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Chapter Seven

Skyler was walking through her dorm hallway with Mindi and Leslie.

"So I heard you got a new roommate." Mindi said.

"Yeah that new girl Tank or whatever he name is." Sky said.

"Have you talked to her yet?" Leslie asked.

"Nope I haven't been back to my room." Sky said.

"Looks like you won't have to be back in your room to meet her." Mindi said nodding to the other end of the hall.

There was Tyler, Sky's prom date and current boyfriend flirting with Tonks.

"Oh hell no." Sky said walking over to them. Mindi and Leslie behind her.

"Hey Tyler." She said with a fake smile.

"Oh hey baby." He said with a smile.

"Tyler bébé Leslie needs you to help her with something." Sky said. (Baby)

"My car door is stuck again. je suis la boîte si désolée vous m'aidez s'il vous plait." Leslie said. (I'm so sorry can you please help me.)

"Bien sûr." He said walking out. Leslie and Mindi followed him. (Of course.)

"So I hear were roommates." Tonks said.

"Oui" Sky said. (Yes)

"So what is it like here?" She asked.

"Listen Tank I run this school and with one word and a snap of my fingers I can have you being the biggest reject here." Sky said snapping her fingers for dramatic effect. "I'll let you off with a warning on account that you're new and didn't know Tyler was mine, but you only get one. Comprendre?" (understand)

"Yes and its Tonks." She said.

"quoi que" she said walking away. (whatever)

"Bitch." Tonks said to herself.

Tonks walked into her dorm room that she and shared with Skyler. It had white walls with 2 four poster beds. Tonks' bed was plan with simple purple sheets. Skyler's bed had silky golden sheets and a gold mosquito net. The school told the girls they could decorate there dorms however they wanted.

"Cette commode est là-bas le vôtre." Skyler said from the doorway. She was pointing over to the left. "le placard et la deuxième commode sont le mien."

(that dresser over there is yours. The closet and second dresser is mine.)

"What?" Tonks asked confused.

"That's right I forgot you don't speak le français. I said that the dresser over to the left is yours and that the closet and the dresser on the right are mine." She said grabbing a magazine and flipping through it. (French)

"Why do you get the closet and a dresser?" Tonks asked.

"Because I have more cloths then you and because I was here first." She said lying on her stomach and flipping through the magazine.

"Whatever you say your majesty." Tonks said with sarcasm wanting nothing more then to hex her blonde hair off.

"Remember what I said about your attitude." Sky said.

"Yeah I remember." Tonks said crawling under the covers and going to bed.

Skyler stayed up for another 10 minutes then went to sleep.

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