Annoyed Unknown

A.A, U.L. - Part Two.

by Wrenna.

(i shortend the title this time around, the original is kinda long, and i don't feel like typing it anymore. this is the second portion, starting four weeks after.)

'Ello. Well..Finally I've written something for this. It's been a long time, I know. But stuff happens. And I lost all interest in writing anything. Which is why this chapter may be crap, also why it's short. I wanted to get something, anything written, to kinda of push through this 'writer's block', and this is what came about. I haven't gotten into the flow yet. But I have started the second chapter. But I promise nothing. (Ask Nate Sindel.. my promises to write anything never come through, so I refuse to promise speedy updates.)

Er... I really don't know anything about the mating rituals and habits or Tarantula's, so forgive me for this chapter, if any of you do.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans or anything that belongs to D.C. Comics. I just own this crappy plot and Shayla.

Warning: Swearing and stuff.

(I just got an urge to write a Beast Boy/Terra Fic...that I think I seriously wanna write... please shoot me!)

On with the show...

Chapter One.

The rustle of sheets. The scratch of pen against paper. The hard beat of yet another rock ballad played softly from a near by radio. These were the only sounds that floated about the room, as it's occupant shifted her body beneath the cooled bedding.

With another quick movement, the girl propped herself against the pillow laden headboard. The soft circle of light that had illuminated most of her form, now dimly lit only her hands and lap. Her face and torso hidden in shadow as she lifted her knees and braced her open diary against them. Her right hand, still holding the pen, raised to swipe a stray lock of violet colored hair from her eyes before replacing it against the blank page.

Diary o' Mine...

I've seem to have left you hanging with the cliffiest of cliffhangers.

The reveal... The shock..

The Evilest of waits to find out.. 'What happens next?' But honestly.. would I be me..If I didn't make you sweat just a little?

Dear, dear Diary.. haven't we learned yet?.. But do not fret!

The story isn't over. Not in the least.

I know what you're thinking.. begging to ask..

What happened after the party?

A lot my friend, a lot.

'Vague' you're saying. But your power is compelling me...

Possessing me...

To continue.

Should I?

I've shared so much already. And it would be rude of me NOT to finish.. and I DO love being rude...

But where to continue.. Where I left off is a good start, you're thinking.

Now... Don't let this frightened you..

But I do believe I agree with you, Diary dear.

...But that aside...

Shall we..?

A new day had dawned, bright and crisp. A beautiful start to another weekend for the people nestled away under the Logan's roof. From the dark and dreary basement, small red numbers soundlessly shifted from their place at '8:59' to '9:00'. The buzz of an alarm that accompanied the shift of those numbers shattered the quiet calm that had settled into the room overnight. The abruptness of it startled the petite girl, laying near the clock, out of her peaceful slumber with a very "Un-lady" like snort.

Her pale hand reached out and groped aimlessly through the air, seeking out to stop the noise. Knuckles bumped against the corner of the night stand. A sharp pain earned a gasp from her, pale lids lifted from the blue orbs crossed beneath. The buzz still sounded. A faint scraping began in the background, going unheard by the ears across the room.

' Noise..annoying...' The girl shifted her body towards the buzzing, Eyes opening in a lazy-tired motion and focused in on the clock. Her arm lifted to it, her hand once again seeking it out, this time it met with success. The noise stopped just as suddenly as it began. A small smile of triumph graced her lips. Her tongue moved against the dryness of her mouth. A groan of disgust emerged from her throat when her awaken tastebuds registered the flavor of 'Morning Breath'.

Raven flipped herself back on to her back, the room returning to it's blissful silence. Her eyes blinked ever so often as her body and mind slowly came awake. Raven kicked her bedding away. With a large yawn, she arched her back off the bed and stretched her body out. Closing her mouth and lowering herself back to the mattress, she widen her eyelids for a second and let the sounds of the morning settle in around her.

...The sound of feet moving over hardwood floors, the clank of cookware against counter tops...

' It's been what?... Fours weeks since the party? Yeah. Four. Sounds about right.' She thought to herself.

...A faucet turned on above stairs. More feet moved across the flooring. Voices became audible, but muffled as the other occupants of the house gathered in the kitchen...

