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"A subdued hush seems to have fallen over Jump City, mirroring the stormy weather outside. But this is more than rain blues.

"At six o'clock this morning, Thomas Betson approached City Hall, ready to unlock and do his morning cleaning, preparing it for a new day. What he found on the doorstep was anything but ordinary, however.

"Robin, the famed leader of the Teen Titans, was discovered dead in the gutter outside City Hall, a hysterical teammate hovering beside him. Upon examination, paramedics discovered numerous injuries, though a crushed chest is believed to be the actual cause of death. Police are suggesting that the teen jumped from City Hall's eight-story roof, though they are still investigating the scene for further information."

The reporter droned on in a supremely uninterested tone, heedless of the black energy gathering around him.

"The only thing that could possibly make this tragedy worse is the shocking information given by Cyborg, Robin's half-robot teammate."

An image of the hybrid appeared, magnified to several times his normal size on the giant screen.

"Robin wasn't a Teen Titan. He betrayed us, betrayed this city. He was Slade's apprentice. Robin was in no way affiliated with the Teen Titans."

The ugly reporter was back.

"Devestated by this news, Jump City has risen in protest against the former hero. None, save for the teammate Raven, seem to regret his death at all.

"In other news--"

An earsplitting crack drowned out his last words, and the television began to spark and hiss as black tentacles writhed around it... The screen shattered, along with the window behind it, in one powerful blast of energy. Wires danced wildly, showering the room with sparks as smoke billowed from the mutilated equipment.

The ignorant have said
You died with a blackened heart
Those that once praised
Now scorn your name

Raven stood frozen, fists clenched at her sides and glowing an unnatural black, eyes piercing white, back poker-straight.

But just as suddenly as it had come, her anger diminished, and her eyes were once again deep purple...only now, they seemed clouded by more than tears.


The empath instantly sank into the floor, sparing not a glance for the changeling she knew had been standing behind her. She couldn't talk right now. Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered if she'd ever speak again.

No one knows the truth
No one but me

The darkness of her room was not soothing; it was haunting. Energy erupted from her being, shooting out in all directions. A gruesome poster of a blood-red landscape stretching beneath a black sky was ripped down, a stuffed crow with red eyes was slashed apart, an ornate silver dagger with a skull hilt dropped into an open drawer and was shut away. Statues, books, paintings, all were destroyed or hidden until a dark but otherwise normal room stretched before her tear-filled gaze. Demons, ghosts, Hell...such things had turned from a hobby to a terrifyingly real prospect. What if he was...? No! he couldn't be, he didn't deserve that, he wasn't evil, no matter what anyone said! Robin--

The tears broke free, as they always did at the mention of his name. Raven had cried more in one day than she had in her entire life, and she hated it. The tears made her feel so weak, so helpless. What good would they do? No amount of crying could bring him back. She had seen him...no mortal could live with those wounds. His mind was cold, blank. What she saw that morning was just an empty shell, deserted and pointless. She couldn't help thinking that...if she had gotten there just a little sooner...

Raven's knees buckled, the air was stolen from her body, the world spun wildly beneath her as she hit the ground with a thud that echoed dully in her mind. The darkness of the room seemed to soak into her, and for that unstable moment between consciousness and emptiness, she thought she saw a pair of deep blue eyes.

Thinking of you
So hard to break through
This is my winter

"Hi, Raven."

The dark-haired girl blinked in shock, locking eyes with him. Nothing else seemed to exist. "R...Robin?"

A small, sad smile tugged at his lips. "Yeah, that's me."

"But...I saw you...the blood--" She broke off, staring at him suspiciously. He looked normal, costume immaculate, hair in place, not so much as a scratch visible on him. It...it just wasn't possible. "Please just leave," she whispered, looking away from that face. "I don't want any more pain."

Raven heard a sharp intake of breath, and she looked up to see the hallucination stumble, a look of pain on its face. Her stomach twisted nervously...but the fake Robin soon recovered.

