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Author's Note: I started this like midway through my fanfic Inside Out so a LOT of this story will have already been written out. I just felt like sharing that :P

Manta strolled down the busy street corner, hoping to pick up a new book at the corner store with some munchies for Yoh. He was planning on visiting for the afternoon before going back to his own house. So had been the routine the past few Fridays.

It seemed that the old Inn had become Manta's second home. Maybe even a real home to him. His actual home was quite a ways away from the En Inn, though Manta hardly regarded it as 'home'.

Not that he complained; he was just hoping Anna was out somewhere and NOT at the Inn. No matter what he did or said, when she was there he always seemed to get roped into doing some kind of chore.

He went on his tiptoes to see the corner store and grinned, only a street crossing away. All he had to do was wait for the light to change and he'd be on his merry little way.

"Euhm, excuse me?" A voice came from behind Manta. He looked over his shoulder and came to view a pair of legs. He raised his gaze up a few feet and saw a young blonde girl wearing a pair of sunglasses. Smiling with a black top hat, She looked down at him. "Hallo, sorry to bother you. But could you tell me how to get to… Funbari Hill Cemetery?"

"Eh? The cemetery?" The girl had the reminisce of an accent. He couldn't tell what kind. Instead Manta turned around and glanced around to get his bearings. "Sure, it's just down that street and you should be able to see it from there." He instructed, pointing off to the right.

"Enh, could you be a little more specific please?" She asked, taking a step forward. And when she did Manta noticed something.

A walking stick. She had it grasped in her left hand. Manta's heart seemed to jump in his throat when he realized it.

"Oh! Uh—of course, sorry. Uhm." Manta spluttered, feeling awkward and nervous. Well anyone who had to give a blind person directions would be! "H-hey, why don't- why don't I just take you there?"

The girl considered the offer then answered with a warm smile.

"That's sweet. Thank you." She bowed her head and placed a hand on his shoulder. The short teenager blushed lightly with embarrassment and led her to where he had pointed off to. Mentally saying goodbye to the corner store. "I hope I'm not keeping you from anything." She said suggestively. Manta could hear her tapping her walking stick side to side on the pavement in front of her.

"Of course not." He lied, not wanting to make her feel guilty or anything. The walk to Funbari hill would at least take ten minutes. And the several minutes that ticked by in awkward silence weren't much comfort.

Manta wasn't much of a conversationalist but felt like he should say something to her.

"Euh, so… where are you from?" He asked, knowing she couldn't be from around here. Blonde hair wasn't exactly common among Japanese and, of course, that accent. Which he was still trying to figure out.

"Oh, I see my accent is noticeable, nein?" She grinned sheepishly while Manta nodded, chuckling.

"Just a little."

"Ah, well I'm from Germany." She said. "You ever been there?" Manta glanced up at her and saw she was smiling at the conversation.

"Well no, but I've read about it." Of course his father had been everywhere. Manta had to resort to books to experience places.

"Mmm, books can only do so much. Being there is much better." She said very matter-of-factly; as if speaking from experience. Manta nodded.

"Yeah, when I'm older I hope to go there... oh." Manta stopped, and though he was prodded by the blonde's walking stick. "We're here."

She made an agreeing noise behind him and patted the shoulder she had been holding on to. "Thank you. I'm sorry I was an inconvenience."

"Oh no you weren't." Manta said. He had liked the talk, but he was definitely going to be late to Yoh's. "It was nice meeting you--euh..." It had just occurred to him that he hadn't asked for her name until now.

"Sofia." She bent down lightly and held out her hand. Manta shook it. He was of course more accustomed to bowing. But it looked as if she had kept the European tradition.

"My name's Manta. Oyamada Manta. Uh, if you don't mind me asking..." Manta looked around cautiously at all the graves. It was still pretty light out so the ghosts hadn't come out of their graves yet. "If you're from Germany, who do you know that has a grave here in Japan?"

Sofia smiled warmly with her black lipstick. "A friend of a friend."

She took off her top hat and began walking further into the graveyard. 'How's she gonna find it?' He thought in curiosity.

Out of no where, a spirit appeared beside Sofia. A woman in a pale pink kimono with gold trimmings. She was a brunette, her hair held up by a decorated barrette. It was obvious to say she'd come from around the 1500s or earlier.

Usually, Manta wouldn't have cared. The spirit would've most likely just noticed people coming on to the grounds and decided to take a look.

But he wouldn't have cared ONLY if Sofia weren't wearing the same barrette in her ponytail to hold her own hair up. And he wouldn't have cared only if the blonde herself weren't talking to the spirit and being led to a grave.

"Whu-wuthe!" Manta spluttered. Sofia and the spirit looked over at him. "Y-you can speak to ghosts!"

The girl withdrew her head back in confusion, furrowing her eyebrows. "You can see this spirit?" She asked calmly, pointing to the ghost in the pink kimono.

"Uhuh!" Manta nodded, taking a step closer. "S-so you ha-have a sixth-sense too?"

She nodded. "Well yes." She then raised a finger to her lips, smiling. "Don't tell anyone though."

"Sofia-saaaan." The female spirit tugged on Sofia's sleeve, looking a little anxious. Manta blinked a couple times.

"So is this your 'friend'?" He asked. Sofia nodded.

"Yes, we're coming to see her friend Amidamaru." Sofia smiled sheepishly. "I'm just hoping he hasn't passed onto heaven yet."

"A-Amidamaru?" Manta jumped back. Man this day was odder and odder! Not only had he found someone with a sixth sense, they wanted to see Amidamaru!

"Those rumors about him being an evil samurai are not true!" The spirit snapped, pouting.

"He's not scared of him." Sofia said, trying to calm down her ghost. "Why do you find this odd?" Manta's eyes widened. It was like she'd taken his description right from his thoughts.

"W-well-uh... I know where Amidamaru is!" He burst out. Both Sofia and her ghost looked quite taken aback.

"... He's not here?" She asked; pointing to the ground of where she stood and her spirit hovered. Manta sighed.

"No... but if you wait here, I can bring him to you." Manta swallowed down hard. 'So much for movie night.' Not that he was complaining. This was definitely a lot more interesting than some movies!

Sofia paused for a second, then nodded. "Okay. We'll wait here." Manta smiled and was about to dart off but the female spirit appeared in front of him.

"You tell Amidamaru that Hana sent you! Okay?" She commanded, staring him in the eyes. Manta backed up lightly, nodding.

"D-don't worry. I will."