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Spirited Back


The 10-year old girl clung to her mother's arm as they walked through the tunnel. Her temptation to look back at the world she had just left was great, but she heeded the boy's words, and looked stubbornly ahead. When they reached the end, the car was still there, but covered in leaves. As her parents inspected the vehicle, Chihiro finally looked back at the dark portal. An engine started and her mom called her to the car. With a final look back, she turned and got into the car.

"A new home and a new school. It is a bit scary." Her father said to her as they drove away through the forest to their new home.

Chihiro thought back to everything that had happened, and laughed softly inside. "I think I can handle it" was all she said.

Chapter One

7 years later…

"Chihiro, come down! Your breakfast is getting cold!" Mom's voice abruptly sliced through the absolutely wonderful dream I had been having, forcing my mind into the waking world. Groaning, I sat up and stretched the sleep from my limbs, hearing various joints crack. We had been living here for seven years now, and I had grown to like it. Sighing, I preformed the difficult task of placing my bare feet on the floor and forcing them to hold the entire weight of my body. Not that I was fat mind you. I was a healthy weight, not sticks and bones, and most of my weight was muscle. Yawning so wide I was afraid my head might split in two, I padded down the hallway to the bathroom. What I saw terrified me. My hair, grown down to my waist and normally pulled back into a braid after I had abandoned the ponytail of my childhood, was sticking out all over the place, and looked like something had made its nest in it. Black eyes stared out from under eyelids half-lidded with sleep, and I looked down right terrible.

"Chihiro! Hurry up! If you're not down here in fifteen minutes…" Mother let the unspoken threat hang in the air and I set about accomplishing the morning tasks, in half the time it normally takes. I had stayed up late last night studying for a big history exam, and I was paying the price. Once I seemed to look half-way decent, I changed into the school uniform consisting of a knee-length dark blue skirt, knee-socks, a white blouse and a dark blue jacket that had the school's insignia on the left breast pocket. I braided my hair back, making sure that the hair tie my friends had made me was securely around my wrist, and headed downstairs, grabbing my bag on the way. I inhaled my breakfast which consisted of a Pop-Tart on the way out the door and hopped into the car. Tossing my bag into the back, I slide the key into the ignition and pulled out of the driveway.

As I drove, my mind wandered back to the dream I had been having. As was usual for me nowadays, it was about Haku. The last time I had seen him, he had sent me across the river after I had made him promise me that I would see him again. But I hadn't, and after seven years I found myself wondering if he even remembered me. Maybe…maybe he had found another…maybe….

Stop it! A voice in my mind shouted. He probably wasn't able to get away from Yubaba; you know very well what a horrible old hag she is! If he could get away, he would've come to you long before this!

I remembered vividly how horrible Yubaba could be when she wanted to, how she had turned my parents into pigs, and made me her slave by stealing my name, and giving me the one of Sen. I had almost forgotten my real name until Haku had told me it again. Haku…..

Okay, change of subject! The voice shouted again. Concentrate on the History exam! You're going to need all the help you can get!

It was a beautiful day out, so I took my lunch outside with my friends, Akiko and Naoko. Akiko is the epitome of fashion, is always up to date on the hottest styles, and never has a hair out of place. But despite her looks, she is the most laid back person I have ever met. She loves to gossip, but never spreads any rumors that she doesn't have any true basis on. Naoko is tall, dark and handsome, and the only real piercing in his ear is a single hole in his earlobe, in which he normally has a small gold hoop. All the others are clip-on, but look real enough to fool anyone he hasn't told.

"So Chihiro," Akiko began, taking a bite of her yogurt, "How do you think you did on the test?"

I groaned, "I bombed it, I know I did!" with that I dug into my salad. We proceeded to talk, discussing our day so far, what our plans were for the weekend, etcetera etcetera. It was then I noticed that Akiko had been silent for a record of five minutes. I looked up to see her gawking at something that seemed to be behind me. Turning around I gasped in shock. A boy stood there looking down at me. He seemed to be about nineteen, tall, with black hair that seemed to fall at his shoulders, but I couldn't tell since his hair was pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, but it was his eyes that truly rendered me speechless. They were a dark emerald green…the exact same shade as…

"Haku…" I breathed out, recognizing him immediately. This must be a dream…Haku was here?

"Chihiro," Akiko nudged me suddenly, "introduce us to your friend. You seem to know him."

"Ah…Haku…" I began, not trusting my voice completely, "these are my friends, Akiko, and Naoko. Guys, this is Haku…I met him when I was younger…"

Haku bent down close to me and whispered in my ear. "I need to talk to you, meet me as soon as you can at the entrance to the spirit world." His breath on my ear sent a tingle up my spine. Still not trusting my voice, I nodded and felt more than anything him leave.

"So, come on!" Akiko stated. "Give me all the details!"

In response, I took another bite of my salad.

As soon as I got home, I told my mom that I was going out for a walk, changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt along with a pair of sneakers, and headed down the hill behind our house to the old road my father had taken all that time ago as a hopeful short-cut to our home. I walked down the path, past the small shrines and statues, and soon I made it to the old building. Standing by the small statue were two figures who I knew very well: Haku, and a tall woman with long brown hair and black eyes like mine.

"Well Sen, I see you've finally grown some, although you are still kind of a shrimp." She stated with the same cocky air to her voice.

"Lin!" I exclaimed and ran to her, throwing my arms around her in a hug. She made a big show of being hugged by a human, but returned it good-naturedly.

"Lin, remember why we're here." Haku said his voice icy. Lin instantly became solemn, and stood up straight, biting her lower lip. Haku then turned to me. "Chihiro, I need to ask you a favor, a really important one. I don't want to, but if I don't, millions of lives could be at stake."

I looked at him, to see if he was joking. He wasn't. Lin had looked away and was drawing patterns in the dirt with her toes. "What is it Haku?"

He sighed deeply. "I need you to come back to the spirit world."

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