In a hushed voice, he whispered, "I just wanted to talk to you..." When she remained silent, his face saddened, than he bowed his head in acceptance. "I understand, Raven. I'll...leave you alone now." He didn't, as she expected, turn and walk away, but simply faded, blurring and shimmering...

"Wait!" Raven choked, torn between the pain of seeing his face and the pain of not seeing his face. The latter was infinitely worse.

Robin seemed to hesitate for a moment, blue eyes peering at her cautiously...then he became solid once more. He seemed unsure of what to say next, so Raven broke the silence.

"Are..." She swallowed hard, her eyes burning. Maybe this wasn't really Robin, but right now, she needed to believe that it was. "Are you...ok?"

His gaze was intense, even more so than she remembered. He hesitated for a moment, then spoke in a subdued voice. "Yes, Raven. I'm ok." He bit his lip, eyes sad. "...Are you?"

The question took her by surprise, and no matter how hard she tried to lie, she couldn't. Not to him. "No."

His face took on a cold misery at her answer, and he looked away, ashamed and afraid. His next words were barely more than a whisper. "I didn't want to, Raven. I tried...I fought, fought as hard as I could. If there had been anything, any way for me to stay, you know I would have found it." He choked, silent tears slipping down his cheeks. "I'm so sorry, Raven. I...I don't think you'll ever know just how sorry."

So much to say
Doesn't matter anyway
This is my winter

So he wasn't here...he really was gone... Sudden and unexplainable anger flared inside her, escaping in hot tears and bitter words. "No!" Before she could stop herself, Raven swung back and slapped him hard across the face. Robin made no move to stop her. "You DIDN'T try! You DIDN'T fight! You're NOT sorry!" She shoved him hard in the chest, a sob choking her next words. "Why would you be? There's nothing here you care about! There was nothing to make you stay, nothing to keep you from Slade! I just wasn't good enough, was I, Robin!"

She stood there, shaking and breathing hard, ready for a fight...but Robin gave her none. Shocking her to the core, he simply buried his head in his hands and sobbed, shoulders shaking and heaving with the force of it. Raven had never heard a more miserable sound in her life. It was as though she had crushed his heart, leaving him with nothing but broken pieces. Her breathing slowed, her fists unclenched. Anger deserted to the ranks of agonizing regret. "Robin..."

Through the tears, Raven heard him whisper, "I can't do this...I can't..." He began to fade.

"No! Robin, I'm sorry!" She reached out to grab his arm, but her fingers passed through it. "Wait!" The tears fell freely as he shimmered...then the darkness swallowed him whole.


Raven jerked awake, panting and sobbing, cold fingers desperately clutching a corner of her cloak. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry." She pulled her knees up against her chest and wrapped her arms around them. "I didn't mean it, Robin...Come back...Please come back...I need you..."

My mind is alive with you
So real, so vivid, so clear

He wasn't coming. Robin was dead. What she had seen was just a dream, just a figment of her tortured mind. He wasn't really there.

And that was when it truly hit her for the first time, hit her with the force of a speeding bullet. Robin was not coming back.

Your smile fools me every time
And every time I wake
To losing you again

Raven cried, sobbed as hard as she could, face buried in her knees and rocking gently back and forth. She tried so hard, believed in him when no one else did, protected him when no one else was willing. She did everything she could to help him...all for nothing. It wasn't enough to save him. It wasn't enough to stop him from dying...at Slade's hands.

I can't let go

"I'm sorry, Robin. I'm sorry."

The three Titans stood side by side, gazing into the deep dark hole; the final resting place of their leader, teammate, and friend. Not one of them cried.

Starfire's frozen silence had an icy bite to it, her eyes dull and empty. Though she might smile and pretend to be fine, those eyes would never be the same again. They had seen too much to keep the child-like faith that all was right with the world. Now she realized that nothing was right at all.