' That night was... interesting.' Raven sighed and gazed up at her ceiling. ' I'm still digesting the fact that it was Robin. How many dates have we been on now?' Another smile appeared on her face as she thought this.

...A chair scraped across the floor. A door opened and closed. A woman's light laugh sounded. Male voices joined with it...

Raven absently rubbed her fingers over her lips as Robin's laugh seeped through her ceiling. It was obvious that her family and boyfriend were in the kitchen, most likely making breakfast. ' Boyfriend..Robin..' Raven sighed in a dreamy manner before shaking her head. ' Dear Lucifer! I'm turning into a... a... Dammit! I'm turning into Kori!' Raven groaned and turned onto her side. ' Fawning over my boyfriend! What's the world coming to!' She grinned widely before stifling a yawn.

...Voices grew louder. More chairs moved. Again, a faint scraping sounded into Raven's bedroom, this one a little louder and..closer..then the others...

' I should get out of bed.. but it's so cozy and -' Raven lifted her head from her pillow quickly, her body going stiff as her eyes darted around the darken room.

' What was that noise?' Her hands sought out the desk lamp by the clock and clicked it on. The darkness melted away. Nothing looked out of order, but that didn't mean anything was wrong, especially with her cousin around. Slowly she sat herself up. Ears straining to catch whatever that noise was and possibly where it was.

Seconds ticked away as she waited. But in the way of things, the mysterious noise disappeared. Raven rolled her eyes and began to slide her legs off the bed. ' Going crazy in our young age, are we Raven?' Her mind questioned.

"Most likely, now- " Her reply to, well, herself was cut off by the light noise that had her chatting among herself in the first place.

"What the - " Raven's eyes roamed over her room. The scraping grew a bit louder, followed this time by what seemed to be a scuttling sound. Raven hopped off her bed and moved to the middle of the room. She turned in a tight circle, her brows bowed in concentration, zeroing in on it's location.

Her gazed stopped on the table across the room first. Her body followed secondly, slowly, her eyes narrowed at the objects set upon it.

Tanks. Fish tanks. Three of them.

Raven took a deep breath. Exhaled. Then rushed across the room. Her hands made quick work of turning the over head lamps on. Her eyes widen. A deep groan rumbled from her throat.

The three tanks sat in front of her. The plastic lids still intact. The name plates affixed to the glass fronts still gleamed in the light, proudly announcing - "Azarath", "Metrion", and "Zinthos" - as the names of the creatures within.

All was well... except for the newly hatched tarantula babies that were scuttling and scraping about the terrain in Azarath's AND Metrion's tanks. The two females of the trio.

'Correction Raven, the two Mothers of the trio now.' Her mind chirped.

"I knew it!" She growled out. "I fucking knew it!"

Raven tapped lightly against the glass of Azarath's tank and sighed heavily. Her hand fell away and turned into a fist. Her eyes drifted to her bedroom door. Then the ceiling.

Outside her room was a hallway. Then a staircase. Stairs that led to a kitchen. A kitchen that was occupied by her family. A family that birthed a boy. A boy that was currently laughing at jokes he read to his friend, unaware that his cousin was about to show him how much she loved and adored him.

Raven took a deep breath before letting loose a sentence that echoed through that house and let everyone within know that the fun was about to begin.

"GARFIELD! You Better Start Running NOW!"

The happenings within the Logan's kitchen was a normal affair that morning. Mrs. Logan had moved around the large white room, preparing the food and utensils for breakfast. Mr. Logan moved himself outside the house and down the walkway to retrieve the morning paper. Garfield had stumbled his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. Their houseguest, one Richard Greyson, followed closely behind, a little more chipper then his friend.

Mrs. Logan turned toward the boys as they settled at the kitchen table. Pans heated on the burners behind her as she mixed batter for the pancakes.

"Morning boys." She greeted them with a smile.

"Mor'gg 'Om" Gar yawned out.

" Good morning, Mrs. Logan." Robin replied and stretched his legs out under the table.

Mrs. Logan smiled and shook her head lightly. " Robin, dear, you can call me Zoe, ya know."

Robin gave her a firm nod in reply. Zoe turned to poor the batter into the awaiting pan, knowing he would call her 'Mrs. Logan' anyway. She respected his kind manners, but man, did it make her feel old. She sighed.

