Picking baby names.

- Have you thought of any names for the wee one yet?

Claire stopped writing on her diary, turning her head and smiling towards Charlie. With a half awkward grin, he sat in front of her, digging his feet on the sand.

- For the baby? Not really. – Claire rested her hand over her belly, gifting it with a smile. – I've… been waiting to know the sex, I guess. – she said, changing her mind at the last moment.

Charlie said nothing of it, playing with his ring. He seemed strangely anxious, almost trembling. It couldn't be because of the weather.

- So you like surprises, huh? – he half grinned again.

- … you could say that, yes. – she giggled softly. The baby seemed to find it funny also (or wasn't amused by the irony): the bump kicked and she put her hand over there.

- Do you want a boy or a girl? Girls are prettier let me tell you… well, not when they're born. – the musician wrinkled his nose. – When they're born, they all are wee red, wrinkled, crying things. But girls definitely get better.

She laughed then; a clear sound that merged with the waves.

- So you've got experience with newborn babies, Charlie?

- Not loads of it, only with my niece… -he muttered, before brightening up. - But look at you! Living proof that my words are full of wisdom.

- Are you joking? I look like something Green Peace would like to protect and deliver again to the ocean.

Charlie just looked at her for a moment, frowning, before shaking his head.

- Not at all. D'you have any idea of what the baby's going to be? – he asked, going back to the name

- I've been calling it a him since we arrived to this island. – Claire said in a whisper as if it was a secret.

- Really? Well, you should never fight your instinct. – he assured very matter-of-factly. – Now… - he paled for a moment, apparently dizzy. Claire made a movement trying to raise, but he stopped her with his hand. – No, no, I'm okay.

- Really? – she still seemed as if he was going to faint at any moment now.

- Flu-ish, I guess. I reckon I'm not made for tropical weathers.

- Are you sure?

- Abso-bloody-lutely. Now… where were we?

- You were saying about the fact that I think my child is going to be a boy…?

- Oh, yes! – He smiled again and the Australian felt herself calming. – I was saying: you should consider only boys' names then!

- I've been doing something like that… well, more like crossing the ones I will definitely not call him.

- Like what?

- For example… - Claire opened her diary again, searching through the pages. She smiled to herself. – Robin.

- Robin? Why?

She giggled softly. –Robin as in Robinson Crusoe. -

Charlie let out a loud snicker at that. Claire continued giggling, even if the baby started kicking again.

- Well, while you're on it I think you should also cross 'Gilligan'.

- Jonas is a big no. – he seemed at a loss again. – If I don't want him eaten by a whale.

- Neither Simbad.

- Nor Ulyses.

- Definetely not Ulyses! Didn't his crew died all in horrible, awful ways and he never went home again?

- Eventually he did go back… but yes, Ulyses is another a big no.

They were thinking in other names they could say when a voice called for Charlie.

- Hey, dude! – Hurley called at him near the way to the caves. – We're going back! You comin'?

- Er… yeah, on a sec! – Charlie turned again towards Claire, grinning completely. He even seemed calmer, although he still trembled a little bit. – Why don't you come? It's nice and fresh and we've got all the water you want.

- I'm fine here, thank you. – she said, gesturing towards her bottle of water and the shadow that covered her. Charlie's brow wrinkled for a moment before he grinned, standing up and dusting his trousers.

- Well, we'll see about that.