The Final Chapter, Epilogue, Something!

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Nappy- Man, the end already? Hmm wonder if I should make part 2 or something?

Yuri- Go ahead make a part 2. As long as me and kakashi's in there im cool like winter.

Kakashi- 'Raises brow' cool like winter? I. Don't. Get. It. 'Cries away. A lasso appears and catches his feet, tripping him.' You are so mean.

Nappy- Too bad we couldn't catch Neji like this. 'Begins to hog tie.'

Yuri- Hmm you're right. 'Thinks of a plan to catch Neji.'

I didn't know I was funny. I have a bad sense of humor.

Yay, the final chapter. I'm so happy cause I never finished a story before. This is the first fanfiction I ever finished. I'm going to be sad ending this because I won't have anything else that's good to write. Um, thanks for reading. Thanks reviewers and non-reviewing people. You're the best.
"Ahh! K-chan, what are you doing!" Yuri ran over.

Kakashi stepped aside to opened a window.

"I told you to watch it, not leave it to burn."

"Um, I'm sorry?" he said sheepishly.

"Well, let's see what you did right," she opened the oven.

Yuri sighed heavily.

"You burnt the cookies again. I guess I actually have to watch you this time."

She sat at the table. She watched him get out the ingredients once again.

"K-chan when are you going to make something good unsupervised?"

Kakashi kissed her cheek and answered, "When I'm away or you're away."

Yuri stood up from her chair and walked out the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Kakashi asked.

"Away. So you can make something good. I'll be back later. Chow K-chan," she closed the door.

He sighed. Now how can he do this by his lonesome self? Thank god he wasn't making chocolates. That'd be even worse.

'We can always buy some.'

/No, either you make it. Or someone else makes some. She could probably tell if it was homemade or not/

"Forget this," Kakashi put all the stuff back and went to look for Yuri.

'Where would I go if I was Yuri?'

/Anywhere with anyone/

"Mm mm, oh yeah. Moon walking like we got all the time in the world," Yuri bobbed her head.

She walked up the rock with the raggedy radio in tow horizontally.

"This song goes out to the ladies who want to leave their man. Here's Mojofly's 'I Don't Want You.' "

(Once again this is a real song and band)

Why you telling me what to do?

How to act and look, what's good for you.

You keep complaining about the way I dress.

When all you want is for you to be impressed.

My moods are changing about our situation.

A revelation.

I don't want you touching me.

I don't want you calling me.

I don't want you bothering me.

It's all right.

I'm all right.

That's all right.

Time to breakaway.

I don't think it's worth it anymore.

I feel like we've been lying to each other all along

and if you want me to stay


this is one game that

I won't play.

My moods are changing about our situation.

A revelation.

I don't want you touching me.

I don't want you calling me.

I don't want you bothering me.

It's all right.

I'm all right.

That's all right.

Time to breakaway.

But I don't want you touching me.

I don't want you calling me.

I don't want you, I don't want you bothering me.

It's all right.

I'm all right.

That's all right.

Time to breakaway, time to breakaway

"Man that's a good song," she sat on the lips of the fourth Hokage again.

She swung her legs with the beat of the next song.

"Girl I dream of you all day. You took my breath away, cause you are the one," she sang along to Shinhwa's "Perfect Man."

Kakashi poofed next to her, "You like girls? I should've seen it a mile away."

She stared at him, "You're supposed to be in the kitchen K-chan."

"I'm sorry Yuri. But I can't cook; I didn't get the cooking genes. Not like you, where you got the cooking, cleaning, beauty, brains, and-"

"Okay! I know you're stupid. Now be quiet I like this song."

He turned it off, "I was listening to that."

"I know," he stared off into the distance.

The wind came by.

"DON'T INTERUPT AGAIN!" she had the devils eyes in her.

She grabbed his collar.

"Okay," he sweated.

She took out a marker and dabbled on the rock.

"Who drew those?"

"Sunny. She drew them right after you went to look for me. Surprising the rain didn't wash it away."

"Sunny's better at drawing than you are. Too bad you didn't get the art genes."

Yuri punched him in the shoulder.

"I would ask you to draw but I bet you got those genes too besides the stupid ones."

"You might be right," he leaned back.

"What do you want to do now?"

"I don't know," he retorted.

"Are you bored?"


"Go read Icha Icha Paradise then."

"Don't feel like reading."

Yuri felt his cheek. It felt like the normal temperature.

"Are you sick? How can you not feel like reading Icha Icha Paradise? You're supposed to be the loyal fan who reads things over and over."

"I'm not sick."

"Go hang around your students. Or your boyfriends and talk about girls, ninjas and shagging."

"When are you going to stop saying shag?"

"Once I find a new fun word for sex."

Kakashi laughed, "I'll never get bored with you Yuri."

"Good to know I'm your clown," she griped.

"My very cute clown," he offset.

Kakashi pulled her onto his lap, she eeked, slipped her hand, looked down at her doodle, and started struggling.

"K-chan! You ruined my picture! Oooh!"

He held her more tightly and looked at the crude drawing. It was crappy, I can tell you that Naruto could be an artist compared to Yuri's drawing. It had a big black line scrawled across it. He tried to hold in his laugh by coughing.

She looked down.

"Yuri…Yuri…Yuri look up."

She didn't reply. He grasped her chin and lifted it up. Yuri glared at him.

"I love you Yuri," he kept his calm face on.

She stuck her lips out and looked away for a minute and huffed.

"…You owe me a smoothie," Yuri said.

She spoofed off replacing herself with a log. Kakashi jumped off and saw her further down and fell down faster.

"You know if you keep doing that I'm really going to have to torture you."

"I think I heard a threat, don't make threats that you can't do."

"It's a good thing, you didn't clean my room then," he hugged her from behind.

"Why's that?"

"Cause I have a couple of…" he whispered in her ear.

Her eyes got big and her grin grew wider and wider.

"Really? I was thinking about getting those but I didn't know if I'd ever use it."

"You might get a chance to use it tonight," he said lowly.

OH HO HO! What's happening here! Heh heh and raised eyebrows.

"You're not playing?" she asked him.

"Why would I lie? When you'd just starve me to death," he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"K-chan you're such a loser. I'll take you up on the offer. Uh oh," she looked down.

They nearly crashed into a tree; Kakashi sat on a branch, while Yuri was standing.

"Now all we need to do is make Maito Gai fall in love with Niaka!" Yuri said.

"Don't tell me that girl who forced you to get in that sexy costume? Did hell freeze over?"

Yuri smiled, "Yep and they're already starting the skiing competition."

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