Every joke, every prank, every thought that contained the remotest hint of happiness had deserted him. Through it all, one fact resounded in Beast Boy's mind, defining everything he said and did, a weight around his neck. He would never see Robin, never talk to Robin, never laugh with Robin...again. Gone was a word he had never understood. Things got lost or misplaced, forgotten or rejected, but nothing ever just disappeared, nothing...until now.

Raven shook slightly despite the early morning sunlight and warm breeze. She knew that she had to do it, knew that they were waiting on her...but something stopped her, gripped her painfully, every time she tried. Doing it would be losing Robin forever, accepting that she could never see his face again. He was cold, he was lifeless...but he was still there. Banishing him to the darkness he hated so very much was a thought that she just couldn't bear.

The coffin's cold fate
The Earth gaping to swallow
No flowers brightened you
Uncertainty forbade celebration
...It's still not real

Moving as though pulled by a magnet, Raven stepped up to the casket; plain, brown, and rough with splinters. It was the best thing they could get, between the three of them. Oblivious to the shards of wood, she slowly lifted the lid.

Raven noticed vaguely that he had not disappeared, as her irrational fear had whispered he would. The costume was clean and perfect, complete from his mask to his steel-toed boots. His hair was spiked, just as it should be. He looked almost every bit like the Robin they had all known, though the evidence of events desperately pushed away displayed the lie in that hope. His face was drawn and pinched, giving him the look of someone that had lost a lot of weight they couldn't afford to lose. The cape concealed his arms, but bruises were evident on his face. The sight of him ripped her in two, and yet she couldn't look away. She didn't want to look away. Never.

Thinking of you
So hard to break through
This is my winter

The others were deathly still, hardly daring to breathe, feeling as though they were intruding upon something neither could begin to understand. Raven's white, shaking hand touched his forehead, his cheek, his lips. Cold shot up her arm, more spiritual than physical, but she didn't flinch away, didn't break her gaze. This was not a body. This was not a corpse. This was her Robin.

A single tear containing an ocean of misery fell gently on his cold, blue lips, and for the briefest fraction of a second, she thought she saw him frown with worry.

Please don't cry, Raven. Don't worry...Don't be sad...please?

The clear sky changed, bright blue giving way to deep, dark navy, black storm clouds emitting an ominous rumble. Large, cold raindrops raced from the heavens, pounding and pummeling the earth with undeserved fury. A knife-like wind howled across the water, moaning and screaming with Raven's agony. Mindless of the chaos brewing all around her, deaf to the fearful cries of her friends, Raven had eyes only for Robin.

I'll see you again, I promise. I swear I'll do anything, anything--whatever it takes, Raven. I love you.

Waves crashed and battered against the little island, swelled and spurred on by the demon's uncontrolled emotions. Violet eyes wide, tears and rain soaking straight through her, Raven's words were lost in the raging storm...but it didn't matter. They were meant for one person only...and he heard them.

So much to say
Doesn't matter anyway
This is my winter

Surrounded by the tempest, lost in the unnatural disaster, Raven stood frozen, her cloak whipping wildly, her hair tossed about on the buffeting wind. For one moment, just one, she was alone with him. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed

I'll see you again. I'm not leaving you...I could never leave you, Angel. Never. I promise.

"I know!" she cried, sobbing and shaking with cold. "I know, Robin! I'll wait...I can wait for you!"

A part of me understands
A part of me can see

She stroked his cheeks tenderly, laying kisses on his forehead, his nose, his chin...and then she came to rest on his lips, and there she stayed until the clouds began to clear and the waves lost their viciousness. The rain slowed...and the merest hint of sunlight was at last allowed to show through. His lips were lifeless; a part of her ached for the chance to share this moment with him, to feel his warmth and listen to the steady beating of his heart...but all the while a gentle voice whispered to her, soothing, faithful... I love you, Raven. I love you. I love you...

The truth lies in your hands
Forever buried from me

With one last look that lasted an eternity, Raven closed the lid.

