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We were all crowded in Catherine's living room. Mostly because she has the biggest house. That and the fact Lindsey wanted to come to the party also. Catherine's compromise.

What we were celebrating was a bit confused and muddled. It depended who you asked. For Warrick, and Catherine also, we were celebrating his getting well enough to leave the hospital. I could tell Grissom and Sara had no idea what they were celebrating but went along with it anyway. Greg was celebrating everything and anything, just like any other day. Me, I was celebrating...getting out of the hospital.

Were all happy now. Tomorrow things go back to relatively normal complete with all the depression, guilt and anything else. But for today, right now, we are living it up. Even Grissom is smiling, something I don't think I've ever seen him too.

For Lindsey's sake, or so Catherine says, there's no alcohol. Not that that's stopped Greg form acting...well drunk, honestly. Or high. But I suppose that's just Greg being Greg.

Everybody's just talking, laughing, having fun. Nobody's mentioning anything to do with the car accident, or what happened to me more then a month ago. I think Warrick's grateful for that. I know I am. We're ignoring all the bad. Everyone should have a night like this. It's a great way to cope, forgetting. Even if it's just for one night.

Warrick's looking comfortable. So are Catherine and Lindsey, who are cuddled on either side of him. Warrick still has both his legs in casts, which everyone present has signed at least once. Greg signed it four separate times, Lindsey signed it five times, and drew a very elaborate series of butterflies on his right cast.

Greg was being his normal, goofy self. Right now he was messing with Sara. Despite the fact she was obviously supposed to be angry with him, Sara had a big grin on her face. I watched them tease each other for a few more minutes. Sara was in the middle of a long rant, when Greg kissed her. This caused Warrick to let out a whistle, Catherine to laugh, and Lindsey to cheer. Even Grissom's smile grew, again something out of the ordinary for him.

Catherine, probably inspired by Greg's actions, turned and planted a kiss on Warrick's lips. I cheered, very happy for them. Greg and Lindsey shouted, almost at the same time, "Get a room." This caused more laughs to erupt. Tonight was all about happiness and friendship and love. Tonight we would forget about all those stupid little code of ethics. We'd forget about Ecklie. Tomorrow Warrick, Catherine, Greg and Sara would all get enough of him. They didn't need to think about that tonight.

"Hey," Warrick said to me. I looked at him. I hated him not being able to move, having those casts on his legs. What'd they call it...survivor's guilt? Felling guilty even though you know you shouldn't. I knew he felt guilty when I was in the hospital, I was returning the favor.

"Yeah," I asked him. He had a small sort of grin on his face. He turned to Lindsey, who was still cuddled next to him. I'll tell you he looks so cute with her next to him. Even cuter with Catherine on his other side. Like pieces of a puzzle or something. They made a complete picture as close to perfect as you could get.

"Get that bag for me Linds," Warrick said pointing to a police issue, evidence bag just out of his reach. Lindsey got it and handed it to him.

"They gave me back my 'personal articles'," Warrick explained. "Decided to close the case. No leads."

He didn't seem upset about the day shift just giving up. If anything, he seemed relieved. He opened the bag, the seal was already broken. He looked through it for a moment and extracted a small metal disk and tossed it to me. I caught it, and looked at it for a moment. I couldn't figure out what it was. then it hit me.

"Is this...," I asked him. Warrick nodded. He wasn't smiling any longer. I turned the little metal disk over in my hand. It had been rubbed completely smooth. Even the ridges along the edge had been rubbed smooth. You couldn't even tell it had once been a coin that had basically decided my own fate.

"Some luck," Warrick muttered. And I had to agree. We were visiting what we had all silently sworn not to, but some how, I didn't really mind.

"Hmm...I don't know about that," Lindsey said softly. We both looked at her.

"What'd you mean," Warrick asked her. He spoke with a soft kind voice. The little blond girl shrugged.

"'re both alive aren't you. I'd call that good luck."