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Chapter One

Order of the Phoenix Meeting Room

"Albus what do you have for us?" Alester Moody asked the founder and leader Albus Dumbledore.

Albus looked around the table at every one of the order members. "I would like to have 24 hour surveillance on 4 teenagers. This is going to be different though. No invisibility cloaks. They are muggles or they think they are muggles they are untapped witches. They will know you are there but they won't know you are watching them."

He waved his hand and a screen appeared above the table they were sitting around. A girl with dirty blonde hair pulled back into a loose pony tail at the back of her head with teal eyes covered by black rimed glasses. She was walking down a public school hallway. She was carrying 4 big heavy schoolboys in her arms.

"This is Melanie Mathews, age 16; she lives in Surrey, Little Whinging." Dumbledore said.

"That's where Harry lives." Tonks said from her seat.

"Yes it is I believe they live quite close to each others. She on number 11 Privet Drive. Now if you would watch the screen to learn a little more about her."

They all looked back to the screen.

Melanie continued walking down the hallway when a skinny guy with a face like a rat came over and purposely knocked her books out of her arms to the ground.

"God Piers do you have to be such an asshole." She said getting on her hands and knees to retrieve her books.

She had three of then in her arms and was about to retrieve the fourth when a foot stomped down on it.

"What did you say to me?" Piers Polkiss growled.

"I said why do you have to be such an asshole." She said as the bell rang. "Now if you would please get your big foot off my book I have to get to class."

He pulled her up by her arm and slammed her up against a locker.

"What do you think your doing? Take your hands off me." She said.

"I think not. Ever since you moved here you got haven't showed any respect." He said.

"I show respect to people who deserve it." She hissed.

He slammed his other hand alongside the locker next to her head. She jumped and dropped 2 of the books she was holding. She looked at the other two that were on the ground wondering if there was a way she would grab them and run. She looked back up at Piers' face and saw him look up and down her body and then smirk.

"You know maybe I miss judged you." He said stroking the side of her face with one of his fingers.

"You miss judged yourself." She hissed and spit in his face.

He wiped his face off. Then his hand rose again, but this time it wasn't used to stoke the side of her face but to back hand her with. Her head snapped to the side. When she looked at him again her eyes were filled with fury.

"Now do we have an understanding?"

"A man hits me he only does it once." She said and gripped one of her books in her hand and smacked him across the face with it. He was knocked to the ground.

"You little bitch I'll get you for that he." He said making an attempt to stand up.

She grabbed the rest of her books and ran as fast as her legs could take her. The screen went blank.

"Bloody hell." Tonks said.

"That poor girl." Molly Weasley said with a frown.

"Wait a second that Piers kid hangs around with Harry's Cousin Dudley." Remus Lupin said.

"Yeah your right he does." Tonks said.

Dumbledore waved his hand again. And on the screen a girl with chin length red hair with black streaks going down it appeared. She had a nose ring and a number of other piercing going up both of her ears. She was sitting in a room smoking a cigarette with 2 girls and 1 other guy.

"Her name is Darlene McCormick goes by Dare. Age 17. Currently live in Crystal Beach, Maryland." Dumbledore said.

"Never heard of it." Author Weasley said.

"It's in the U.S a trailer park community." Dumbledore said.

They all looked back at the screen.

"Dare what are we doing tonight?" One of the girls asked. Her name was Katie.

"I don't know what you guys are doing but I'm meeting Kenny at the Beach Grill for some one on one action." Dare said with a smirk while putting out her cigarette. "So you guys have to bounce so I can get ready."

"Bye." The girls said and walked out.

"See yeah later." The guy said.

The screen went blank.

"They seem to look at her as a leader." Alestor Moody said.

"Yes they do." Remus said rubbing his chin.

Dumbledore waved his hand again and a girl with long silver blonde hair and gray eyes. She was walking down a private school hallway she was dressed in a school uniform. She was walking with 6 other girls.

"Any relation to the Malfoys?" Tonks asked with a giggle.

"Not that I know of." Dumbledore said. "Name Skyler Debarberac. Age 16, Resides in a year long coed boarding school in France.

They looked at the screen.

"So are you going to go to prom with Alex or Tyler?" One of her flunkies asked. Her name was Kayla.

"I would only go with Tyler if he begged and pleaded on his knees. Which he is planning on doing after football practice. So I'm going to wait." She said with a laugh.

"Alright bye." A girl named Tina said.

"Call me later I'll tell you all the details." Skyler said.

"We will."

She looked at her friends walk away with a smile.

The screen went blank again.

"Wow what a snotty little brat." Tonks said.

"That's enough Nynphodora." Dumbledore said. He waved his hand again.

On the screen a girl was standing on a baseball field with a bat in her hand. She was her dark brown hair up in a pony tail with a baseball hat. She was green eyes with dark Hispanic skin. She had on shorts a tank top and running shoes.

"Name Francesca Rodriguez goes by Frankie, Age 17. Lives in Brooklyn New York." Dumbledore said.

They saw her glaring at the pitcher.

"Come on boys move it in." the pitcher said to his team mates.

Frankie watched as they moved up.

"Just pitch the damn ball." She growled at him.

He threw the ball and she knocked it out of the park.

"Bitch what now? What now?" She yelled at the pitcher and ran around the bases.

That was the end of the game. While Frankie was packing up her stuff the pitcher came up to her.

"I wanna know how you hit that ball?" He asked.

"It was real easy just swing the bat." She said.

"No ones been able to hit off me now I want to know how a girl hit that." He growled.

"That is none of your business." She said.

"Come on Carlos leave her alone." One of his team mates said.

"No." He said.

"Whatever I'm leaving." She said and turned her back and started walking away.

"To bad your mothers dead. Someone needs to teach you to act like a girl." Carlos yelled after her.

"What did you just say to me?" She asked turning around.

"You heard me." He said.

She then lunged forward and punched him in the face. It took three guys to pull her off of him. The screen then went blank.

"No we need some people to look over them." Dumbledore said.

"I can watch this girl Skyler." Flur Deloncour said.

"Ok that's good. Tonks could you go with Flur since this is her first assignment since joining the order." Dumbledore asked.

"Fine work has been slow lately." She said.

"I guess I could look after Melanie." Remus said.

"Good I want you to get Harry to help you." Dumbledore said.

"You got it." Remus said.

"Well take Frankie." Fred and George Weasley said at the same time.

"Ok." Dumbledore said nodding. "Severus I would really appreciate it if you could look after Dare."

"Are you sure that is wise sir." He said.

"I think it would be a great time to let Pandora out of her box." He said.

"If you think that is best." Snape nodded.

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