From the main hallway, the front door opened and was swung closed. Mr. Logan, still donned in his pajamas and robe, glided into the kitchen, paper in hand. He sent a smile to his wife and took a seat with the boys. After the three males greeted each other with strong manly nods and grunts, Mr.Logan quickly dispatched the paper into several sections. Business for himself, Comics for Gar, Sports for Robin, and Culinary Arts for his wife.

The morning continued on. Mrs.Logan puttered around the kitchen, various sounds of cooking - sizzling of bacon, clanks of cookware against counters - followed in her wake. From the table, the three males shifted through their papers, sharing tidbits of information or laughing at the jokes that Gar shared from his section.

It was turning out to be a beautiful morning. Comfortable. Relaxing. That was until Raven's battle cry rang through the house.

"GARFIELD! You better start running, NOW!"

Everything in the kitchen stilled. Time seemed to freeze, a full second ticked away on the clock, and the spell was broken by a loud 'gulp'. Eyes turned to Gar.

' Deja' Vu or What!' Was his only thought as he gulped again and shifted his gaze to the basement door.

Zoe gave a knowing sigh and turned back to her cooking. Mr.Logan, Bob, gave his son a light shake of his head before snapping his paper stiff, to finish the article he started. Robin sat straighter in his seat, an echo of a smile curved his lips. His pulse sped up a notch in anticipation of seeing Raven, even though her arrival meant lots of noise and pain. For Gar, anyway.

Yes. It was a beautiful morning.

Garfield twitched. His mind zooming through his every waking moment over the last week or so, desperately seeking what prank he might have pulled over on Raven.

From the basement door, the echoes of Raven's feet stomping up the stairs were heard. Gar tried to gulp again, but his throat refused to work. His eyes blinked impossibly wide as the near by door was thrown open.

Raven puffed a stray lock of hair from her vision, which was locked into a glare at her cousin. Slowly she moved forward, only to stop a few feet away from her 'prey', to lean against the tiled island; her aunt was placing a few dishes of food onto it's surface.

Gar blinked and winced as a memory of a killer wedgie visited upon him. He double-gulped.

Raven huffed out a deep and long breath. "Do you remember an incident a few weeks ago..." She began slowly, clearly, her gaze firmly set on Gar. "When you decided to remove a certain trio of tarantula's from my room?" She questioned.

Bob lifted his hazel eyes from the newspaper to his niece, slightly interested. Robin's focus had been glued to the violet-haired girl since she slammed into the room. Zoe grinned and moved the finished meal to the table.

Gar was scared.

"Do you?" Raven repeated.

Gar nodded dumbly.

"What ...exactly did you do with them?" She crossed her arms and raised a perfectly groomed brow.

Zoe took her seat and scooped food onto her plate, her husband following suit. Robin glance at it, but decided to wait.

Gar whispered out an answer. "Nuthin'".

Raven raised both brows. "You wouldn't...Lie.. to me, would you?"

Gar started to nod his head in a 'Yes' motion, but caught himself, and quickly shook his head side to side. "N-no, Nev-er". He stuttered.

Raven sighed and rubbed a hand over her eyes. 'It's too early for this!' She lifted her eyes back to Gar. She watched his Adam's Apple bob a few times before his mouth opened to speak.

His voice broke and squeak a bit.

"I , uh, maybe, um, uh, have let them out of the traveling tanks and stuff."

Raven titled her head back, sighed, rolled her eyes at the ceiling and looked back at Gar.

"No shit." She drawled.

She moved to the table and flopped into the chair across from Robin. Her hands moved in haste to fill her plate with food. Robin did the same. Zoe and Bob sent each other knowing glances. Gar made a noise that sounded like an 'Eep!' as he pushed his chair back an inch.

"Rae?" He asked.

She turned her head toward him. "What?"

"Aren't you gonna kill me now?"

"After I eat, I think."

Gar nodded.

Minutes passed, Food rapidly disappeared. Silverware tinkled against dishware.

Raven swallowed her last bite of bacon and cleared her throat.

"By the way Gar, there happens to be two tanks full of tarantula babies downstairs." She set a glare on Gar.

Within five seconds, Gar had jumped away from the table - his chair landed on the floor with a thump - and darted for the staircase, squealing at the top of his lungs. Raven was on his heels, a sadistic grin firm in place.

Laughing followed in their wake from the kitchen table.