A few close, personal friends were in attendance at the wedding.Erik and Christine had a small, but happy reception at their house and Erik and Christine had a very passionate, firey wedding night in their bedroom. They went to Spain for a romantic honeymoon (most of which took place in their bedroom).

Erik found a job as a Music professor at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in London, while Christine played the role of an ideal housewife, spending her days cooking, cleaning, singing, instructing their servants, and waiting for her husband to return home from London each night. Finally, Erik found a job as a conducter at Her Majesty's Theater, which was much closer to his home, making everyone's lives easier and happier. He made many friends who shared his musical intrests.And, with a little convincing from Erik, Christine became the lead soprano and eventually, The Prima Donna, for twelve seasons, and it was said before every performance,Christine wouldn't perform without first giving a kiss to her husband, who she believed to be her good luck charm.

Erik and Christine also had many other joys in their marriage. They had the wonderful expierence of raising threee children: Annette, Andre, and Sophia. Christine and Erik showered all their children with love, praise, and affection, and both parents (especially Christine) couldn't resist spoiling their children. Annette and Andre took after their father. They looked very similar to him, with jet black hair, green-blue eyes, and hansome figures.They were blessed with extremley gifted musical talents, and also inherited some of Erik's less benificial traits, such as his temper amd mood swings. Andre, unfortunatly,was born with a slight deformity on the right side of his face, almost identical to his father's. Of course, both parents showed him love and compassion, especially Erik, and Andre always felt a special bond with his father because of their similarities. They bought him a white mask, which he wore only in public, never at home, as did Erik. Sophia was the spitting image of her mother, having curly brown hair, brown eyes, and a slim figure. She was a calm, quiet, and petite little girl, with a beautiful singing voice. Annette played piano, Andre took up the violin, and Sophia sang. All the children took voice and music lessons from their parents, and close friends of the family say that sometimes, when they went to pay a visit, you could often hear Annette, Andre, and Erik accompying Sophia and Christine as they sang, and some people even nicknamed their family "The Musical Family"

Christine and Meg remained lifelong friends. Meg became an "almost-aunt" to the children, as Madame Giry was their "almost-grandmother". Christine and Erik went through the usual trials and tribulations a husband and wife go through, and also the normal arguments and disagreements they had with their children as they grew older.

Neither Erik nor Christine ever went back to the Opera Populaire. When their children were old enough, they finally told them the entire story of how they met and fell in love, and how significant music and the Opera Poplaire was to them. Eventually, the children grew up, and left home for jobs and marriage and children. Erik finally retired after conducting for thirty years, and he and Christine spent their golden years toghter traveling to diffrent places, relaxing, and of course, singing to each other.

Christine Daae died of natural causes on September 17th, 1917. Her husband was at her bedside holding her hand, and singing to her softly. Her last words to her husband were "I love you, Angel". Erik was extremley heartbroken after Christine died, and he visited her grave every day. It was said that every day, there was always a freshly picked,bright red rose with a black ribbon tied around it lying on Christine's grave, and that it was always lovingly placed there by her husband, the Phantom, until his death of natural causes, on April 12th, 1920. Inscribed on their side-by-side tombstones were the words

" Anywhere you go, let me go too.

Love me, that's all I ask of you"