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Uhh, we start off in the morning. Where Kakashi meets team 7 for Survival Training later on, but right now we are at 9 am in the morning.

"…" - talking

'…'- thoughts

/…/ - inner thoughts or conscience

>…> - flashbacks

Bachelor life or Marriage

"Hey, wake up." She shoved him a little…nothing happened.

"You can't hide from the sun forever," this time she threw the blankets away. He shivered and rolled to face her.

"Leave me alone, you beautiful vixen you." He smiled under his mask.

'Dreaming are we? I got it' she quietly searched through his stuff and found what she was looking for. She sat next to the bed and read to him.

" 'Toshi, I didn't know you were good,' Sayoko said. She put her hand on his chest. He went on top of her and smirked, 'I'm hurt, how could you not know I'm good. I mean, look at me.'"

He slowly opened his eyes and she waved at him.

"Morning sunshine. Don't you look cute. Nice PJs."

Kakashi blinked more slowly this time and then again.

"Are you my beautiful vixen?"

"No, but I could be. I sure hope I got the right guy. But, they said I had to marry you. They haven't heard a word from you, but they think you've had the bachelor life for too long." He sat up and combed his hair back.

"Who are you again?" he said.

"Why I suppose I am your so called fiancé now. Since they're getting older, they are starting to think about you again. They went berserk. And you wanna know whose fault was that? It was yours cause your lack of communication with them." She pointed a finger at him.

"How did you get in here?" he finally got the sleep out his eyes.

"You should really lock your doors you know? The door was open, I dunno if you were really tired and forgot, but you should always lock your doors or get better locks. Someone could just take off with your stuff and leave while you're sleeping like a little baby."

She got off the floor and dusted herself off. She tossed the book to him, yawned and stretched.

"Who are you and who are 'they'?" he asked again.

She grinned. "So, you did forgot. Oh well, can't blame you. It's been what? Years since we played together. Seriously, I don't know what they were thinking. I mean, we are grown adults. They don't need to treat us like we don't have a lick of sense. Strange you know? They suddenly want some grand kids. I tried to reason with them, but noo would they listen? Nope, they gone back to the happy days of telling us what to do." She turned to face him.

He had his head protector on and a shirt on if I might add. "Answer my questions now or get out."
He said in a cold voice.

'Who is she anyway? Evading all my questions.' Kakashi thought.

He looked at her; well she sort of looks familiar. With short spiky hair, sky blue in front and dark blue in back. She was wearing one half of a long sleeve maroon shirt, with a high collar. Her left sleeve was ripped off or was already like that. While the right side was long to cover up her hands as well. Dark brown boots, maroon pants. And well, just look at the picture in my profile. I can't describe it very well.

'Back to you're usual self I see,' she thought, "Oh fine, fine. I'm Wei Yuri. By meaning of 'They', are aka your parents and mine. You're door was unlocked and I didn't want to stand outside all morning waiting for you to answer the door. So I let myself in. No worries, I didn't touch or look through any of your stuff except your book. I like the fifth volume better, though I didn't like how Tsukiko would just walk off like that."

His eyebrows rose, "You read Icha Icha Paradise?" asking in disbelief. "Yes, I do. I've been waiting for the new one to come out. Though I can't go in the bookstore until they call me about something new."

He was beginning to like her. She saw him grinning, how can she tell you ask? By the way, his eyes or eye were looking, they're happy signs.

"…Let's talk somewhere not in my room." Yuri nodded.

She left his room and waited in his kitchen. She crossed her arms and looked out the window.

'Kakashi looks better than ever. Though he still has his mask on. Sigh. Never thought we would meet with these circumstances.'

She heard Kakashi clear his throat and turned around.

"I'm starving, K-chan. Let's get something to eat."


She grabbed his hand and led him out his house.

/-/-/ In Some Random Restaurant /-/-/

"Any ways. Were you forced to come here and tell me?" he asked.

She nodded. "It was either go or tell Hokage to force me to do the most horrible assignment ever. He's saves those kind of assignments for the troubled and I know what they are too. So of course, I picked the former. Oh yeah, I almost forgot."

Yuri searched through her pockets and found it in her sleeve.

She handed Kakashi a letter, "Here you go. It's from your parents. It's pretty long, so give me your book while you read that."

He opened the envelope and found five pages. He cried inside, because it also was in small print and cursive.

He gave her his book and saw her turn to a certain page and began reading. He mentally sighed and read on. His mother wrote the first half, telling him to marry Yuri and why. He looked up at her, she looked content turning a page. She glanced up and met his stare and grinned.

"Good part's coming up," she looked back down.

His heart skipped a couple of beats, mentally slapping himself. 'Don't even start thinking about her.'

He read on to the third page where his father took over writing. Saying the consequences if he didn't come to like Yuri and turn her down. He also wrote that they (the parents) had picked the date and are planning. But if Kakashi found another person to love then they (the parents) would cancel it.

'Oh god,' they even arranged the marriage before they were born. Ending the letter with words of a slightly bad threat and casual words of blackmail. He sighed, crumpled up the letter and threw it in the trash.

"Bad huh?" she said.

Yuri closed the book and handed it back to him. His fingers tingled when he touched her hand getting the book.

"Do you want to get married?" he asked.

"Are you asking me to marry you? Didn't know you were like that, Kakashi." Yuri leaned on the table and wriggled her eyebrows. He held his hands up in defense and shook his head.

"No, I didn't mean that!"

She looked at him, "Well, yeah some day I suppose. But, I don't if it's an arranged marriage where I don't like the guy for reasons the parents can't or won't see. I'm quite happy being on my own. If your parents threatened you or something about forcing you to marry me. By all means, refuse. We are old enough to make our own decisions and sometimes parents forget that."

He nodded, "I agree."

"Can I ask you a question, Kakashi?" Yuri asked.

"Depends," he said slowly.

"Besides hiding your face from your enemies, is it also because you can't control yourself?"

"Control myself?" he had a confused expression.

"You can't control your facial expressions? Or is it because there's something hideous behind that mask? Or could it be you are so handsome that you have fan girls after you?"

He smirked.

"That's more than one question, Ms. Wei."

"Not my fault, if I want to know what's been happening to my oldest friend." Singing 'my oldest friend.'

He looked at the clock, he was pretty early but he might as well introduce her to his students. "Come on, I need to buy lunch for my students." He got up and left the sandwich shop they were in.

She laughed, "Oh my god! You a teacher? Unbelievable. And I remember, you saying would never become one."

She poked him with her elbow. He shifted, thanking his mask for hiding his small blush.

"Well! Well! Who are your students?"

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