Go ahead...it's ok.

The plain and simple coffin was lifted into the air, gentle rain spattering its rough surface and glowing black as it sank into the earth. Tears shook her small frame as it disappeared from sight, the memory of blue eyes fueling the pain. She wanted to see them, once more...just once more.

Robin smiled warmly, subconsciously fixing his spikey hair as she had seen him do so many times before. Slowly, gently, he spoke. "I have to go now, Raven. I have to go for a little while."

Raven lost herself in his eyes, entranced, intoxicated. "How long?" she whispered, tears welling in her eyes at the thought of saying goodbye to him.

He smiled again, and took her hand. His grip was warm. "Not long. You have some things to do first, and I do too. But no," he whispered, eyes reassuring yet achingly sad, "it won't be long. I promise."

All alone, I see you there
Breathless, I can only stare

Raven smiled weakly, trusting fully in his words...but it still seemed so hard. "I'll miss you," she whispered, squeezing his hand desperately.

A wave of sadness rolled off him, and the smile faltered for a moment. Stroking her hand lovingly with his thumb, he choked, "I'll miss you too, Raven. So much...

"Raven...there's something I need to tell you...before I go."

Raven gazed silently at him, eager for anything to keep him here for just one moment longer.

He looked away, hiding the tears from her sweet eyes. "When...when I was dying...there was something that kept me going, something that made me fight, something that gave me hope. It was you, Raven."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Me...?"

"You believed in me. You told me I could change. You gave me the courage to stand up for myself. Thank you, Raven. I don't think you'll ever really understand how much you did for me." Gentle arms hugged her, wrapped her in a warm embrace full of his presence. In that moment, she felt the aching wound vanish. She was whole again, safe in the arms of her other half. ...But it had to end.

Slowly pulling away, he whispered in her ear, "G...goodnight, Raven." Just as he had in the dream, Robin faded away.

"No!" The words died in her mouth, escaping as a hoarse whisper. She was no longer brave enough to see him leave. "Don't go, Robin! Please! Please..."

"I'll be back. I promise."

Tears...so many tears...

My heart screams
Breaking, so it seems


She gasped, eyes wide and panting as she felt a hand on her shoulder. "The storm..."

Beast Boy frowned, a worried look in his eyes. "What storm?"

Raven's eyes searched the sky for the threatening storm clouds, touched her hair for the raindrops and, with a start, looked desperately for Robin. It was so real...it must have been real...

The sun was shining, a clear sky and a gentle breeze playing in the rippling waters all around the little island. The freshly turned patch of earth in front of her was not damp at all.

"Friend...we should depart now. Please come inside with me?" Starfire's words were hopeful, but her eyes were chiseled ice.

Dazed, Raven stared at the grave. She didnt' remember moving the mound of earth...

"Raven? Come home." The changeling's eyes were desperate, a wild panic growing deep within them as they darted again and again to the new grave. "Please?"

The empath let them lead her back along the rocky path and up towards the threatening tower...but she looked back over her shoulder before disappearing within it. It wouldn't be easy, the pain was still so overwhelming...but now, somehow, there was hope. Robin's hope. This wasn't goodbye, Raven knew that. Robin kept his promises.

Barely audible, blending seamlessly with the gentle rush of waves on the shore, a voice whispered to her, bearing the tiniest hint of happiness.

Darn right I do. And don't you forget it.

...Don't forget, Raven.

This is my winter

Whoa...it's over. I feel kinda like a big heavy weight just got lifted off my chest...it's a good feeling. If you enjoyed it, I'm glad. If you didn't, I don't think I'll be too fussed. No offense, but I wrote this for me. A special thanks goes out, once again, to my Editor (lol), Mom. She was awesome. To clarify, the page break signifies the end of the day and the beginning of the next...the first day was stormy, but it had cleared up by the next morning. Well, it's goodbye for this story. I remain yours faithfully, Dusty