Suddenly, while Charlie nursed the wound on his head, just knowing that in less than hours half of his head is going to be the proud owner of one impressively massive purple, while looking at the sleeping baby he blinks, turning gray green eyes towards Claire's clear blue ones.

- Aaron.

Claire looks towards the baby again, confirming he's sleeping, and then towards Charlie, slightly frowning.

- What?

He smiles then, softly, in a way that almost doesn't make him seem exhausted. Claire reaches softly, squeezing his hand, so grateful for Charlie to be there because even in such a scary place, he makes her feel safe. Even if she can take care of herself, she is happy that Charlie is there to help her and also to take care of Aaron.

- We never discussed Aaron as a probable name.

He's smiling again and Claire can't help but smile back at him remembering walks along the beach tossing name after name, each one more ridiculous than the other (she can almost hear his mocking serious voice that 'Hendrix' is a perfectly normal name), some late nights besides a bonfire really talking about the probabilities and what's the baby going to like more, pretending not to be in the island since she can't quite bring herself to think that her son might end up growing in the island.

- We really didn't, did we?

- Nope. I think I'd remember it, love. – Charlie's mock serious then, pointing towards the soon-to-be scar. – This isn't that bad for me to forget. Is it a family name?

- No, no, I just… - Claire looks again to her baby. Less than two weeks old and he has been kidnapped. She's afraid of what else could happen, if they stay in that island for much, so she doesn't quite trust to stop watching her son. She smiles at the sleepy face, touches one tiny little hand that instantly curls around her finger. – I heard it… I'm not sure where, actually.

Somehow, this feels like a failure. She should know why she's naming her child because someday he's probably going to ask and then… then what? What' she's going to tell Aaron? But then Charlie's smiling again.

- Do you go to church?

- Used to. – she blinks. Since her mother kicked her out she hadn't go. – My mother… why?

- Aaron was Moses older brother. – he smiles, a little bit ashamed. – He leaded Jews to the Promised Land when Moses couldn't.

She blinks. Somehow, of all the survivors of the island, she'd expected Charlie to be the least religious one. However, the thought does agree with the musician's sometimes shy, repentant eyes.

- That's why you picked up that statue? Are you religious?

Charlie looks at the statue for a moment, before shoving it inside his bag a little more. Claire finds this strange and she's about to wonder why when he's shrugging, somewhat nervous.

- You could say that… in case I'm weak… hey, are you thinking about a second name?

- I'm… not really sure. It's not as if we could have a baptism here. – then she grins at him. – Although I know who I'd choose as a godfather.

- Really? – now he's amused. Charlie turns a little bit towards her and their knees bump together. They wait a heartbeat to see if that disturbs Aaron but when the baby's still sleeping, they look at each other again, grinning in relief. – So… who?

She raises an eyebrow. – You really don't know.

Charlie plays innocence for a moment before grinning, shrugging playfully. If she didn't have arms full of baby, she'd shove him.

- Although I'm flattered Claire, I'd have to say no. I'd be a terrible influence on him. – She doesn't think so. Not when he has rescued him and has been constantly taking care of him and not when Charlie's tucking the blanket around the baby's feet where it doesn't quite reach, smiling softly. - People like me aren't godfathers… you want Jack or Sayid. Or Hurley. Hurleys around the world make spectacular godfathers, I'm sure of that.

- You'd be a great godfather, Charlie. – she loses her smile and looks frantic. In this island every second counts and she wants to be certain, that, in case something happens to her… - Promise me, Charlie.

- What, love?

- If something happens to me…

- No, wait. – now he's the frantic one, tucking blonde hair behind her ear, gray green eyes steady on hers, his hand still on her shoulder. – Nothing's going to happen to you, Claire.

- But if…!

- If something happens (and it's not, hear me?) I'd take care of him. We all would. But it won't. Don't think about that.

It's not easy. Not when less than two weeks ago, the same day her baby was born, one of them died. A person. Someone they knew.

- I thought about Boone, for his name. – she is saying in a careful voice, and then both of them are looking towards Sayid and Shannon, both somewhat apart of the other people at the cave, not speaking, just curled around each other, holding each other, Vincent at the side. Claire feels chilly and looks at her son again. – I thought about naming him like that but… I don't want any of us to look at him and think about death.

Now's Charlie taking her hand, squeezing it softly, smiling.

- We won't. Aaron's a wonderful name.

Claire sighs softly before leaning her head against Charlie's shoulder, suddenly exhausted. When the ex rockstar leans his head against it, carefully of not hurting her and her baby's hand squeezes her finger, even if there are Others coming for them, Claire smiles.