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The wind picked up and the rain beat down, as the storm grew fiercer. The lone kounichi raced through the forest, careful not to make any noise around the fallen twigs and damp leafs. Dark wisps of hair were plastered against her pale flesh as a pair of violet eyes searched tirelessly for her prey. Her heart beat quickly and her legs ached but she kept going, intent on her goal.

The distinct sound of a blade slicing through the air drew her attention to the left. Two figures fought their Katana's clashing with every strike. The kounichi's eyes widened as she ran faster now to were the fight was taking place. "Otone!" she called, but the sound caught in the wind and carried away as soon as the words left her chapped lips. She screamed louder, only to realize the futility of her strain.

One figure, a man, held the katana over his head and with inhuman speed brought it down. The blade cut through his opponent with a sickening slash. "Otone!" she screamed, finally reaching the battleground. She slid against the slippery mud and caught the falling body before it landed against the soaked earth.

"Kaori," the fallen ninja said, coughing. Specks of blood spotted her lips as her heavy lids looked up at her sister. Kaori's eyes filled with tears as she watched her twin slowly die. With her final breath, she said, "Don't let them find her." Her body then fell limp.

Otone's murderer laughed, deep, throaty, and evil. He watched the fallen kounichi's body go limp in her sister's arms. "She should have spoken when I asked her," he said, his voice cold and his body hidden in the shadows. Kaori stared in horror at the man, but her fear soon became rage. "She was very young to be a guardian of something so precious. Sadly, her skills did not save her," his ire voice nearly sang. Kaori shuddered.

"I'll kill you," she threatened as he stepped out from the shadows. Her eyes opened wide with terror. She knew the attacker was not human, but it still filled her with panic when she saw him. His eyes had been dug out, replaced by an evil aura. His forehead was engraved with a strange symbol of a serpent wrapped around the kanji symbol for death. His teeth were sharp and his tongue split like a snake.

"You are to afraid to fight me. Your fear is potent," he said as he took more steps to her. He lifted his arms above her, katana in tow, ready to strike her down with a final blow.

"Even if you kill me, you will never find her," Kaori spat. The serpent-man stopped mid blow and looked at her through the blade as it hung dangerously close to her face. "You will never have Michiko's child!" she screamed.

"Dear fool, you think she will be safe. We will find her, and she will die. There is nothing you disgusting mortals can do about it. Do you really think a human could protect her?" the monster laughed. Kaori jumped up and attacked the serpent, catching him off guard.

"She was borrowed by the heavens to save us, and I will not let you stop her destiny," Kaori said as she removed the steal blade of her katana from the monster's gut.

She raced through the forest again, the bundle held tightly against her chest. She was ready to weary and shook constantly, but she drove on as hard as she could. Finally the familiar gates of Konoha appeared. At the gate, three ninja's in animal masks surrounded the fourth Hokage. "Hokage-sama, thank you for agreeing to help us," Kaori said solemnly. She carefully pulled the small bundle away from her and looked down into the eyes of an infant.

"She will be safe here," the Hokage said firmly. "Are you sure you don't want to stay? We can protect you as well," he offered. Kaori shook her head and smiled kindly.

"No sir, I must lure the demons away. It's been my duty since birth to protect this child, and I will die for that cause," She said sternly. The Hokage smiled and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"You are so young to bare this burden, but your bravery is far beyond your years. Take care Kaori," he said. In a flash she was gone. The Hokage ran a hand through his blond hair and sighed. Turning to the ANBU solider on his right he said, "inform the Haruno family that they have a new mission." The man nodded and disappeared. The Hokage and the remaining ANBU walked back into the gates of the Hidden Leaf village.

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